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"Operation: Stench Sweep" is the last mission in the Mystic Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Enter the Clocktower.
  • Reach the Top.
  • Fight the Warclock doll.
  • Battle Critine and Warclock.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly needs to be selected for this job. The mission marker is located just outside the Safehouse. Once you reach it, Bentley will launch his Bentley Tech.

Bentley: Okay gang! It's time to take down Critine and foil his plans to revive Warclock! Dëma?

Dëma: I do not wish to go.

Bentley: Well, we can't have that endangering our mission! Dëma you can stay. Back to the topic at hand, since Marik and Murray already "visited" the tower, it's more guarded than ever! Not only that, the door was locked with a spell that can be "hacked". Benedict, you'll have to hack it. Once we reach the top, we will could find that traitorous skunk and destroy that Warclock doll! If you guys are prepared, let's do this fast! (Closes Bentley Tech)

Head to the clocktower and enter it. Defeat the 8 cats and trolls guarding the door, Benedict will "hack" the spell door to enter it. Make your way through the tower again. Even more gears are broken which forces you to climb through some gears. Beating troll and black cat guards as you go. Once the gang and Sly reach the top, this cutscene will occur.

Sly: Is that?

Benedict: Critine and Mordreggio! Let's stay over here to eavesdrop.

Mordreggio: Ahh! This will do! (Places a small wire on the doll)

Critine: Excellent! You should put Warclock's soul into the frame!

Benedict: Sly! We should intervene right? Sly?! Where are you!?

Sly: Give it up Critine!

Critine: Who have we here! If it isn't Dëma's twin! Unfortunately for you, Mordreggio has already placed Warclock's soul in the frame! And we have a front row seat at watching him rip you guys apart!

Sly: What?! This can't be true!

Mordreggio: Oh but it is! See, he's about to move!

Warclock starts shaking, it's eyes open to show yellow spheres and stretches it's wings.

Critine: Let's leave the ripping to him and watch! (Run away to the sides)

Warclock: You must be Luper's twin! Hahahaha! I didn't imagine him to be ugly!

Sly: Okay this guy is just bad!

Warclock: Where's Luper?

Sly: He's not here right now.

Warclock: Then I'll have to feast on you, first!

Carmelita: Don't you dare hurt this raccoon!

Warclock: Looks like I'll get more meals! Here! I like meals better when they're trapped! (Shoots a purple ball of energy at the ceiling and a gear falls)

Sly and Carmelita both jump forward while the gear falls.

Sly: And it looks like we're trapped!

Carmelita: Don't worry Sly! I'll help you destroy this stupid doll! (Goes to a different position and readies her shock pistol)

Warclock stretches it's wings and takes off.

Sly: Woah! Looks like we'll have to destroy this thing!

Battle starts, Warclock will use black magic to attack you, along wi gusts of wind and sharp magic knives that can be dodged. Carmelita, from the balcony above will shoot down Warclock from the air and you must bash him in the head with the cane. Once his health is depleted to half, he will grab Sly.

Warclock: Enough of this Luper!

He then begins to slowly crush Sly, control switches to Carmelita, you must shoot the talons holding Sly and his face. After the last of his health is gone, the doll will collapse and Sly will be released, alive.

Sly: Glad that's over, Carmelita! We should help out these guys!

Carmelita: I don't know, that gear looks heavy. But it's worth a try.

Carmelita and Sly head over to the gear and try lifting it, unfortunately, Warclock gets back up.

Warclock: You really think this was the last of me! (Turns to Critine and Mordreggio) Hmmmm, maybe a little snack will suffice.

Mordreggio: What? I created you! Is this how's it going to be?! Wait no! (Warclock swallows Mordreggio for power)

Warclock: Now I'm feeling recharged! (Turns to Sly and Carmelita) You two will pay! (Lunges fast to the couple but are shielded by shielding magic) WHAT??!!

Dëma: (enraged) Enough, Warclock! (Jumps down to Critine) Critine, why did you do this?! I thought we were the best of friends, brothers!

Critine: You! You were the one who did all this!

Dëma: You're the one who backstabbed me and brought back Warclock! You also sent me to prison for immediate execution!

Critine: You betrayed our father's teachings and committed an unforgivable crime!

Warclock: ENOUGH OF THIS!! Luper! You're dead to me!! (Flies up again and Critine joins the fight)

Warclock and Critine share a thief meter. Dëma must dodge Warclock's lunges and Critine's fireballs and ice shards. To defeat Warclock, use the gravity magic to get to his height, whack his head with your staff. To defeat Critine, use the time magic to maneuver around him to strike. Once defeated, this cutscene will play.

Dëma: (Glares at Critine in the eyes)

Critine: You really didn't kill anyone.

Dëma: But then why.. (Before he finishes, a white laser goes through him. Not cutting through him but induces pain, making him scream and pass out shortly after.)

Critine: Dëma!

Bentley: What was that?! (He along with everybody look at the outside to see a black figure with a sniper gun then disappears)

Critine: (Sees memory and saw that it was him that caused damage of his and his friend's friendship) It was him...

After the black screen is off, this small cutscene will occur.

Dëma: Look, Critine, I'm sorry for the way I acted. I just...

Critine: I'm sorry for everything, Dëma. I thought what I was doing was right.

Dëma: It's all right. That guy had you completely fooled. But let it be bygones, okay, pal? (holds out hand)

Critine: (smiles) Of course, brother. (takes hand and shake)

Sly: Hey! Guys!

Carmelita: We could use some help over here!

Dëma: Let's help them shall we?

Critine: Agreed. People can't do anything without you. (both laugh and head to the gear to help the gang)

Job Complete

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