Pyramid Scheme

Operation: Bird Roundup is the final mission in the level Ancient Egypt in the game Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Free the captive birds.

How To Complete & Dialogue

Sly needs to be selected to begin this job. After getting to the mission beacon, Bentley will launch his Bentley Tech and start talking:

  • Bentley: Eureka! All right team! I've come up with a plan to free those captive birds. For this job, you and Slytunkhamen have to make your way through the pyramid that houses those pretty birds...
  • Murray: "Snickers".
  • Bentley: Murray!
  • Murray: Oh sorry Bentley! Keep on!
  • Bentley: As I was saying, make your way through the pyramid that houses those birds and navigate through it carefully. Qwerty is sure to have security around inside. Once you find the birds' room, DON'T step inside, let me hack the computer nearby to disable those invisible lasers. But before you do anything over there, Ankh needs to divert attention away from you two by hypnotizing the reinforcements. Then, Murray can beat them senseless. Carmelita, your job is simple: just provide cover for Sly and Slytunkhamen while they head for the pyramid with the explosives. Now if you guys are ready, we should start this right now!

Control will switch to Sly, head to the main road leading to the main pyramid in the level. After the loading screen is out, the following dialogue will occur.

  • Sly: Carmelita, are you up for this?
  • Carmelita: Of course I am, ringtail. Just be careful you don't get mummified in there.
  • Sly: Very funny, Carmelita. Slytunkhamen, are you up for this?
  • Slytunkhamen: I have been ready for quite some time, my fellow Cooper. I am more than willing to defend this land from Qwerty's wickedness. The Ankh Bombs are also ready for service, by the way.
  • Sly: Okay then. "Sly uses his Binocucom to communicate with Murray" Murray, are you and Ankh ready?
  • Murray: I'm pumped!
  • Sly: Good to know, Murray. "Sly puts away his Binocucom" Carmelita, get on the roofs and start blasting any guards heading our way! This is gonna get nasty! "Carmelita jumps onto one of the roofs"

Gameplay occasionally switches to Carmelita. As Slytunkhamen and Sly head to the main pyramid, Dangerous Donkeys will frequently appear and attack the duo. However, Carmelita must fire at the guards before they get a chance to attack either Sly or his ancestor, for if both Sly and Slytunkhamen were to be attacked, then the bombs will explode and kill them. Once Slytunkhamen and Sly reach a vulnerable side of the pyramid, then this cutscene plays out:

  • Sly: Are you sure that these bombs have a lot of kick?
  • Slytunkhamen: You have no idea. Once, me and Imhotep were blown several feet back. For such tiny bombs, they have a lot of force.
  • Sly: "Sly activates both bombs" HEAD FOR THE HILLS!! "Sly and Slytunkhamen start running away from the bombs in slow motion as the bombs explode, creating a hole in the pyramid walls" Well, that was something!
  • Slytunkhamen: Just like old times! Hahahaha!! If only Imhotep were alive to be here, he'd get so excited! "Slytunkhamen takes out a Binocucom that he had been given much earlier" Are you and Ankh making progress? We just made a large hole in the pyramid.
  • Murray: Reinforcements are coming fast and Ankh is having a tough time hypnotizing them all!
  • Ankh: There are too many of them, hippo! Protect me from those creeps!
  • Murray: You got it, Ankh! "The Murray" is gonna beat you mules senseless!!

Gameplay switches to Murray, who must now protect Ankh from the thirty flashlight guards heading their way. Once the guards have been dealt with, this cutscene begins:

  • Murray: "Murray takes out his Binocucom" "The Murray" has taken those donkeys to the glue factory!! YEAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!
  • Sly: Great work, Murray! Slytunkhamen, age before beauty.
  • Slytunkhamen: Ha ha ha, very funny. "The two Coopers enter the pyramid"

Gameplay switches to Sly as the loading screen ends, resulting in a cutscene:

  • Sly: You sure this pyramid isn't too booby-trapped?
  • Slytunkhamen: If that fellow Bentley said it then maybe it is.
  • Sly: You remember the plan?
  • Slytunkhamen: I'm certain that we will have to part ways here. I'll go left, you go right.
  • Sly: Riiight... See you in the next room.

After Slytunkhamen leaves, control will switch to Sly, navigate through the small room, beating the Coldhearted Cat guards here and climb atop a nearby sarcophagus, a hook will be present there. Once you balance yourself on the hook, a cutscene will play.

  • "Hook Lowers Down"
  • Sly: A booby trap, I should have known, probably the normal Egyptian traps, piece of cake.
  • The camera will zoom across the room showing the various traps.
  • Sly: "Gulp" I don't think I should've jinxed it earlier.

From that hook, jump forward to the ground and avoid the daggers that are coming from the right wall, after that trap, a fire trap is next which can be evaded by spire jumping on the spears in the ground. The final one is 4 axes swooping back & forth like the ones in that are featured in a mission in The Contessa's Estate. This time you have to spire jump on the spears in the ground quickly to avoid the axes. After traversing the traps, a sarcophagus is positioned in the next room, use your Mummy Costume to teleport to the next room which is the bird room.

  • Sly: I wonder how Slytunkhamen is doing.

Control will switch to Slytunkhamen. Defeat or avoid the patrolling Heinous Hyena guards and make your way through the room, you will end up in a room filled with traps. When Slyunkhamen walks forward, another booby trap is activated this time, various flashlight guards are positioned there. You'll have to use their muscular body to disrupt the axes swinging back & forth, lure the first guard with your False Scarab Technique into the path of the axes to break them and kill the Cruel Crocodile. Make your way to the next axe and do the same, repeat with all the other axes and you will see a wall in front. There is a script there that says "If You Seek Treasure, Answer A Riddle". You can answer the riddle by pressing the X button for A, Circle button for B, Triangle button for C and Square Button for D. The riddle will ask you about a certain Sly villain. The riddle is "What character is in a group of five, had four adventures, had three guards, had two pleasures and one style?" The answer is obviously C which is Dimitri. If you got it wrong, you'll have to fight a Cruel Crocodile. If correct, the wall will crumble and show a hook where you can climb on and jump upwards to the birds room. The following dialogue will occur.

  • Sly: About time. What were you doing?
  • Slytunkhamen: Stuff.
  • Sly: Uhh what kind of stuff?
  • Slytunkhamen: Does that even matter!? We need to free these birds!
  • Sly: Okay, let me at that lock!
  • Slytunkhamen: "Grabs Sly with his cane" Remember what Bentley said? There are some kind of booby traps here.
  • Sly: You mean lasers?
  • Slytunkhamen: Whatever you want to call those. He said we have to look for the nearby computer and, "hack it"? What does that mean?
  • Sly: It's... A long story, but I think that's the one.
  • Slytunkhamen: I'll stay here while you play with that weird sarcophagus.

Make your way to the computer and place Bentley's "Portable Hacker" to hack it. After hacking the computer and beating the Data Defense mini-game, the lasers will shut down and the following cutscene will occur.

  • Slytunkhamen: Woah! What kind of Anubis magic is this!?
  • Sly: It's called the future. Now help me with the lock.
  • Slytunkhamen: "Tries to break lock" Woah! This is very sturdy.
  • Sly: Don't worry we just have to give enough power, now at the count of three. One...Two...THREE! "Both break the lock simultaneously".
  • Slytunkhamen: Well that was easy... Wait, what is that sound?
  • Sly: Sounds like a blimp or an airship!
  • Qwerty: "Smashes the roof and lowers down on a rope" Aha! Cooper! We meet again, and you brought little Slytunkhamen here too! This job is just too easy!
  • Sly: What are you doing here, Qwerty?
  • Qwerty: Just crashing the party! Now, if you don't want trouble, Slytunkhamen, then give me your cane and you can both leave unhurt.
  • Slytunkhamen: Not even Ra can take this cane from me!
  • Qwerty: How about some crocodiles instead!?
  • Slytunkhamen: No! Give me that back!
  • Crocodile guard: Keep dreaming, punk!
  • Qwerty: Hahaha! As I said, it is too easy now boys, bring me back up!
  • Slytunkhamen: He is getting away! Do something, brother!
  • Sly: Don't worry, Slytunkhamen, I will get your cane and beat all nine lives out of that cat! "Climbs through the rope Qwerty was on. Notices the Wing of Ra in a glass case."
  • Qwerty: How do you like it, Cooper?! Isn't it magnificent?
  • Sly: Give me back Slytunkhamen's cane you bag of furballs!
  • Qwerty: Yeah! Yeah! Like I would give it to a wannabe thief!
  • Sly: Look who's talking!? I come from a long line of thieves, while you, you are a professor who can't come up with moves for himself! You just copy them from someone else!
  • Qwerty: You take those words back, Cooper!
  • Sly: Sorry, no gift receipt!
  • Qwerty: You think I don't have moves for myself! Look at this! "Summons magical floating rocks" Like that Cooper! How about a fight to see who's the better thief?! "Teleports to a rock and battle starts"

The arena is in floating rocks in the sky, spire jump to follow Qwerty around the place and also avoiding his attacks. You will end up in a arena shaped rock where the battle will start, Qwerty will summon his Jaded Jackal guards to help him. Avoid their attacks and wait till Qwerty gets tired of his magical abilities, and use the Mummy Costume to wrap him in bandages, hit him many times while he's wrapped until he breaks out himself, he will teleport to another rock and leave a sarcophagus behind, teleport using the Mummy Costume and you will end up in midair and land in a floating rock, from there Qwerty will start throwing magical boulders at you that hurt if touched. Make your way to the rock where Qwerty is standing and repeat the process used to attack. After hitting him this time, he will teleport again and leave a sarcophagus, teleport inside the sarcophagus and you will land in a rock that are quickly being chewed by magical snakes, Qwerty will also throw magical boulders at you to make matters worse. Get to the rock where Qwerty is and he will summon not only his Jaded Jackal guards, but his Spiteful Scorpion guards too. Repeat the process to attack and you will win. Qwerty will collapse on the ground and disappear due to a time anomaly and leave Slytunkhamen cane, which Sly proceeded to pick up, and a Wing of Ra. Sly was going to pick it up but a menacing laugh appeared from above, it was a pair of Heinous Hyena that growled at Sly to get him back, the two Hyenas grabbed the Wing of Ra and left in the airship.

Job Complete

Rob Like An Egyptian Outro

  • Sly: "From what I heard from Bentley, Qwerty was sent back to the present. Needless to say, this was the last time we'd have to deal with him. For now, anyway. As for Penelope, she and her troops are still out there. Who knows what time period could be next. Well, that's what I was thinking until Carmelita showed me a mystic rune. She told me that she was going to go to Celtic Scotland first, but when she found the vase, she came here instead. It only made sense that we should go the Scotland next. After all, it was all we had at the moment. As we got in the van, Carmelita gave me a look that told me that she had been through a lot. She must've been worried sick about me. According to her, she toughened herself up, putting all of her energy into her police work. But after awhile, she began to feel insecure about herself. I reassured her that I'd be fine. I needed to be for what was going to come next. Who knows? Maybe Carmelita will eventually get her confidence back. Regardless, we needed to head to Celtic Scotland and fast. It may have been risky, but it was a risk we needed to take."

Smile for the Camera!


  • Credit for making this mission goes to MoleFreak23.

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