Operation: Ghost Exterminators is the final mission in Episode 5: Haunted Zomcoon in Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever.


  • Blow the gates
  • Traverse the Haunted Mansion
  • Defeat Drak's second-in-command
  • Defeat Drak and his mirages

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly needs to be chosen for this job. The mission marker is just outside the mansion's gates. Once you reach it, this Bentley Tech will occur.

  • Bentley: Okay gang! It's time to deal with Drak! I know his mansion may be the most supernatural thing we have ever encountered but you know, we have to enter.
  • Sly: Uuuuh Bentley? You really don't want me to sleep don't you?
  • Bentley: No! Oh forget it! Okay, Sly! You place all those Ecto-Bombs on the gates, once you place them, get out of there! Any touch of those bombs will "burn your soul" I think that's what it said.
  • Sly: This all seems very nice actually.
  • Bentley: Stop it Sly! Once we finish the bombing, we'll all split up on the mansion!
  • Murray: WHAT!!??
  • Bentley: Don't worry big guy let me just run a scan with my "Paranormal Scanner". "Bentley starts humming" "fast beeping is heard and a small explosion" Woah! Sorry big guy but this mansion is by far the most paranormal thing we faced.
  • Carmelita: Who cares?! Let's start this operation!
  • Bentley: No wait! Oh forget it! "Shuts down Bentley Tech"

Head to the gates and hit the circle button to place the bombs. As soon as Sly starts setting off the bombs, hordes of Rat guards swarm him.

  • Sly: (Looks back) oh! Hey guys! Long time no see! Tell me, how's Haiti when I left? Is Ruby losing weight?
  • Rat: (Look at each other confused) You're SLY COOPER! The one who defeated various rat guards back in Haiti! You should be ashamed at yourself!
  • Sly: You know, there's this new thing for weight loss, you should tell Ruby, also tell her that I said hi!
  • Rat: I don't have time for this! (Charges up a magic ball)
  • Murray: (Arrives quick and defeats the rat) Oh Yeah!! Take that stupid rats! "The Murray" is no longer a weakling!
  • Rat: Isn't that Murray? The weakling? This should be easy! (All run away to come back later)
  • Murray: Time to crack skulls!

Defeat the 8 rat guards that are going after you, and don't let them defeat Sly or else the bombs explode and Sly gets killed. Once you defeat them, this cutscene will occur.

  • Murray: Piece of cake!
  • Sly: Thanks buddy, you really had my back there!
  • Bentley: (Arrives with Carmelita) Sly! The bombs are in place! Let's get out of here!

(Everyone starts running away from the bombs which explode into green mist and blast the gate sky high)

  • Sly: Just like old times right Panda King? Oh wait.
  • Bentley: Sly! He isn't here! Let's enter!
  • Murray: Uhhhh, I'll stay here for you know, protection.
  • Bentley: Sorry Murray, but you'll have to come.
  • Murray: Oh all right! (Walks slowly to the mansion along with the gang)

Once the loading screen is off, this small cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: Woah! This place looks huge! Outside it was small.
  • Bentley: Well, we're dealing with a mystic here. "Shivers" was that cold air or something else?! Let's just do this mission fast so we can get out of here. (Everybody splits to different directions)

The mansion is eery-like with mysterious music playing all times adorned with creeks of floors, candles, and sounds that look like someone is walking with you. You start out with Sly, you'll start in the kitchen, many possessed utensils will fly at you, dealing good damage, Ghost Cats also appear in this area, they can be defeated by one hit. Once you traverse the kitchen, the dining room is is next, the room has one Wizard Raven guarding the area. A portrait of Riochi is seen in the front, it's eyes seem to follow you, if you hit it, it will sound Riochi's voice. Once you defeat the Raven, the room will close and you'll have to fight a wave of guards, various "mirage" guards will appear, all being from the past games, in this area, Walrus, Rats, Pigeons and Crane guards will start attacking you. All these guards have red eyes and completely white bodies. They have their original attacks and weaknesses. Once you defeat them, you'll have to fight the flashlight guards which are HP Squidcrafts, Warthogs, Cane Corsos and Boars. Once you defeat them, the room will open and on the right, an room will open, in this room, Carmelita will appear.

  • Sly: Carmelita?! Sweetie are you okay?
  • Carmelita: (Stays motionless)
  • Sly: Who did this?! Carmelita! I'll save you huh?
  • Carmelita: (disappears)
  • Sly: I should have known, this Drak guy sure is good. (Notices Carmelita somewhere else) Oh there you are! At least you're okay.
  • Carmelita: I hope you get a grave ringtail! Once he defeats you, I'll carve it
  • Sly: What? Who's "he"
  • Le Paradox: Le me!
  • Sly: What! Le Paradox! I should have known you were behind this! You're the leader of Dark Ray! Right!
  • Le Paradox: Ah "Coopair" You are such an easy target! And very smart too! How did you knew I was the leader? Either way, you'll die when I skewer you with this sword!
  • Sly: Huh! Starting off huh? Let's end this!

The battle is actually the same battle against Le Paradox. Keep up with his sword attacks and once you find the weak spot, hit him, once he's dizzy, hit him many times and another cutscene will occur.

  • Le Paradox: "Huff, huff" You really are something "Coopair". I must be going, au revoir! Sly Cooper! (Disappears into mist)
  • Sly: A mirage? Okay, this place is just too creepy, and Carmelita is gone, so I should keep forward.

Gameplay changes to Bentley, you'll start in the library, books will levitate and ram you which will do various amounts of damage. Once you reach the office, a Black Widow guard will appear. There is also a painting of Salim-Al-Kupar on the middle, hitting it will sound Salim's voice. Defeat her and the doors will all close and another mirage ambush will occur. This time, the guards are: Gorgeous Lou's, Indian Langurs, Kangaroos and Coyotes. Once you defeat them, the flashlight guards will appear which are: Vinnie the Pinscher's, Rhinos, Dingoes and Steer Bulls. Once you defeat them, the door will open to a piano room, a cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: And I thought Mz. Ruby was weird!
  • Penelope's voice: Bentley! Can you read me?
  • Bentley: Penelope! Is that you? What are you doing in my binocucom?!
  • Penelope: Let me get out of here! "Appears in front of Bentley" Sorry for all that Medieval nonsense.
  • Bentley: Don't worry, you came and apologized! And that's good but what are you doing here? Drak right?! He must've captured you!
  • Penelope: No! No! Sweetie I came to talk with you! Someone told me you'd be here!
  • Bentley: I'm just so glad you're back to your senses! "Hugs Penelope"
  • Simon: "Appears" Much obliged to ruin this meeting?!
  • Bentley: What? Who are you!?
  • Simon: Only the best miner there is?! Penelope stole my job in Medieval England! So I'm gonna steal her life!!! Ahahahaha!!
  • Bentley: Over my dead body! Freak!
  • Simon: I'm not gonna hurt you! Just her! "Takes out a mechanized vaporized weapon and shoots Penelope"
  • Penelope: BENTLEY!!! (Dissolves into ashes that fly away with the wind)
  • Bentley: Penelope! That's it! You stupid mole! Time to show you what intelligence is!
  • Simon: Ahahahahah!!! Where is it? You!? Ahahaha! You must be kidding! Let ME show you a real technology freak! "Drops a smoke bomb and appears in a Black Knight suit"
  • Bentley: Black Knight! How am I gonna defeat this guy? (Magically appears with Moat Monster suit) Woah! Time to get to destroying!

This fight is essentially the same one Bentley fought in Medieval England. Once you defeat him, this cutscene will occur.

  • Simon: "Cough" You are something eh turtle?! But you haven't seen the last of Simon Ataturk! "Disappears into smoke"
  • Bentley: What? Where'd he go? He must've been a mirage like Penelope, I hope she was a mirage, it all seemed real! I need to get out of here!

Head through the open door in the piano room and you will end up in a corridor with Sly.

  • Bentley: Oh no! Don't tell me! (Throws a bomb)
  • Sly: Aiiihh! (Jumps) Bentley! It's me! Sly!
  • Bentley: I just saw Penelope and a mole guy in the piano room, do you really think this is the best one?
  • Sly: I just saw Carmelita and Le Paradox!
  • Bentley: I believe you! Ok, we'll just have to wait for the others.

Once the loading screen is out, gameplay will switch to Murray. His location is the basement.

  • Murray: Darn! Couldn't it be the kitchen!?

Walk through the basement while defeating Ghost Cats and furniture that comes to life. Once you traverse it, you will reach the fur room, it has various fur pieces in the ground of various animals. A painting of "Bob" Cooper is present, if you hit it, it will sound his voice. Once you defeat the Raven guard, the doors will close and you'll have to fight mirage rooftop guards being: Mosquitos, Werewolves, Holland Pigs and Terror Birds. Once you defeat them, the flashlight guards will arrive being: Voodoo Rats, Vultures, Rams and Wooly Mammoths. Once you defeat them, the doors will open to a playground of some sort.

  • Murray: Hello?! Anyone there?!
  • Murray: Oohh! A sandwich! Better eat it! (Grabs the sandwich and eats it)
  • Murray: Oh! Tasty!
  • Bentley: Murray! Help!
  • Murray: What?! Bentley?! I'm coming buddy! (Runs over to the sandbox area)
  • Bentley: (Is struggling in the ground while his wheelchair is tipped over)
  • Murray: What?! Who did this?!
  • Bentley: Those, two...
  • Octavio: Well! If it isn't stupid pink hippo kid!
  • Murray: Octavio?!
  • Octavio: I'm surprised to see you remember my name! Anyway, Mr. Tomato Fertilizer here was bugging me while I was singing! So I called a friend of mine to cripple his legs even more!
  • Clock-La: Murray! You were the one who defeated the great Clock-La!
  • Murray: You too! You know what you did chump!? You crippled my best friend's legs!
  • Clock-La: One of my best moments if I do say so myself.
  • Murray: (Roars) Both of you will pay even MORE for what you did to Bentley!!! Don't worry buddy! These guys will be done in no time!!

The battle consists of Clock-La flying around while you fight Octavio. You can't hit him since he's to fast, open the tar valve nearby to make it spew tar. Hit him many times to daze him then grab him and aim at Clock-La when she does her supercharge beam attack. Once you hit her 3 times, you win.

  • (Hate Chip falls down)
  • Murray: Hahahaha! Nobody messes with "The Murray"! Now, to help Bentley! Huh?!
  • Bentley is nowhere to be seen.
  • Murray: Bentley did say Drak was a mirage guy, this must've been a mirage! Well, time to go!

Get out of the yard and enter the mansion, you will arrive in the corridor with Sly and Bentley.

  • Murray: Even more mirages?! The Murray won't fall for this!
  • Bentley: Murray! It's us! Sly and Bentley! We're not mirages!
  • Murray: Say's you!
  • Sly: Buddy, we too have seen mirages! I saw Le Paradox and Carmelita!
  • Bentley: I saw Penelope and someone called Simon Ataturk!
  • Murray: Ok, I believe you guys! I saw you Bentley, being crippled and Clock-La along with Octavio.
  • Bentley: Wow, I wonder how Carmelita is doing?

Once the loading screen is off, gameplay will change to Carmelita. Head through the living room, defeating various Ghost Cats, then head to the Movie Theatre, there's a portrait of Sir Galleth Cooper here, shooting or hitting it will cause his voice to be heard. Defeat the patrolling Voodoo Rat and another ambush will occur, this time with: Moo Goos, Geese, Chinese Pigs and Hedgehogs. Once you defeat them, the flashlight guards will appear which are: General Tso's, Moose, Tigers and Mech Wolves. Once you defeat them, the next room is an old cops room.

  • Carmelita: Hmmm, this reminds me so much of my years as cop.
  • Sly: Carmelita! Help! This thing is crushing me!
  • Carmelita: What?! Ringtail! Where are you!?!
  • Sly: I'm outside! Oww!
  • Carmelita: (Rushes outside to the garden) Not this guy again!
  • Dr. M: Madam Cop! I saw this thief here and just wanted to know if you will put him behind bars!
  • Carmelita: Dr. M! I thought you were crushed!
  • Dr. M: It takes a lot to get rid of me! And I'll even crush Cooper as much as I want!
  • Carmelita: Dr. M! You and that Mutant Primate are under arrest!
  • Dr. M: Lady I'm not the thief here! He was invading my island! Well, no matter (Throws Sly far away) I'll kill you first!
  • Carmelita: Sly! Ok Dr. M! You just gained a world of pain with this Shock Pistol!

To defeat the Mutant Primate, just keep shooting at Dr. M until his thief meter is depleted.

  • Carmelita: That's what you get for messing with my man! Sly!? Where are you!?
  • Dr. M: (Dissapears into smoke)
  • Carmelita: It must've been a mirage. Bentley did say that Drak is an expert with these.

Head through the open door in the garden and you will reach the corridor with the gang.

  • Carmelita: (Raises her pistol) Tell me, who are you guys?!
  • Sly: Sweetie it's me! We're the real deal! You must've seen those mirages! What did you see?
  • Carmelita: (Lowers down the pistol) I believe you Sly, I saw you getting crushed by Dr. M's mutant.
  • Bentley: Hmmmm, Le Paradox, Penelope, Clock-La and Dr. M? Don't you see guys! All this are manifestations of our worst nightmares!
  • Murray: You're right! So let's go now!

Gameplay will switch to Sly, head to through the main doers and you will reach a staircase. Once you reach it, this cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: Wait, what was that sound?
  • Guards: (All roar)
  • Murray: These guys? Again!? Let's take them now that we're together!

Defeat the mirage guards which are: Fire Slugs, Jetpack Toucans, Golden Retrievers and Monitor Lizards, once you defeat them, the flashlight guards appear who are: Terrible Toucans, Large Pirate Dogs and Baboons. Once you defeat them, this cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: (Notices a striped tail) Hmmm, who's that?
  • Riochi: How could you see me mischievous raccoon?
  • Sly: Riochi? What are you doing here?!
  • Tennessee: Don't forget about us! This here will be a Beatdown to remember!
  • Bob: "Translated" Let's clobber them!
  • Galleth: Ah! Time to run my sword through you vile creatures!
  • Salim: Again with fighting!? Ok! Let's just kill them fast! So I can sleep!
  • Bentley: These must be mirages by Drak! Let's defeat them Sly!

Defeat the ancestors, they can be easily defeated by hitting them with your cane but watch out. Their attacks pack a punch!

  • Sly: Look! That room is open! Let's go up the stairs!

Go up the stairs to the open room and you will finally reach Drak and his servant.

  • Drak: Ah! If it isn't Cooperr and his gang! This vill prrobably be fun no servant?
  • Sly: Drak! Stop those mirages! They were really creepy and you too!
  • Drak: Ah! No need forr wiolence my rring-tailed fiend, I admit those mirages vere wery crreepy, and I thought you could take them!
  • Bentley: Is all a joke to you! You almost gave us heart attacks!
  • Drak: I hawe no time forrr this, Luc! I need you take carrre of these pests!
  • Luc: Hahahaha! No vorries! You guys are in a vorld of hate! Right nov! And you Cooperr! Will suffer even more!

This fight is like facing an upgraded flashlight guard, just hit him various times with your canes and defeat the rooftop guards coming after you.

  • Drak: And herre I knev you vere tough! At least I'll destroy you! (Raises hands which push the gang except for Sly out of the room and closes the door)
  • Sly: You really are pathetic aren't you?!
  • Drak: Pathetic?! Don't you darre call me that! Ewerrr again!
  • Sly: You know what's funny? How vampires do in the movies!
  • Drak: You vouldn't darre!
  • Sly: Bla! Bla! Bla, BLA!! BLAAAA! I'm a vampire! I normally go out on the night because I'm SCARED of the light! I also shine bright sometimes!
  • Drak: That is not trrrue!!! And take that back!!
  • Sly: Llllll! Lllll! And that's how I suck blood! I'm basically an overgrown mosquito! I also run at the speed of light which is ironic since I hate light! Bla! Bla! BLA! BLA!
  • Drak: Huurrggg! You crrrosed the line Cooperrr! (Eyes turn red and gains more scary features) I vill kill you myself!!! And drain you all out!!!

See Drak (Battle) for battle.

  • Drak: (Collapses on floor) Vhat? I vas defeated?! This can't be!
  • Sly: It's over Drak! You're done!
  • Drak: Hehehehehe! Do not vorry Cooperr! I'll get you! And that gang, vill all be mine!! (Faints)
  • Sly: Time to get out of here! The magic locks should be gone.
  • Bentley: Sly! You okay?! No teeth marks or anything?!
  • Sly: Nope, just scarred for life!
  • Bentley: Good! Now let's get out of here fast! (Everyone runs away)

Job Complete!

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