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Operation: Bug Zapper is the final mission in the level Victorian England in the game Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Distract Ven St. Claire and hijack the Looking Glass Coaster
  • Get inside the indoor section of the park
  • Find Penelope and defeat Ven St. Claire

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay will begin as Bentley. Once he reaches the marker outside of the Looking Glass Coaster, a cutscene will start.

  • Bentley: (Bentley takes out his Bentley Tech.) Okay, team, it's time to begin "Operation: Bug Zapper" immediately. Thaddeus and I had to cooperate when it came to how we'd go about doing this, but it seems that the direct approach is the best way to enter the indoor section of the park. Carmelita, in case anything happens, then you'll need to help Murray reach the Looking Glass Coaster's control terminal. When he gets there, follow him inside and manually control the coaster's speed. It'll be impossible to use the coaster if it's moving too fast to board. Guards will most likely try and attack you, so Murray will stay behind and protect you. Sly, Ven will most likely come and see what the fuss is all about, so you'll need to distract him. And while he's distracted, Thaddeus must pickpocket Ven while he's chasing you. I created a device from those badges that will blow up the door to the indoor section of the park, and I'll just use that to get me and Thaddeus inside. It will only be a matter of time until we track Penelope down. But if we're going to do anything, then we need to do it now, when it matters.

Another cutscene will begin once Bentley reaches Carmelita and Murray.

  • Carmelita: Are you sure you're up for this, Bentley?
  • Bentley: Of course I am. I'm the one who came with the plan, remember?
  • Murray: Don't worry, Bentley. "The Murray" has no doubt in his mind that you'll be safe.
  • Bentley: Now, everyone remember what they need to do?
  • Murray: I'm pumped! (Carmelita nods in agreement.)
  • Bentley: Get ready, Carmelita, because the operation begins.........NOW!!! (Bentley gets into hiding behind a ticket booth while Carmelita gets her Shock Pistol ready. Murray reaches the control terminal and Carmelita follows him.) Well, so much for Murray needing help. (Bentley sees guards approaching fast.) Oh no! Carmelita! Murray! You have company!
  • Carmelita: Alright, big guy, protect me while I find a way to speed up the coaster!
  • Murray: (Murray looks toward the guards approaching the terminal.) "The Murray" is going to show you guys what a real tea party is!!

Murray has to survive the onslaught of guards that are coming to attack him. It will take two minutes for Carmelita to complete her role in the mission, so Murray will have that long to defend her. Once time runs out, a cutscene will begin.

  • Carmelita: (Carmelita presses a button as Murray punches one final Dastardly Dormouse. The roller coaster's carts begin moving faster and faster to the point of being impossible to stop.) Great! That will put a monkey wrench in Ven's plans.
  • Murray: (Murray sees someone getting out of the main building. It is Ven St. Claire.) Speaking of which, here he comes! (Ven St. Claire sees the roller coaster moving at blistering speeds and is shocked by it. Bentley uses hand signals to warn Sly and Thaddeus to get into position. Sly quickly approaches Ven.)
  • Sly: Hey there, ugly.
  • Ven St. Claire: Holy cow pie, you're a rude one! You're that Sly Cooper fella, aren't you? How about y'all just leave me be and let me do what's necessary, please?
  • Sly: No can do, Ven! Wait. I have an idea. How about you try and catch me?! (Sly runs away from Ven, who is in hot pursuit. Thaddeus quickly catches up to Ven.)
  • Thaddeus: That's my cue.

Thaddeus must pickpocket Ven St. Claire a grand total of four times in order to successfully get Ven's key. Once Ven is pickpocketed, Sly and he will run in different directions, sometimes making the pattern of their movements harder to remember. The strategy is simple, however: Thaddeus must let Ven tire and then Thaddeus can pickpocket him. Repeat this process four times and a cutscene will begin.

  • Ven: Come back here, raccoon!! (Sly and Ven run farther away from the indoor section of the amusement park.)
  • Thaddeus: I say, Bentley, I do believe it's time to rescue Penelope now. (Bentley catches up to Thaddeus.)
  • Bentley: Alright, Thaddeus, you see that--
  • Thaddeus: The gate over by that warehouse? Not to worry, Bentley. I am more than prepared to open it. (Thaddeus and Bentley open up the gate and enter the indoor section of the amusement park by using the explosive device that Bentley made.)

Once inside, Thaddeus must use the hooks to swing toward several contraptions that will help himself and Bentley to navigate the indoor section of the park and properly defeat several guards throughout the inside of the building. This section is entirely Thaddeus swinging on hooks that will propel him toward certain machines and destroy them. Should he miss, then he will die, as there is no ground to land on. Once all of the machines are destroyed, gameplay switches to Bentley. Bentley must get rid of the wooden barricades to advance through the use of his Sticky Bombs. This section is the easier section of the two, as this is mostly all that Bentley will need to do. However, just before he reaches Penelope, he must traverse a series of floating platforms that will vanish within seconds of appearing. Bentley and Thaddeus must time their jumps perfectly if they wish to reach Penelope. Once they do, a cutscene will begin.

  • Bentley: (Bentley and Thaddeus quickly approach Penelope.) Penelope.
  • Penelope: Bentley.
  • Bentley: (Bentley angrily stares at Penelope.) ...
  • Penelope: (Penelope angrily stares at Bentley.) ...
  • Bentley: Before I let you go, I need you to tell me your plans. Now.
  • Thaddeus: My dear, there's no way out of this one. I've had to deal with deathtraps, sewers, and a haunted funhouse. I'm hardly in the mood to be gentlemanly right now. (Thaddeus gets a better look at Penelope.)
  • Penelope: Can you stop looking at me like that?
  • Thaddeus: Something isn't right about you. Tell me, Bentley. What was her original plan?
  • Bentley: Well, last time, she sold my time machine plans to a thief named Le Paradox and tried to make me "live up to my potential." She tried doing that by attempting to murder Sly, and then she tried to kill me for not complying. She thought I was brainwashed for crying out loud!
  • Thaddeus: She really did love you, didn't she?
  • Bentley: Yeah, but she still betrayed us. Come to think of it, what she did was a 180. What gives with that? In retrospect, I should've done more investigative work!
  • Thaddeus: How did she meet you, anyway? Or better yet, how did she join your group?
  • Bentley: She lost to Sly in a dogfighting tournament as the Black Baron. After that, we went on many adventures together...yeah...that's...that's right... (Thaddeus began thinking hard. Within a few seconds, he came to a conclusion.)
  • Thaddeus: Bentley, it appears as if someone may have brainwashed her. Either that, or maybe her role as this "Black Baron" is her true motive and she was just too ashamed to say it. However, considering your relationship with her that you told me about, I don't quite think that that's the case. I have a feeling that there may be more going on here than we think. (Thaddeus and Bentley hear buzzing coming from behind them. Ven St. Claire furiously attacks Thaddeus, pinning him to the ground with his own cane.) What the devil?! I thought that you and Sly were--
  • Ven St. Claire: Your friends have been captured, as y'all can now see. (Pesky Ponies bring in Murray, Carmelita and Sly in cages.) The raccoon should've watched where we was running, and those two really should've just ran away.
  • Carmelita: I don't know what will happen to Penelope after this, but if you plan on killing her, then I'm taking you to jail for murder, Ven!! Do you think your wife would be happy about this?!
  • Ven St. Claire: Nonsense! She'd be happy, knowing how devoted I am to her and all. Now, I must consult my book of spells. (Ven St. Claire begins reading it. Ven eventually has a look on his face that basically says that he messed up.)
  • Thaddeus: Judging from your face, you must've made a nasty miscalculation. I bet if you had just done what that book said then you wouldn't be in this mess right now. No elaborate rituals. Just you and a spell. (Ven's anger slowly builds up, eventually reaching the point of him having a temper tantrum. Thaddeus manages to free himself.)
  • Ven St. Claire: I could've had her right here this whole, miserable time!!! That stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID RACCOON!!!!! He ruins everything! EVERYTHING!! (Ven gets an idea.) No matter, for I just came up with an idea. Thanks Mr. Fancypants. (Ven begins to chant something in some unknown language and Penelope begins to glow. She begins to feel pains in her stomach. Thaddeus stops him from continuing the spell, but it's too late. Penelope becomes possessed by Belle St. Claire. Ven quickly uses his cybernetic stinger to free his ghostly wife, who acts like she was waking up from a long sleep.)
  • Belle: W-What happened? (Ven's tune changes and he becomes incredibly happy, helping her up and hugging her.) Ven? Is that you? (Belle embraces Ven and kisses him several times. Bentley gets angry looking at this.) Oh, Ven! I finally get to see you again!
  • Ven St. Claire: Oh, honey. I've been working really hard to bring you back from the dead. You were gone for over five years. (Belle looks around. Her happy face soon becomes a face of confusion.)
  • Belle: Ven? Why are these people in cages? And why are you wearing a wig?
  • Ven St. Claire: The judge's wig? It makes me feel very special.
  • Sly: Yeah, but not the good kind of special. (Ven looks at Sly as if he wants to kill him. Belle, seeing her husband's angry face, approaches him.)
  • Ven St. Claire: Out of my way, hon. I need to discipline these hoodlums.
  • Carmelita: Hoodlums? You're a criminal and you tried to murder us!!
  • Thaddeus: She's telling the truth, my dear Belle. Also, your using the body of someone else right now. Does anyone have a mirror by any chance? Oh, even better. Look at your reflection on my cane. (Belle looks at the gem on Thaddeus' cane to see her reflection. Much to Belle's surprise, her hair is blonde, not red.) Your husband traveled through time and turned a part of London into a carnival deathtrap.
  • Bentley: We need Penelope for questioning, so can you please get out of her body? (Belle begins to breathe heavily, and sees that she is wearing a lab coat, not a dress. The grim realization that her husband is now criminally insane begins to sink in, and tears begin to drip down her face. She turns to Ven.)
  • Belle: Why?! Why are you doing this?!
  • Ven St. Claire: I'm doing it all for you, honey! Think of all that we can accomplish now that you're alive again!
  • Belle: What happened to me was an accident, honey! Please don't tell me this was your way of getting back at somebody! You know your anger gets the better of you!
  • Ven St. Claire: I love you, Belle! Your potential was squandered because of that company's ineptitude!! They'll see that it was a big mistake to mess with Ven St. Claire!!
  • Belle: Without Willington Inc., you wouldn't even have your FIRST theme park!! You wouldn't have been a celebrity at all without them! Honey, your plan doesn't even make sense!! And those horses holding the cages! What do they mean to you??
  • Ven St. Claire: What do you mean, Belle?
  • Belle: What do your hired help mean to you??
  • Ven St. Claire: Absolutely nothing! (The Pesky Ponies look at each other as if they were confused.) They're all just a means to a fairytale end, hon, and you're that ending. I love you so much, and I'l never let the world and anyone in it take you from me again!! (Ven looks toward the Cooper Gang.) Do you hear me, world?! Yeah, I'm talking to you, you big ball of bluish goo!! And you too, everyone else!! Y'all are never gonna have my wife!! NEVER!!!!!!! I'll turn you into gumbo before I let that happen!!! (Everyone around Ven grows silent out of shock. Ven turns toward Belle, who at this point is just about ready to break down in tears.)
  • Belle: What about Ben?! What about our son?!?! What do you think HE would say about this?! What kind of father would you be to him if you kept doing this?!
  • Ven St. Claire: I'm the kind of father who supports his son's mother! I'm the kind of father who is a shining example of a man who will stop at nothing to write the wrongs of the world, which is exactly what our son needs!! And now that you're back, we will be happy again!!
  • Belle: Do I look happy to you?!
  • Ven St. Claire: No, but when I deal with these freaks who are clearly influencing you in a bad way, then you soon will be!! (Just as Ven is about to strike down Thaddeus, Belle grabs Thaddeus' cane and blocks Ven.) What are you doing??
  • Belle: I'm helping them. And if you're that far gone that you would hit me, then the man I loved has just died. So which is it? Love me, or hurt me? (Ven very slowly begins to calm down. But just when Ven seems like he's going to act civilly, Belle begins to feel pains in her chest.) Penelope. She must be trying to force me out. I'll let her have her body back now. I'm glad that you didn't hit me, honey. You were never one to abuse me. I need to go now. (Ven begins to tear up as his wife leaves Penelope's body.) You need to learn that not everything goes according to plan.
  • Ven: NOOO!!! (Belle's ghost leaves Penelope's body. Penelope tries to get up, but it seems that she doesn't have the mental faculties to express any emotions or speak other than being in a state of shock. Ven's eyes begin to glow red in a state of uncontrollable anger and hatred.) You must've made her think like that. (Belle's ghost looks horrified. Ven's eyes begin to tear up.) Nobody, and I mean, nobody, wants to help you, you witch. You betrayed the Cooper Gang, you tried to kill them, and now you ruined my wife's mind!! She should've seen it my way!! I just can't stand it!! We always agreed with each other on things!! It was like there was this connection that we had!! And now you ruined it!!!! Die, you sewer rat!! DIE!!!!!!! (Just as Penelope gets back up, Ven tries to hit Penelope with all of his might. But a familiar robotic hand grabs Ven's arm before this could happen.) Let go of me, you talking can of soup!!
  • Bentley: Leave her alone. Even if Penelope and I don't like each other now, I would never let you hit her!!
  • Ven St. Claire: (Ven flings Bentley on top of the merry-go-round as Ven cloaks himself in a small tornado.) Get ready for a beating, reptile!!! You'll pay for all of this!! (Benltey gets back up and back on his wheelchair. Belle quickly comes to his assistance.)
  • Belle: Don't worry, sir.
  • Bentley: I'm Bentley.
  • Belle: Don't worry, Bentley. I'll do what I can to stop my husband. (Bentley and Ven, who is now too blinded by his own hatred, get ready to fight.)

The fight between Bentley and Ven St. Claire isn't one that should be taken lightly. Ven's flight speed and skills, along with the small arena, make this fight one of the harder ones. Ven's attacks consist of him trying to sting Bentley with his cybernetic stinger, summoning whirlwinds of several sorts, and firing a laser from a cannon in his stinger. He has no actual pattern to speak of. As a result of this, his attacks are highly unpredictable. One attack that Ven also has is one where he casts illusions of himself. Belle will eventually help Bentley find the real one when she literally points him out. Bentley must use his Sleep Darts to make Ven fall asleep. This will make the illusions vanish. Once Ven is asleep, Bentley must use an Explosive Dart on Ven's stinger, damaging him. Once Ven is damaged, the carousel will start moving, making avoiding attacks much harder now. This process will continue until Ven's HP is low enough. At that point, the carousel is moving incredibly fast. This will also change Ven's strategy. If his HP is low enough, Ven will begin a countdown. Once the countdown is over, Ven will fire a powerful laser from his stinger. Bentley must time his shot right if Ven is to finally face defeat. Once Bentley hits the stinger with an Explosive Dart one more time, a cutscene will begin.

  • Ven St. Claire: (Ven's stinger explodes.) AAAAAARGH!!!! My stinger!! Belle, how could you?!
  • Belle: I told you. You need to learn that not everything goes as planned, honey!! I love you, but you're insane!!
  • Ven St. Claire: Enough! I'll show you, turtle!! I'll come back with a whole army of ponies, hares and dormice, and they'll utterly destroy you!! I hate you, turtle!!! I hate hate hate hate HATE HATE HATE YOOOOOOOOU!!!!!! (Ven flies upward toward an open window. However, a wing grabs Ven's throat. The Cooper Gang, who at this point managed to be freed by Thaddeus, could eventually see an eagle-owl choking Ven.)
  • ???: You were supposed to follow our orders, insect. (The bird's grip tightens. Ven's wings are torn off by the bird's other wing and then the eagle-owl takes Ven's book of spells.) I think I will take this if you don't mind. I think it's much better off in someone else's hands, yes?
  • Ven St. Claire: You... You're that bird Penelope talks to. (Bentley comes to a realization that the being talking to Le Dude and Penelope was actually this eagle-owl.)
  • Penelope: You're Chronos. (The Cooper Gang looks at Penelope, who at this point is much better now.) You're that guy from the ThiefNet forums.
  • Chronos: Hmm... And what point would you have for saying my name in front of the enemy "The Mind"? Call me "The Master". It's just how I do things. Like a master. Ven, on the other hand, does things like a jester. Everything you do is insanity, everything you are is a travesty, and everything you say is a joke. Speaking of which, I have a joke for you, Ven. Or should I call you by your codename, "The Hatred"? Oh well, here's my joke. What happens when you cross flashing lights and a bug? (Belle sees where Chronos is going with his words and tries to save her husband.) Excruciating PAIN!!!! (Chronos flings Ven upward toward the laser security. Belle tries saving her husband, but he passes right through her. Ven realizes that his death is fast approaching.)
  • Ven St. Claire: Ma douce Be-- (Ven is electrocuted to death by the lasers.)
  • Belle: VEN!!!!! NO!!!! (Chronos sickeningly looks on, enjoying the chaos he is causing, and laughs as Belle sobs.)

Job Complete...

Alice in Cooperland Outro

  • Bentley: "As I looked on, the gang and I could see that sick, disgusting creature cackling as two people were suffering. It felt just like in Medieval England. When I looked at Penelope, she just stood there watching, as if her whole world had just fallen to pieces. And as I looked at Chronos, whoever he was, I could see the very definition of evil. As Ven's ashes fell to the ground, Chronos cheerfully escaped. We all went after that bird, but his airship took off before we could capture him. We may have had Penelope, but when we told her to talk, she said she couldn't remember anything. It was as if most of her memory was erased. Thaddeus confirmed that she wasn't acting. He also suggested that Penelope work with us to refresh her memory, and after being informed that this could be for the best, we slowly headed back into that big room again. Penelope would have to do a lot to make up for what she did here, and if what Thaddeus said was true, then maybe the Penelope that attacked us in England wasn't the real Penelope after all. We went back to comfort Belle, but she wanted to be alone. Murray managed to drive the van to us, and as we wondered where Chronos could've gone, Belle pointed out that there were goggles below where Chronos threw Ven. And not just any goggles, either. These were WW1 pilot goggles. It seems that Chronos may have gone to WW1, and through process of elimination, the only other well-known ancestor that we've yet to meet was Otto van Cooper. It was safe to assume that we needed to go to WW1 Netherlands. We hurried to the van to catch up to Chronos with more determination than ever. And as we left for WW1, and after a tearful goodbye to Belle, I could've sworn I saw someone, or something, come over to comfort her. Judging by her reaction, it seemed to make her very happy."

Spy on the Fly

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