Haunting Past

Operation: Surf and Turf Begone is the final mission in WW1 Netherlands in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Penelope. Once Penelope gets out of the hideout and reaches the marker next to the Cooper Van, a cutscene starts.

  • Bentley: (Bentley takes out his Bentley Tech to brief the gang on how the operation will play out.) Ladies and gentleman, it's time to get serious. "Operation: Surf and Turf Begone" will be no easy job to pull off. First off, the prototype Clockwerk Frame is probably going to have plenty of guards protecting it. Sly and Penelope, I need you to take care of them. Otto, seeing as you're the best pilot we have, I think you should have the honor to shoot that piece of junk out of the sky. The damage Murray did to Gustav's energy shields should leave his mech quite vulnerable, so if we have to face him in that suit again, then we'll be able to take him down. As for Amber, well, she's no fool, so stay on your toes. We need to make sure everything is perfect, or we're going to have two owls to deal with instead of one. And one is already bad enough.

Another cutscene begins shortly afterward.

  • Penelope: (Penelope turns toward Bentley once the Cooper Gang heads toward the Cooper Van.) Um, Bentley, I don't know how to tell you this, but aren't we two planes short?
  • Sly: She has a point. All we have is Otto's plane. Without us, all of those guards will just swarm Otto if he even blinks up there.
  • Bentley: Not to worry. Murray and Otto were busy building you and Penelope new planes in the hangar. Otto should be ready to go by now. Now you two hurry up and meet him there. If the battle starts moving out of town, then Murray and I will catch up to you in the van. I can't use any flying mechanisms in it, though. The enemy pilots will just shoot us down.
  • Sly: I understand. Penelope, we better book.
  • Penelope: Right behind you, Sly. (Sly and Penelope run toward the hangar door, which opens up to reveal Otto and two new planes.) Incredible! It looks almost looks like my old plane back in present day!
  • Otto: It does? And here I thought that this color just went with you. Anyway, hurry up and get in your planes! We have a fight to win!
  • Sly: Since when did you have moxie, Otto? (Otto starts up his plane as Sly and Penelope get in theirs.)
  • Otto: Since I got in the cockpit of a plane. Laten we nu gaan!! (All three pilots take off into the air. The Clockwerk prototype flies through a large hatch that opens up in Chronos' airship.) There it is! Let's go! (Amber and Gustav see Otto and company heading their way.)
  • Gustav: Attention guards! Attack incoming aircrafts!
  • Amber: Um, Gustav, did you really kill all of those people?
  • Gustav: I am killer, Amber. I kill more pilots than I can count. Now you get out instrument. I turn it into offensive weapon just for occasion. (Amber gets out her guitar, which now has pieces of advanced technology attached to it.)
  • Amber: Time to put these blokes on ice!
  • Otto: I just made an observation! That prototype looks like it was rushed! If I shoot at its vulnerable spots, it'll fall like a stone! Alright, team, I'm going in!! Protect me from the guards!

Gameplay switches to Otto during this time. The prototype Clockwerk Frame has many attacks, including using Amber's guitar to generate several dangerous sound waves, among other things. Amber, being the one in charge of gunning down enemies, is also capable of firing an electrical blast from a device on her guitar, electrifying Otto's plane and greatly damaging it upon contact if he isn't careful enough. Up front, Gustav's half of the Clockwerk Frame prototype fires a stream of electricity from the mouth of the frame. When Otto is being attacked by either the electric blasts, electric laser or the sound waves, he must move around them. Besides those weapons and the weapons that the original Clockwerk had, there isn't much for Otto to worry about. The weak points on the prototype Clockwerk Frame are the tail feathers and the head. Firing at both will be tough, considering that there are no missiles to help Otto destroy his target, and there are also several enemy pilots willing to create a distraction. Otto must shoot them down before they do any damage to his plane. The weak points on the prototype are relatively easy to dispose of if Otto is able to fire at the right time. Once the prototype's vulnerable spots have been destroyed, a cutscene will begin.

  • Gustav: (Gustav ejects from the prototype with Amber in his mech's arms as the prototype explodes.) The Cooper Gang will pay for this...
  • Otto: Victory!! (One of the prototype's pieces slices off one of Otto's plane's wings, sending it into a tailspin.) Problem! Big problem! Mayday, mayday!! I'm in a tailspin! Wait, maybe I can land this if I just be careful! (Otto closes his eyes as he manages to land his plane successfully.)
  • Sly: Nice landing, Otto! Penelope, you go after Gustav and Amber! They ran into the forest! I'll check Otto to see if he's injured! (With determination, Penelope nods and flies toward Gustav and Amber's location. A loading screen appear and then disappears as Penelope reaches the partners-in-crime. Penelope lands her plane.)
  • Penelope: Okay, Gustav, it's time you paid the price for what... Huh? (Penelope looks around. She notices that Gustav is nowhere to be seen.) I could've swore that he was here.
  • Gustav: You right to think that! (Penelope turns around. Gustav crashes through trees to reach Penelope, making her quickly run for her life.) You interfere with us for last time, rodent!! (Penelope tries turning right, but is blasted by a sound wave made by Amber.)
  • Amber: Look, sheila, I'm sorry about what happened to your oldies, but you'd have to have plenty of kangaroos in your paddock if you think you're getting out of here intact, sheila. (Penelope looks around. She notices that there are plenty of places for her to use her RC vehicles, such as a small lake where she can use her RC Boat and RC Submarine.)
  • Penelope: I can handle the both of you with my tail tied to my legs! Now let's get this over with!

Gustav Gale and Amber have a unique ability that none of the other bosses had: teamwork. Gustav will use a positive charge and Amber will use a negative one, essentially turning Amber into an electric mace-like weapon that Gustav will use to electrocute and crush Penelope with, killing her in one hit if she doesn't react quick enough. This will stop once Gustav's mech's legs are offline, at which point he becomes immobile.


While Gustav Gale is the main threat, Amber will pose a greater threat during the first phase of the fight. Her guitar can fire many sound waves and Amber will even use her guitar like a close-range weapon, and right after she attacks is when she is vulnerable. Every other time she'll simply block Penelope's attacks with her guitar and use her guitar to push Penelope back with a sound wave. Once Amber's HP is one-fifth gone, she'll let Gustav do most of the fighting for her. This repeats until she is defeated. However, she'll move faster and attack longer and more frequently, keeping Penelope from getting close to her. Once she is down for the count, Gustav won't have any attacks that pertain to Amber anymore.

Gustav Gale

Unlike Amber, who is much easier to deal with, Gustav is much more difficult, having very complex strategies for each RC vehicle that will be used to defeat him. Gustav will jump into the small lake, and Penelope has four choices: use her RC Boat, RC Plane, RC Submarine, and RC Car. The RC Helicopter will only be used during the last phase. Penelope must hide behind a tree or a rock near the lake and use one of her RC vehicles. For the RC Plane, she must fire at Gustav's mech's left arm, which is firing an anti-aircraft missile from its wrist. Penelope must fire at the arm enough and it will explode, though Penelope will still need to maneuver the vehicle away from incoming missiles to do it right. For the RC Boat, she must drop the boat onto the water and fire at the mech's left foot, which is generating electrical shockwaves that must be jumped over. Fire at the foot whenever possible, and it will blow up, forcing Gustav to hold onto something to keep him and his mech from falling over. For the RC Submarine, Penelope must drop the submarine into the waters of the lake. Gustav will attempt to stomp on the submarine, forcing Penelope to be tricky in regard to how she moves the sub around the arena. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, Penelope must fire at the foot once its in the water. If both feet get destroyed, then Gustav's mech will land on its bottom, completely unable to get back on its feet again. The RC Car has the toughest track yet, consisting of several logs, dirt pathways and stony trails. Gustav's right arm is the target, and it has a missile launcher built into its wrist, ready to devastate the RC Car. Penelope must move the car through the track without getting it destroyed. Once it reaches the end of the track, all it takes is a single powerful shot from the RC Car to eliminate Gustav's mech's right arm. Once all of the limbs are gone, Penelope is free to use the RC Helicopter for the finishing blow now that the last remains of Gustav's shield has been deactivated. Gustav is completely vulnerable at this point. All that Penelope needs to do is use the RC Helicopter's hook to hook Gustav and fling him out of the mech, making it fall over in the process and ending the battle completely. This begins a cutscene.

  • Gustav: Rotten rodent! I am best pilot! I am best! Me, not you! Me!
  • Amber: (Amber wobbles over to Penelope. She looks at Gustav.) Oh give it up, you winger! We got creamed, and you know it!
  • Gustav: I won't give up! I am best! Not you, vermin! NOT YOU!!!
  • Amber: Sheesh. I think you made him crack a fruity, sheila.
  • Penelope: I think he was always crazy, to be honest.
  • Amber: No kidding, mate. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to lie down now. (Amber falls over unconscious and is teleported to present day due to a temporal anomaly.)
  • Gustav: Good! Annoying rabbit is gone now. So, are you going to kill me? Are you? (Penelope seems like she is about to use her RC Helicopter to kill Gustav, but instead, she chooses not to. Penelope hears her friends coming with the Cooper Van.) What now? Are friends coming to kill me for you?
  • Penelope: No. I want them to see you hung by that hook like the catch of the day. A Flying Fish flying a plane? Is that supposed to be a joke? (Bentley and the others arrive to see Gustav having a temper tantrum while hooked onto the helicopter's hook.)
  • Bentley: Well, what do you know? I had no clue you could catch Flying Fish in fresh water!
  • Penelope: I guess so. (Gustav continues ranting in Russian while the Cooper Gang laughs at him.)

Job Complete

In the Air Tonight Outro

  • Penelope: "Seeing Gustav hang there felt pretty good. But what felt even better was having everyone trust me again. After Gustav Gale was sent back to the present, I knew everyone had forgiven me. If there was any doubt left, then it was completely gone. It felt great being with the gang again. Bentley had been through so much. I had to be there for him as he would be there for me. We all had to prepare for the worst. And unfortunately, the worst had just come. Chronos just stood there, clapping as if he enjoyed watching his own lackeys losing. He then explained to us that there was no prototype. It was all a distraction while Chronos and his men stored the Clockwerk Frame into his airship. We were tricked, and we were tricked very badly. And he just stood there, laughing at us as the one thing that hurt my friends and Bentley more than anything else in the world was now in his feathery hands. That psycho! Bits of my memory were coming back, and I knew that he robbed me of the one person in my life I considered family! I charged at him, but it was only a hologram. I cursed myself for falling for that trick, and he just calmly told us to meet him back in town. If this was a final showdown, then I wanted it to be a very satisfying one. We all did. After all of the suffering that Chronos' actions have caused, all I want now is some alone time with Bentley, where we could be able to come up with ways to clean up messes like these...and prevent them altogether..."

Out of Touch, Out of Time

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