Operation: Stone Hard Knockdown is the last mission in Episode 9: Cretaceous Madness! in Thieves Be Forever.


  • Ready the catapults
  • Infiltrate the volcano
  • Defeat Rex

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly needs to be selected for this mission. The mission marker is located on top of the stone Safehouse. Once you reach it, Bentley will launch his Bentley Tech.

  • Bentley: All right! I've found a way to infiltrate Rex's volcano fortress! We'll be needing the help of those catapults from earlier.
  • Sly: Don't you think that's a bit dangerous?
  • Bentley: What? Who are you? My mom!? Sly we need to do this, Rex's fortress is just to thick so we need rocks to throw at it!
  • Murray: Oh YEAH! Destruction!
  • Sly: Bentley, you really need to know when someone was being sarcastic.
  • Bentley: Enough of that! Once we destroy the entrance, numerous guards are sure to take notice and attack. Murray and Carmelita, you guys are in charge of defeating those brutes.
  • Carmelita: Finally some more competition!
  • Bentley: Once you guys defeat every guard here, we'll need to enter the volcano fortress! Rex is sure to have security inside, and since it's a volcano, lava is sure to be present! Now, if you guys are all ready, let's do this operation NOW!

Head to the set catapults and another cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: Bentley, are you sure this will do the trick?
  • Bentley: I did my math and everyone knows I do my math right. There is a 1% this boulder will NOT destroy the entrance!
  • Sly: 1%!? You sure this "percent" will fail?
  • Bentley: There is a 99% we will destroy that! Trust me, I'm a genius!
  • Sly: You're right, it was your genius that saved me back in Prague.
  • Bentley: Okay, stand back Sly! This boulder is ready to get thrown!

"Catapult raises up and throws the boulder at the entrance, unfortunately, the boulder doesn't destroy the entrance"

  • Bentley: "Mouth cartoonishly extends down"
  • Sly: Then again, you did make Carmelita grow to immense sizes.
  • Bentley: But! But! My calculations were all flawless!
  • Sly: There must've been a zero in one of them. Wait, are those guards?!
  • Bentley: They must've heard the crash and are heading to check on it!
  • Sly: Let's get Murray down here, he might use his strength to destroy the entrance, that boulder must've at least weakened it.
  • Bentley: You're right! Let's get Murray and Carmelita!

Loading Screen, once it goes away, this cutscene will occur

  • Murray: How did this happen?
  • Carmelita: Bentley said you will need to break that entrance.
  • Murray: Oh YEAH! Time for some breaking!
  • Carmelita: Wait Murray! Guards are present here! You sure you don't need help?
  • Murray: Don't worry! I'll crush their skulls too! "Jumps down to the ground"
  • Murray: Hey birdbrains!
  • Velociraptor: What? We're pretty sure we are reptiles!
  • Pterodactyl: You have feathers dude!
  • Murray: For you guys you are dinosaurs, in my eyes you are chickens! Ready to be crushed by "The Murray"!!!

Defeat the 6 guards in the entrance door, once you defeat them, the entrance is free to hit, hit it like 16 times and it should break down.

  • Murray: Oh Yeah! "The Murray" has taken care of that 1%!
  • "Sly and Bentley arrive"
  • Bentley: Good job big guy! All we need to do is enter.

After the loading screen is out, this small cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Huff, this place is hotter than Grizz's Purple Paw Paint Facility!
  • Sly: You said it pal!
  • Bentley: All right! Carmelita! Take care of those incoming pterodactyls!
  • Carmelita: They won't even see it coming!

Shoot down the incoming Quetzalcoatlus pterosaurs there are 10 coming at you, once you electrocute them with your shock pistol, another cutscene will occur.

  • Carmelita: Those birds should really get more practice!
  • Bentley: Uhhhh, okay? Look Sly, the way is open! You should head through those floating rocks!
  • Sly: Okay, let's beat this guy!

Head through the floating lava rocks in the right-front, and you will land in a small platform. Head again through another set of floating rocks and you will land in a small section with a geyser in front, use the paraglider to go up and you'll be in an open space platform, 2 pterodactyl guards will be present walking through the area, defeat them or avoid them. Next, is a steep incline with rocks rolling down, use the Caveman Costume to roll down the incline and you will see a to the right some conical rocks (if you head down from this point, a Secret Sly mask is located there) spire jump to the rocks and you will appear in an open cave. A cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: What?
  • Rex: Come on boys! I've heard about Stegosauruses with one hand dig better than y'all!
  • Sly: Hmmm, bossing around? I should just skip past them to that room over there, that may be where the spare Cretaceous Mineral is located.

Skip past Rex to the room on the far left, if you head to Rex he will notice you and a job failed will occur, this also happens if you get seen by the Talkative Parasaurolophus walking around the arena. Head to the room and another cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: What? It's supposed to be here?!
  • Rex: Come on! That is such a pea brain move!
  • Sly: Rex!
  • Rex: I reckon you came here for this here Mineral right? Well, you were late! I already have the two in my pockets!
  • Sly: Give those back Rex!
  • Rex: What if I say no? Slyrawr! That was a good move but unfortunately, I have a better brain than these here varmints!
  • Sly: What if I steal them from you? You know I can!
  • Rex: Hahahahaha! You make me laugh boy! Do you still think I'm dumb?! Here you go raptor! Give these to the UFO out back! "Velociraptor runs away"
  • Sly: So those UFOs are real! What are you planning?
  • Rex: I won't tell anything! Our leader on the Moon will be glad if I beat you. Ooops!
  • Sly: So he is on the moon!
  • Rex: Gaaahhh! "Roars loudly" Stupid animal! How did you make me say that?! Enough of this here good guy act! Time to show you how scary dinosaurs are! Guards! Let's take this varmin' down!
  • Sly: Uh-oh!

The starts with Rex jumping up and down to produce earthquakes that will make the lava rise from some patches in the ground, rocks will fall and the room in the far left will crumble with rocks. Rex runs around the place while following you, fortunately, he is slow, but sometimes he will bite down or shoot a homing missile from his arms. He may also produce a shock wave from his mechanical arms by sending them down the ground. To attack him, just climb the hands when he does the shockwave attack and reach his head, Jump and press the Triangle button to hit him on the head, dazing him, start hitting his snout many times until he gets up. Everytime he loses a fourth of his health, he will summon his rooftop guards to attack you. Repeat the defeat process and you will win. The music for the fight is a more dramatic-like music that bears a resemblance to Terry's battle from Banjo-Tooie.

  • Rex: "Collapses on the ground" This can't be! You're a raccoon and I'm a T-Rex! This ain't fair!
  • Sly: Sorry buddy but you deserved it!
  • Rex: "Growls quietly and disappears"
  • Sly: What? No matter let's just get out of here and tell the gang. They must be worried sick of me.

Job Complete


  • According to R&C fans and Sly Cooper fans, this battle somewhat resembles the Momma Tyrrahnoid battle from Up Your Arsenal

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