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Operation: Loch Ness Robbers is the final mission in Celtic Scotland in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Infiltrate the mine.
  • Defeat Le Dude and bring his reign to an end.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay starts with Slaigh MacCooper. Once Slaigh reaches the marker, Bentley will take out his Bentley Tech, and a cutscene commences.

  • Bentley: Well guys, I'm pleased to announce that we have everything properly set up for "Operation: Loch Ness Robbers." We'll need to get Nessie to help us out by distracting the guards on the surface. When that happens, we can make a mad dash for the silo entrance to Le Dude's mine. Once inside, Le Dude will know doubt beef up security, possibly with an updated computer! If that's the case, then I... Scratch that, Penelope isn't the main problem. The turrets inside of the mine are the real threat to our plans! Slaigh, you'll have to destroy all of the turrets before the rest of us can proceed. Murray will have to pry open a door leading to the rest of the mine in case Slaigh gets hurt. Carmelita, while Murray or Slaigh are doing their end of things, you'll have to zap any guards heading their way. If there are problems, I'll hack one of the terminals and see if you can get through. As soon as Le Dude shows up, however, we need to focus all of our attention on taking him down. Cowabunga!
  • Murray: Great. Now I want pizza.
  • Bentley: Later, Murray.

Once the cutscene is over, another one will soon begin.

  • Bentley: (Bentley takes out a stock-and-horn and blows in it. This causes Nessie to get into a temper tantrum, effectively distracting all of the guards and luring them from their posts.) That should do it! Alright everybody, that's get started!
  • Slaigh: (Slaigh raises cane in the air.) Fur Scootlund!!

Gameplay will once again be with Slaigh MacCooper. Head to the silo and Bentley will use a unique Sticky Bomb, which he says he made just for the occasion. Once the silo door is blown open, the Cooper Gang jumps down, begin an extremely brief cutscene.

  • Slaigh: (Slaigh sees all of the turrets.) Grab mah bags an' flin' them in th' loch! That's a bit much! (Slaigh quickly shakes his head and manages to get over his fear.) Ah can dae thes!!

Slaigh must use his Dashing Hawk Technique to strafe, avoiding blasts from the turrets and progressing forward as he does so. Destroy the turrets as Slaigh goes on and eventually he'll reach the end, where a cutscene will begin.

  • Monstrous Marten: (The Monstrous Marten throws a piece of metal at Slaigh's head really hard, knocking him out cold.) Ha!! Yoo're it ay luck, giant!! (The marten looks to his right and sees Murray giving him a mean look.) Och hen... (Murray punches the marten right in the face, knocking him out.)
  • Murray: "The Murray" will get that door open in a jiffy! Sly, tend to Slaigh! (Sly heads over to his ancestor.) Carmelita! The balconies above the door!
  • Bentley: (Bentley sees two Diabolical Deer getting to attack) He's right! Carmelita, hurry!
  • Carmelita: On it, Bentley! (Carmelita runs closer to get better shots of the deer.)

Gameplay switches to Carmelita. Her job is a simple one: use her Shock Pistol to blast any opposing guards that appear on the balconies. Once a certain number of guards have been defeated, a brief cutscene involving Murray opening the big door play out. However, the door also had laser security, which Bentley has to turn off by hacking one of the computer terminals via the mini-game "Viral Demolition." Once this is completed, a brief but significant cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly helps Slaigh get back on his feet.) Are you okay?
  • Slaigh: Ne'er bin better, laddie! Ah feel loch a freshly gart claymair!
  • Sly: Good.
  • Bentley: (Bentley successfully turns off the laser security.) Le Dude should be somewhere close by, so be careful.
  • Sly: Yes, nanny.
  • Bentley: (Bentley rolls his eyes.) Moving on.

Gameplay will switch to Sly. He must use his Wizard Costume to traverse a complex series of tricks and traps. First, Sly must step on a green pad and use a shield to deactivate a wall of lasers keeping him and the gang from moving forward. Second, Sly must use a red pad to teleport to the other side of a wall that blocks the way to a switch that Sly must hit to activate a door leading to another room. And finally, Sly must use a blue pad to create a bridge leading to another switch that will deactivate the laser security surrounding the exit door. Once this is done, Sly must head up an incline leading to a hallway with a familiar goshawk waiting for him. Another cutscene will begin once the Cooper Gang reaches Le Dude.

  • Le Dude: (Le Dude brushes off dust on his skateboard and looks toward the Cooper Gang. He gets excited.) Radical, dude! You made it! I was so totally looking forward to beating the stuffing out of you today!
  • Sly: It's over, "Le Dude". Whatever you're doing with this mine ends today! And really? Le Dude? What type of name is that? You're more like a "Le Dweeb" if you ask me.
  • Le Dude: Woah, hey now, man! I don't need you to be too critical, dude. You'll ruin my coolness factor! Tell you what. How about you use some of those thief moves and follow me down here? (Le Dude skateboards down the slope behind him.) Trust me! It's worth it!! (Sly sees a rail that he can slide on and proceeds to slide down on it.)
  • Carmelita: We'll find a way down, ringtail!! I promise! (Carmelita tries firing her Shock Pistol at Le Dude, but the trigger is jammed. She gets worried about Sly.) Please make it this time...

Gameplay resumes with Sly as he chases Le Dude down the slope. Copying where Le Dude goes is key to Sly's success during this time, as Le Dude will randomly switch sections on the slope, leaving molotov cocktails behind him as he goes. He has no pattern when he does this, so Sly must keep a watchful eye on Le Dude, as he may fake Sly out if he isn't careful. Once Le Dude reaches the bottom of the slope, another cutscene begins.

  • Sly: (A Diabolical Deer hides behind some machines at the end of the slope. Sly reaches the bottom of the slope.) It's all over, Le Dude! (Sly gets hit by the hilt of the deer's claymore, knocking him out.)
  • Carmelita: (Carmelita gets a running start and slides down the slope.) I'm coming, Sly! (Carmelita eventually reaches the bottom and tries to whack the deer holding Sly, but he's too fast.) Bentley, I need backup! (Carmelita looks shocked to see that a horde of flashlight and rooftop guards had pinned down the rest of the Cooper Gang and Murray and Slaigh were knocked out. They were all placed on a big mine cart heading to who knows where. Carmelita then saw through a porthole that Nessie had been captured, explaining the overabundance of guards.) Le Dude... (Carmelita growled as she thought of Sly being in danger. She looked at Le Dude with determination on her face.) Le Dude!! You're under arrest! Now let the Cooper Gang go!!
  • Le Dude: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Please! You're about as-- (Le Dude all of a sudden has a surprised look on his face.) Wait. Did you...totally just say...that I...was under......arrest!?!?!?!?! You're a cop?!?! That does it! You law enforcement types are always ruining things for me, man!! You should've left me alone! I'd still be a skateboarding phenomenon!
  • Carmelita: I'm an inspector. It's my job to lock up criminals like you. And now I'm "totally" going to lock up you, you washed-up crybaby!
  • Le Dude: (Le Dude takes a device out of his tuxedo and presses a red button on it. Through a red mystic rune, Le Dude sets himself on fire without getting injured, becoming like a phoenix, much to Carmelita's surprise.) Things are about to get gnarly, dude!! (Carmelita gets very insulted. She glares at Le Dude in pure anger.) It's on, you loco goshawk!! (Carmelita finally manages to get her Shock Pistol working again.)

Le Dude's strategy starts off as a simple one, even though you have eight minutes to defeat him. He'll try to dive bomb Carmelita while he is ablaze. Right before Le Dude does anything, Carmelita must fire at Le Dude to disorient him. He'll fly upward toward the sprinkler system when this happens. This results in the sprinklers going off, extinguishing his flames and making him vulnerable to attacks. But before his HP can go down, Le Dude must be hit with the Shock Pistol while he's on his skateboard. The electricity will stun him, making Carmelita capable of lowering his HP. This part of the strategy remains consistent throughout the battle, only that multiple Callous Crows show up to aid Le Dude when his HP is low enough. When a fourth of his hit points are gone, Le Dude will begin flapping his wings and create a fiery tornado. Carmelita must run in the opposite direction of the raging inferno before she loses half of her HP in one hit. Le Dude will alternate between his two attacks, of which he is only vulnerable when he's using his first one. When half of his HP is gone, Le Dude will cloak himself in blue flames and attempt to create trails of fire, making it harder for Carmelita to avoid Le Dude's fiery tornado attack. When Le Dude's HP is seventy-five percent gone, Le Dude will begin using the Shock Pistol to his advantage, deflecting certain shots back at Carmelita if his wings are blocking the blast. Repeat the strategy from earlier involving the second phase of the battle and Le Dude's wings will eventually be clipped. If Carmelita fails to defeat him before time runs out, the Cooper Gang (excluding Sly) will fall into a pool of molten metal. However, if she wins, one final cutscene will begin.

  • Carmelita: (Carmelita sees the deer holding Sly and fires her Shock Pistol at him as Le Dude is stumbling on the ground. The deer is punched in the gut by Sly, who had just become conscious. Carmelita and Sly defeat the deer and look for the rest of the gang. Carmelita sees Penelope in one of the other rooms activating a switch, which a now conscious Murray and his friends (excluding Slaigh, who was still unconscious) could see as they headed toward a large furnace.) Sly, get me Le Dude's skateboard!!
  • Sly: Gotcha! (Sly grabs the skateboard from a dazed Le Dude and chucks it at Carmelita, who throws it at Slaigh's head, making him conscious again. Slaigh quickly uses his cane to grind their mine cart to a permanent halt. The Cooper Gang got out of the mine cart safe and sound. Sly smiled at Carmelita.) Good job.
  • Carmelita: It was nothing, really. Just a spur of the moment sort of thing, you know?
  • Sly: You did great, Carmelita.
  • Le Dude: (The Cooper Gang watch Le Dude, who is now covered in several burns, walk toward Carmelita as if he were a comical daze.) You... You ruined my coolness factor, man. (Le Dude coughs up smoke.)
  • Carmelita: You had it coming, "dude". (Carmelita punches Le Dude in the beak, knocking him out. Carmelita looked out a porthole and saw that Nessie was freed, and that there was a lot of commotion outside.)

Job Complete

Braverobber Outro

  • Carmelita: For awhile now, my confidence had been waning. But when I defeated Le Dude, I felt more confident than ever! We proudly walked outside and saw that Agnes, my Scottish ancestor, had gotten the help she needed. Le Dude's guards were made into prisoners, and Agnes became an official enforcer of the law. She was the start of my police officer legacy. We partied later that day. Apparently, Sly's birthday was today. Murray ate the cake, as usual. Slaigh ate everything else. Anyway, we went back into the mine to search for Penelope and clues to her plan, but Penelope vanished. It's as if she was never there. Not to mention the hardware in the mine went haywire the moment Bentley tried hacking anything. As for the metals in the mine, we were too late. The mine had been completely emptied. Sometime later, Murray found a broken glass bottle with a fancy logo on it. We weren't sure what it was, but after analyzing its contents, it was clear this was a bottle of rum. So Penelope may have gone to the Age of Pirates? Good. I have nothing to fear anymore. But as we went to the van, I could see Murray's face as he looked at a photo of Penelope. I've never seen Murray so angry before. Just with his eyes alone, I could tell it would take more than hamburgers to cheer him up. As we got into the van, we knew now that someone other than Bentley wanted Penelope's head on a plate."

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