Operation: Fairytale Ending is the final mission in the level 18th Dynasty Egypt in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns.


  • Head inside the main pyramid
  • Avoid the traps
  • Destroy the animatronic-producing machine
  • Defeat Winston and Hood

How to Complete and Dialogue

Slytunkhamen needs to be chosen for this mission. The mission beacon is located on top of the Safehouse. Once you reach it, Bentley will bring out his Bentley Tech and start explaining the mission.

  • Bentley: Okay team! I have found a way to defeat Winston and Hood along with that machine! First, Slytunkhamen! I need you, Sly, Murray, Guru and Dimitri to head inside the main pyramid.
  • Dimitri: Is there gonna be a party?! Cause I'm ready!!
  • Bentley: No. All of you will enter that pyramid to shut down that machine, the animatronics are getting manufactured as we speak! Winston is sure to have security and all kinds of traps inside so you better be careful. Now if all of you are ready, time to start the mission! Oh! If you go face to face with Winston and Hood, show no mercy against them! (Bentley closes the Tech)

Head to the main pyramid to meet up with the gang.

  • Sly: Is everyone ready? I need to be sure.
  • Murray: "The Murray" is ready!
  • Dimitri: Showtime baby!
  • Guru: (I am ready to defeat the evil-doers)
  • Tunk: Let us go inside now, who knows what we will find inside. (Everyone heads inside, the loading screen appears, once it is out, you'll take control of Slytunkhamen)
  • Tunk: Hmm, moist pyramid.
  • Guru: (I sense countless amounts of traps in here)
  • Dimitri: Well, what are we waiting here for?! Let's go! (Dimitri runs forward while the others try to grab him, he accidentally sets off a booby trap) Uh-oh! (Lots of chirps and barks are heard along with fire) I slipped that one right?
  • Murray: No worries! We'll get out of here easily with me!
  • Sly: Good, now let's go.

Gameplay changes to Sly. Traverse the main pyramid, first room is a pit-like room that has small platforms to jump on. You'll have to jump on them with the gang all coming in one-by-one. Once you pass this room, a giant pit-like room with lots of hooks is next, just climb through the hooks and a small computer is located in the area where you land, place Bentley's Portable Hacker there, the minigame is Alter Ego. Once finished, platforms will rise up for the gang to walk on. Head through the large opening and this small cutscene will occur.

  • Dimitri: 3 tunnels?! This is ruined!
  • Sly: Guru, could you sense the location of the generator?
  • Guru: (I am deeply sorry Sly, I cannot do that yet)
  • Sly: Okay then, we'll have to split up here into two teams and one loner.
  • Tunk: I decide to go alone
  • Dimitri: Me and the other purple dude!
  • Murray: I'll go with you Sly!
  • Sly: Okay, me and Murray will head into the middle one, you guys head into the others, we'll be heading out now. (Both Murray and Sly head into the middle tunnel)
  • Guru: (What do you choose Slytunkhamen?)
  • Tunk: I choose the left one, you two get the right one. (Tunk heads to the left one)
  • Dimitri: Great! Hope this is real one! (Both head through the right one)

Once the loading screen is out, gameplay changed to Guru. Posses the nearby Ibis guard to maneuver through the level. Jump through the pillars in the pit with Dimitri and reach the computer nearby, unfortunately, there's a Fennec Fox guard there. Throw the Ibis away and take control of the Fox to throw him too. Place the Portable Hacker there. The minigame is Spark Runner, once finished, this cutscene occurs.

  • Guru: "Level starts rumbling" (What is happening?)
  • Dimitri: "cowers in fear" OH NO! Earthquake!! Hold me purple dude! (Loading screen, once it is out, it'll change to Slytunkhamen)
  • Tunk: "level starts rumbling" Hmm? This place is full of secrets, better just keep moving. (A wall opens nearby) What? Someone must've pressed a switch of some kind, well, maybe there's secrets inside.

Gameplay switches to Slytunkhamen. Head through the opened wall to reach a water-filled room with many Nile Crocodiles inside. Use the hooks to maneuver through the area, you'll reach a ledge where you'll have to wall sneak. Once done, the next part is an open sandy area with many Careless Camels patrolling around. Just use the Shadow Power to avoid, if seen by them, you'll get a job failed. Once passed through them, a group of conical pillars is next. Spire Jump through them until you reach the end, a computer is located there, just put the hacker there. The minigame is System Cracker. Once finished, this small cutscene will occur.

  • Tunk: "level starts rumbling" Hmm, the same rumbling like last time but nothing is happening. I wonder if this affects another room... (Loading screen, once finished, it changes to Sly and Murray)
  • Sly: "level starts rumbling" This place is all kinds of creepy. "A wall opens where inside is the generator" Look buddy! There's the generator! Ready for some Beatdown?!
  • Murray: I am ready! (Heads through the wall to the generator room, Sly places Bentley's hacker)
  • Sly: Okay Bentley, your hacker is there... "Alarm sounds" hahaha! Winston must like traps and this one must be a guard one! Get ready big guy!
  • Winston: "through intercom" Guards! This is Winston Puff! Something is happening in the generator room, go check it out!
  • Murray: Time for some cracking!

Many rooftop guards will be heading to the room. Defeat them before they destroy the computer. There are a total of 30 rooftop guards and one flashlight guard. Once this is done, Bentley will have successfully hacked the computer.

  • Bentley: Finally! Now watch as this generator explodes! (Sly and Murray look at each other worried and run away, the generator then explodes) Hahahahaha! Love that!
  • Sly: (Walks to the room again with Murray) Hahaha! A job well done!
  • Murray: Right!
  • ???: I wouldn't be so sure about that ringtail!
  • Sly: (both turn around to see Winston and Hood, Winston is holding Tunk's cane while Hood has Tunk in his cane, he is knocked out) Winston and Hood!
  • Winston: A little raccoon we have here! My, my that's a big tail you have! And what big eyes you have! Good for snooping! And what big EARS you have! Probably how you heard me!
  • Sly: What are you talking about?!
  • Murray: Do not worry Sly, I'll knock these creeps! (Murray runs to Winston but is blasted by a ray of sand, he is knocked unconscious)
  • Sly: Murray!
  • Winston: Don't you like it when stories have twists Cooper? I do, and this is a good example!
  • Hood: "Throws Slytunkhamen in the ground" Hahaha! It is just that amazing dude!
  • Sly: You two will pay for what you did! You are destroying the time line in the future!
  • Winston: Tell me something Cooper, do I care?! NO RIGHT?! NO I DON'T!!! SO GET YOUR SCRUFFY TAIL AND NOSE OUT OF MY SIGHT AND LET ME DELIVER THIS TO THE BOSS!!! "Plants a magic bean in the ground that grows into a beanstalk that reaches the sky) SO LONG IDIOT!
  • Hood: Idiotic raccoon! Have this for your troubles! (Hood throws a time bomb)
  • Sly: Oh snap! "Climbs through the beanstalk fast enough to pursue the two villains"

Loading screen, once it is out, you'll arrive in the clouds with Winston and Hood there.

  • Sly: "Jumps to the clouds and starts looking around, he notices L.A.R's blimp" What?
  • Winston: Interesting place Cooper. I see you're astonished by it!
  • Sly: Give back Tunk's cane and stop the madness now Puff!
  • Hood: I am sure he won't do that Cooper! You want this stupid thing?! What is it good for?! I got less dirtier wool than this!
  • Sly: You don't know what this is Hood! This is our legacy! So give it back, you don't know what you're doing!
  • Winston: I believe we do little man! And with this cane! We can control the mystic powers of Egypt! And you are no threat to us Cooper! Hood! We shall kill this ugly rat now!
  • Hood: Look out fool! We're gonna do this the hard way!
  • Sly: Suit yourself!
  • Winston: "Both create a sandstorm around the arena to ensure Sly doesn't run and battle starts"

Battle music can be heard here The battle takes place inside a sandstorm with Winston in the far front while Hood is normally trying to attack you. Winston can send whirlwinds, blow gusts of winds to make you touch the sandstorm, attack with his scythe or throw it. Hood will simply throw bombs made of wool or use his cane for close combat. To attack Winston, wait until he throws his scythe and hit him, once hit, he'll be dazed while the scythe reaches him which will knock him out, ready to be attacked. To attack Hood, interlock you and his cane to attack. Similar to Le Paradox, keep up with him until he messes up then keep attacking. Depending on who's beaten, if Winston is beaten first, Hood will become infuriated and start attacking faster than normal and even gain new attacks like throwing a barrage of apples or ramming you. If Hood is beaten first, Winston will become infuriated and start using his attacks faster than normal along with throwing bricks at you. Once both are beaten, this cutscene will occur.

  • Winston: Ugghh! I can't believe it! Beaten by small creature!
  • Hood: This just isn't my day! (Both fall through the clouds)
  • Sly: Hehehe! At least I got the cane! (Tries to grab it but a Gecko guard appears)
  • Gecko: I'll be taking this see?! (Grabs the cane and escapes with L.A.R's blimp)
  • Sly: Hmmm, what should we do now? (Looks around until screen turns black)

Job Complete

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