Operation: Blubber Whale is the final mission in Episode 2: A Cold, Cold War in Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever.


  • Convince Moby Dick to smash the fort
  • Enter the fort
  • Defeat Vostok

How to Complete and Dialogue

This mission is for Murray, head to the shipwreck and find the marker, the following Bentley Tech will occur.

  • Bentley: All right shrimps! It's now time to defeat Vostok! Here's what will do! First, Murray! Try and convince Moby Dick into helping!
  • Murray: With Punches!! Right!
  • Bentley: Sorry big guy but Moby will not be tame with punches, he will only get madder! Anyway, after you convince the whale, tell him to ram Vostok's fort!
  • Murray: Awesome! I get to see destruction!
  • Bentley: You will big guy, Sly, once Moby destroys the fort, you guys and me will enter the fort.
  • Sly: Aaand do what?
  • Bentley: Improvise, Vostok's technology is just to fishy!
  • Sly: Sounds good to me!
  • Bentley: Great Sly, now if you are all ready, I say we start this boat!

Once this finishes, more inside the shipwreck and Moby will be there sobbing.

  • Murray: Bentley! I've found the fish!
  • Bentey: Murr, oh just what happened?!
  • Murray: He doesn't look okay
  • Bentley: Help him out, maybe he will return the favor.
  • Murray: "Puts away Binocucom" Okay! Let's see what's wrong here.
  • Murray: Hello! Big guy! Do you want some muscle!?
  • Moby: "Grunts a similar sound like yes"
  • Murray: I'll take that as a yes
  • Murray: "Tries to find the problem" Oh! Here it is! This shipwreck is just holding you down, don't worry, "The Murray" will shipwreck this shipwreck!

Control will switch to Murray, hit the sides of the shipwreck to destroy it, it also has a health bar to indicate how much damage is done. Once you hit it 5 times, Evil Eels and Mutant Krills will start attacking you. Defeat the 6 guards coming and keep hitting the shipwreck until it's wrecked completely.

  • Moby: "Escapes from the shipwreck and goes back to the water"
  • Murray: No wait! Come back!
  • Moby: "Resurfaces"
  • Murray: I need a favor to be even, do you think you could do it?
  • Moby: "Nods it's head"
  • Murray: Awesome! Go destruct the side of that fort!
  • Moby: "Growls silently and goes back to the water"
  • Murray: I really hope that was a yes.

The cutscene will occur, Moby will resurface far away from the fort and will swim quickly to it, Murray will start clapping and jumping around, Moby will then bash the fort awesomely, even panning the camera many times in a different direction to show and even in slow motion.

  • Vostok: What's going on? This unacceptable, who did this!? Stupid NAVY probably done this!
  • Murray: Oh YEAH!!! "Grabs binocucom"
  • Bentley: Murray! We heard the crash from over here! Did it work!?
  • Murray: "The Murray" just used his companion "The Whale" to bash that big stupid fort!!
  • Bentley: Affirmative, we'll head there now.

The screen goes black and the loading screen will appear, once you wait, the following cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Okay team! We'll enter this fort and remember, IMPROVISE!
  • Sly: Got it! Let's go! "Gang enters Fort"

You appear inside the fort and the following cutscene will occur

  • Carmelita: Ay! This fort looks bigger in the inside!
  • Sly: That's a lot of water, we've gotta be careful here, Vostok can be anywhere.

Control will switch to Sly, Bentley will place a bomb on the wall and head through it and Murray will follow, Carmelita is with you.

Head through the watery stones and watch out for the piranhas that may jump out of the water. Once you pass the stones, you will end up in a guard resting room, many guards are sleeping here and there are many bottles in the ground to make matters worse.

  • Sly: Wait! "Stops Carmelita from going forward." There are many guards here, I'll need to head forward myself while you go when I finish.
  • Carmelita: Don't get blasted there!
  • Sly: You could have said that when you were running after me!

Walk through the bottle infested floor, if you get near a guard, run, break a bottle or do any kind of noise, the guards will wake up and you'll get a Job Failed! Walk quietly through it and reach the other side, Sly will signal Carmelita to come. Control will switch to Carmelita, do the same Sly did but do not wake up the guards. Once you reach Sly, a cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Wait! Don't go any further! There's some kind of fish technology invisible lasers, I'll try and shut them down from this computer.

Control will switch to Murray instead, after 5 seconds, Bentley will sound an alarm from the computer.

  • Bentley: What!? Shark Virus?! I got jawed! Murray, protect me from any incoming thugs Murray!
  • Murray: Don't worry Bentley! I will send these fish to school!

Defeat the incoming 20 Evil Eels and Mutant Krill that will attack. Once you defeat them, another cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Okay, Sly the way's open, you can pass now.

Head forward into an icy glacier room which has various slippery ice flows and water underneath, guards will jump from the water to attack you. Once you pass this room another cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Sorry Sly but this place is also secured by invisible lasers! And the file to hack is completely Russian! We can't do anything!
  • Sly: Bentley! Don't worry! Remember, improvise!
  • Murray: Bentley
  • Bentley: Yes buddy
  • Murray: I said this to Penelope back in China, the GOLDEN RULE!
  • Bentley: Uuum, she never told me
  • Murray: BREAK STUFF!!!
  • Bentley: What?! You're you're right! If you can destroy this computer, maybe the security will shut off! Or sound another alarm.
  • Murray: That's a risk I'm willing to take!!

Hit the computer various times until it gets destroyed.

  • Bentley: That's it Murray and no alarm went off!
  • Murray: Thanks! I'll just punch this little part of it and WOAAAAHHH!!! "Punches wall and falls through"
  • Bentley: Murray!
  • Sly: What happened!?
  • Bentley: Murray fell through the wall in front of the computer!

After the loading screen is of, the following cutscene will occur.

  • Murray: "Falling through wall" WOOAAAAHH! THIS IS AWESOME!!!! "Ends up in a circular battlefield"
  • Murray: Where am I?
  • Sly: Murray! We're over here!
  • Murray: Guys I don't know where I am! And it looks like the lasers are still intact!
  • Vostok: That because Russians are better than pink hippo
  • Murray: What?!
  • Vostok: Hehehehehe! You fell to trap placed by yours truly Vostok!
  • Murray: Shut up stupid fish!
  • Vostok: What do you mean by stupid pink hippo?
  • Murray: Dumb Freak!
  • Vostok: Oh so you think Vostok dumb?! Have you seen this device! It is truly magnificent!
  • Murray: Kinda looks like a toilet!
  • Vostok: You anger me pink hippo! Remember words hippo! They will be your last!
  • Murray: No it ain't!
  • Vostok: I will deflate pink hippo!!! "Goes back to water and resurfaces"

See Vostok (battle) for battle.

  • Vostok: This can't be!!
  • Vostok: Device was flawless!!
  • Murray: Device was but not you!! Oh YEAH!!!
  • Sly: "Lasers get disabled and Sly, Carmelita and Bentley run to Murray" Murray! You okay!?
  • Bentley: That was a hard battle! You sure you're in top shape?
  • Murray: Thanks guys! He wasn't so hard!
  • Carmelita: We should get out of here guys!
  • Bentley: Right, we shall talk in the Safehouse!
  • "The gang go back to the Safehouse"

Job Complete!

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