Operation: Frosty's Demise is the last mission in the level WW1 Germany in Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns.


  • Repair Otto's Plane
  • Defend the Hangar from Baron's men
  • Defeat Baron and Juliet in a dogfight
  • Defeat Baron and Juliet

How to Complete and Dialogue

Otto needs to be chosen for this mission. Once you reach it, Bentley brings up the Bentley Tech.

  • Bentley: Ok guys! This is it! I've devised a plan to defeat that snowman! Here's the first part, Otto, you'll need to repair your plane for dogfighting purposes.
  • Otto: But I prefer to stay here!
  • Bentley: No you won't! You'll help Otto! Once you repair the plane, Murray, you'll take off to the skies to defeat Brrr and Juliet up in the air, since we're in competition, the air is gonna be filled with other planes! Brrr's plane is probably the only one that is white, pretty obvious if I do say so myself.
  • Murray: "The Murray" has already conquered the land! Now for the skies!
  • Bentley: That's great Murray! Now, if all of you are ready, let's start this!

Head to the Cooper Hangar and enter to repair the plane.

  • Otto: Well ol' blue, looks like you won't be old anymore!
  • Sly: Need any help Otto?
  • Otto: Yes! Please! I'll just stay in that couch over there and you repair this ok?
  • Sly: No Otto, you'll help me.
  • Otto: Darn, "sigh" (Looks around) well there's no wrench or any way to repair it so mission failed!
  • Sly: I have one over here (Sly raises up the wrench)
  • Otto: Double darn! Well...
  • Sly: No more excuses Otto! Let's do this!

The repairing minigame is quite easy, the first part is using the wrench to twist down the 4 screws by moving the PS3 controller like a wrench. Once you do this, gameplay switches to Otto, he'll have a hammer, raise up and down the controller to hammer down some nails, once you finish this. Gameplay then changes to Sly. The last one is the nail gun, hold down the X button and when the gun recharges, release the X button or the gun will overheat and burn Sly's hand. Once you finish, this cutscene will occur.

  • Otto: There you go! Good as new! (Camera pans to the shiny plane which is actually sparkling) (Camera then pans to Otto whom has watery eyes) I have never seen her so beautiful!
  • Sly: Ok, we'll just need to get Murray here. (Both try to leave but an explosion occurs, Sly and Otto then exit the Hangar and a black screen appears, once it's out, the hangar is being attacked by guards) What?! Now we really need Murray here!
  • Otto: I'll just go to the Safehouse to sleep no? (Runs away cartoonishly by leaving a dust cloud of himself)
  • Sly: Great, now I'm alone. (Sly raises his hand like if he's giving up)
  • Murray: Never fear! "The Murray" is here! (Drops down from the hangar and makes the screen shake)
  • Sly: Murray! The guards are trying to destroy our hangar! You think you could help?
  • Murray: (Murray Hits his palm with his fist) Let me at 'em!

Defeat the incoming German Shepherds and Mute Swans, don't let the Hangar get too much damage or else it's job failed. Once you defeat the 30 guards coming at you with Sly, this cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: Hahaha! (Hi-fives Murray which hurts him) We showed those guys right Murray?!
  • Murray: They didn't know what was coming! (Murray's ears twitch) Wait, someone's coming! (Sly and Murray turn around)
  • Brrr: (Juliet is clapping slowly) Well, well loook whoo we have here! The twoo idioots! And yoou twoo think even with a plane like that yoou coould win! (Camera pans to Floriana)
  • Juliet: I really don't like the look of this Brrr, they may be a little bit strong.
  • Brrr: (Brrr looks at Juliet) What? Coome oon! Living animals are noo match for us! Besides, we have oour biplane!
  • Floriana: Good! "Coopair"! You'll soon suffer an eternal freeze by Brrr and Murray (Juliet blushes) uuhh, you'll uhh...
  • Brrr: (Brrr grabs Juliet) We must be gooing! Auf Wiedersehen! Until death!(Both run away)
  • Murray: Don't worry Sly! I'll take out the thrash! (Enters the hangar)
  • Sly: Good luck Murray.

Loading screen, once it's off, this small cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Ok, Murray follow those two and defeat them! Take them out!
  • Murray: You got it buddy! (Starts up the plane and hangar doors open to have Murray and the biplane exiting out of it) How do you like it Sly?!
  • Sly: (Sly's shouting due to the biplane's engine sounds) Great Murray! Also, Eye of the Tiger! Take down Brrr and Juliet! They must be easy to spot! Good luck!
  • Murray: Don't worry mom! I'll be sure to take photos! (Takes off fast)

Loading screen, once it's out, the cutscene is about a German Shepherd announcer along with a Mute Swan talking about the competition.

  • German Shepherd: (Through intercom) In the Sky! Take yourselves out! 'Cause this here's the first ACES Competition!! Baron "Romeo" Van Brrr the snowman our proud leader and the lovely Juliet Rosemarie! In this dogfight! We're sure to have great battles up in the air and over to you Swanny!
  • Swanny: Well this dogfight is obviously our first cause we're having Team Cooper over there with the pink (Swanny squints eyes) hippo? In the plane?
  • German Shepherd: Well in this competition we have a snowman and a rose and you're weirded out by the pink hippo?! Over to you Swanny!
  • Swanny: Thanks! So we were having interviews with three of the mayor pilots here! First! We'll start with Baron! As said by the carrot-nose himself he commented: "I'll kill that pink hippo!!" Quite some anger he's releasing right Gerry?
  • Gerry the Shepherd: Right Swanny and what about the other two?!
  • Swanny: Well, Juliet commented: I don't plan to kill the hippo, he's cute." Looks like we have some love in this competition Gerry!
  • Gerry the Shepherd: It looks like it (Whispering to himself) darn! I thought I was attractive to her! (Normal voice) Well and what about that hippo Swanny?
  • Swanny: He commented: "The Murray will conquer the skies!" That determination is good right Gerry?!
  • Gerry: You're right Swanny and now looks like it will start! Let's keep quiet for this stunning event no Swanny?
  • Swanny: You got it Gerry! Now the countdown begins! (Camera pans to Murray and cutscene ends to gameplay) THREE!...TWO!.........ONE!!..........GO!!!!

Music can be heard here. The stands open and you will take control of Otto's Biplane, try to find Brrr's biplane, no use destroying the other planes but it will make more space for flight, his biplane can be easily seen because it's colored snowy white and he only one with sparkles flying around. Once you find Brrr one time, he will fly away.

  • Brrr: Grrr! This hippoo is goood! Let's get oout oof here! (Flies away)

Find him the 2nd time.

  • Brrr: What is it with this hippoo! Why is he soo gooood!? He woon't find me oone moore time right?!
  • Juliet: Murray...

Find him the 3rd time.

  • Brrr: That's it! (Turns biplane to forward to Murray) Yoou'll face an icy death booy! Juliet! Yoou'll help me defeat this pinky!
  • Juliet: Murray... Hold on...

Fight's music here. This battle bears a resemblance to the first phase of Clock-La's fight, Brrr will be in front of you while flying backwards. He will shoot icicles, icy winds, high-damaging beams, spiky nuts and shooting at you. To defeat them, just shoot them normally and you will win.

  • Brrr: What?! This can't be! I've been defeated by a unexperienced hippoo?! Noo, noo, NOO, NOOOOOO!
  • Juliet: Good one Murray... (Brrr's plane falls down and Murray follows it and a loading screen appears, once it's out, Murray will appear with the biplane flying to Brrr's crash site)
  • Murray: Finally! He melted! (Murray notices two figures coming out of the smoke) what?
  • Brrr: I will not be ridden that easily hippo! I will be the best pilot there is!
  • Juliet: Sweetie calm down...
  • Brrr: Shut up wooman! Foor years, I have been a master piloot and noow I coome too the land oof famoous piloots everywhere and was bested by an unexperienced hippoo?!! It ain't fair! I shoould be the best! NOOT YOOU!!!
  • Juliet: Hey! Don't you dare call me that sweetie-pie! I haven't done anything to you!
  • Brrr: We all knew I was planning to betray yoou!
  • Juliet: What?! (Starts to cry) comment pourriez-vous Brrr, I trusted you...
  • Brrr: Because, yoou are a nagging, toomboyish, idiootic Roose whoo can't becoome a REAL PERSOON!! Might as well send yoou too thoose twoo too turn yoou into a real girl!
  • Juliet: I.. I didn't know you thought that about me... What everyone says it's true, you are a evil snowman. What happened to that jolly, festive guy I met in the Christmas party?... Tell me Brrr, QU'EST-IL ARRIVÉ!!??
  • Brrr: He decided noot too take oorders froom floowers. I'm my oown best fan, yoou are just the sidekick!
  • Juliet: Brrr... (Juliet covers her eyes) Murray! Defeat this hooligan whom I just forgotten...
  • Brrr: You will help me woman! Or else I'll freeze you like all those ice sculptures in my house!!
  • Juliet: Murray... I'm sorry but, (bursts into tears) I have to kill you!!
  • Murray: No worries! I'll defeat both of you fast!
  • Brrr: Hah! You really think that will happen?! (A guard in a biplane arrives and exits out) Aha! Hmm (Brrr runs to the biplane and pushes the Aurochs Bull out of the way) I never fight fair! Now Juliet! Get on or else! (Juliet runs to the biplane and sits on the second seat)
  • Juliet: Murray... Je suis désolé...

Fight music here. The battle starts when Brrr passes by a second time in the biplane, once he passes a second time, he will release Juliet in the middle of the arena. She will attack by shooting photosynthesis beams, spiky nuts, seeds and creating thorny roots out of the ground. To defeat her, just wait until she throws a plain nut and throw it at her, grab her and throw her out to the walls or else she will come back, once she's hit, Baron will grab her with the biplane and he will take the arena, he will freeze the arena solid. He will attack by throwing icicles, icy winds, pillars of ice from the ground, icy earthquakes like Grizz or ramming you, to attack him, just throw him one of the icicles he threw and he will daze, ready to get thrown. Throw him at the wall and Daisy will come back to grab Baron, and fight you. Once you've beaten their teamworks, this cutscene will begin.

  • Murray: There you go stupid snowman! You're done!
  • Brrr: Yoou! Yoou! YOOU!!! I WILL NEVER FOORGET YOOU FOOR THIS!!! (Keeps shouting but cannot be heard enough and then disappears)
  • Juliet: (Get's back up) "sigh" there goes Romeo, finally... And Murray, you brave, brave knight. You are a staple of Sly's gang, you really deserve that spot sweetie.
  • Murray: What are you saying?
  • Juliwt: I am sorry for all troubles me and Brrr caused, once I met you, I was just following The Snake's orders so I couldn't do anything. Your skills, your color, your personality and power really attracted me...
  • Murray: So, what you're saying is..?
  • Juliet: I'm sorry for all those troubles I caused you and your gang, I just wanted to meet you personally and now's the time... I.. I.. really like you Murray...
  • Murray: Finally someone notices these muscles!
  • Juliet: Vous êtes très attractif Murray (gives Murray a little kiss in the cheeks, Murray gets suddenly more pink in his cheeks and is stunned) (Daisy is starting to glow, indicating her disappearance to the future) I must be going, once I get out of jail, I could be your most valued possession. Au Revoir Murray!! (Disappears to modern times)
  • Murray: (Starts dancing happily) Woohoo! I got one! I really got one! "The Murray" has one!
  • The gang arrives.
  • Dimitri: Yo dude! What happened?
  • Murray: (Keeps dancing and singing) I got one! I really got one! "The Murray" has one!
  • Bentley: Let's get out of here! And bring Murray too! (Once they exit, a blimp appears in town and the gang heads there and a loading screen appears, this cutscene will occur)
  • Sly: A blimp! I should have known! Le Paradox is here!
  • Bentley: I don't think that's Le Paradox Sly.
  • Murray: I got one! I really got one! "The Murray" has one!
  • Carmelita: How did he escape?!
  • Dimitri: Oh no! Is that stinky skunk dude again!
  • Otto: And this is why I like to stay in my hangar sleeping!
  • Sly: Look! A hologram! (Hologram projects L.A.R and Penelope)
  • L.A.R: Well, well look what we have here! The Cooper Gang! Hey Sunscreen! Look who we have here!
  • Sunscreen: Not these guys.
  • Bentley: Who are these two?! (Clenches fist and teeth)
  • L.A.R: Now, I don't think you could get more annoying than this. Guards! Take Otto's cane. (A vulture and a gharial guard are sent down and knock Otto and grab his cane, the Gang try to stop them but they escape) Now those! Are guards!
  • Sly: Who are you!
  • L.A.R: I am your worst nightmare Cooper! Sunscreen! We really need to finish this Ray. Maybe those two will do a better job than these two. Oh well, ta ta! (Hologram disappears and the blimp travels in time.
  • Bentley: This is unacceptable! We have to go now Sly!

Job Complete

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