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"Operation: All Hail the Thieves!" is the final mission in the Medieval Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


How to Complete and Dialogue

As Bentley, head to the marker by the cell door. There, he will open Bentley Tech.

Bentley: All right, everybody. It's about time to put that phony king of England back in his cage! With the Knights out, only the little squires are able to watch Lady Carmivere's cell. Once we take out the guards and rescue her, we'll head to the throne room and give that lion a taste of his own medicine! Simple as that.

Inside, there are multiple guards. Everyone will pitch in the fighting until all the guards are taken out. Follow the compass to the cell bay. More guards will need to be smacked down until you reach Carmivere's cell with a small computer as the lock.

Rob: Milady, have you been in need of rescuing?

Carmivere: (looks to the outside) Artie! (goes up to the cage)

Bentley: Just hold up a second, Lady Carmivere. I'll have this lock unlocked in no time.

However, as he started hacking into the computer with everyone watching, Carmivere catches at the corner of her eye glowing cracks on the floor that seemed to be spreading.

Carmivere: Men and lady! The floor beneath thou is-!

Rob catches on fast and pushes everyone away before the floor breaks to reveal a pool of purple and he falls in with a scream.

Carmivere: Arthius!

Pence: Rob!

After the loading screen, a cutscene shows a purple pool on the ceiling and Rob falls from it onto the red carpet floor on his stomach with a thud. He immediately picks himself off the floor before dusting himself off and picking up his bow.

Octjohn: Well, we meet again... Arthius!

Rob: (looks to his left to see Octjohn on his throne and Morgala standing nearby, smirks) Hmph, yeah, haven't seen thou dresseth up like that since you seemingly banisheth me. But once I show the people this (pulls out Excalibur), thy days of royalty are through.

Octjohn: (laughs half-heartedly) You little rat think I can be rid of so easily? Think again! (jumps out of his throne, prepared to fight)

Octjohn's moves are the same as Octavio's and the best way to fight him is no diiferent. Morgala will use a sludge spell to slow Rob down, but this can be used against Octjohn to slow him down too. Once his health is half, he will start his hurting opera sound waves, which can follow you. Once all of his Thief Meter is red, a cutscene will start.

Octjohn: (panting for breath) I am... not... done... yet! Morgala! Deal with this little brat at once!

Rob: Awe, crying out to thy little girlfriend? Oh, that's right, Aphrodite won't even let you date!

Morgala: (attacks Octjohn from behind with a thunder spell, sending him flying into a suit of armor, knocking him out) I do not do anything for anyone! I just stayed at his side so I can rule! And I did not go through all that trouble with that old withered pussycat to have you and that Ironsides (knocks Rob back with a gust spell, causing his bow to fly over to her) take that chance away from me! (snaps the bow in two)

Rob gasps in horror. The witch tosses the bow pieces in front of him. The true ruler falls to his knees as he looks at the two halves. His hands clench into fists as he gets back up and looks up at her with the most hate filled expression. He grabs Excalibur out of its scabbard, pointing the blade at her.


Morgala is fought the same way as with Carmelita, but more close up contact must be made to give damage. Also, her ice shards are bigger, making them more hard to dodge. The storm clouds after the half mark are also more abundant. When her health is almost depleted and Rob goes in for an attack, a cutscene starts.

Rob: By the power in this holy blade... (Excalibur starts glowing) Thou shall be vanquished! (releases a slash of energy at the witch)

Morgala: No! You can't do this! (energy slash hits) NOOOOOOO!

Instantly, she is gone. Arthius is breathing heavily, the look of anger still on his face. He hears something click behind him, snapping him out of his fit as he turns around. Something begins pounding on the throne room door. After a few second, it busts open, unveiling Murray and Lil' Mar's fists ahead of them and the rest of the gang. They first notice Octjohn unconscious on the far side of the room, but gasp in shock when they look more down and see Rob, who is on the ground and not moving with Excalibur close by.

Carmivere: Athius!

The gang rushes over to him. The latter is unconscious.

Carmivere: (places Rob's head in her lap) Artie! Wake up!

Carmelita: This is just like what happened to Dëma in his universe... (look up along with the gang to see a feminine figure with a familiar sniper gun behind the glass window before it disappears)

Arthius starts groaning. Everyone looks down at him as he wakes up.

Rob: (puts a hand on his forehead) What in Zeus's name was that?

Pence: I'm afraid not even Athena can give us the wisdom on that, Your Majesty.

Rob: (snaps into a sitting position, looking at Pence) Pence! What did I tell you over and over again?

Everyone lightly laughs at his little outburst.

Pence: But we are in the throne room, are we not? Besides, with Octjohn down for the count, Thou have reclaimed what was rightfully yours.

Lil' Mar: He speaks true, Arthius.

Carmivere: Parilot's king has returned. (pulls Robs into a kiss, which he goes into)

Carmelita: (pecks Sly's cheek, making him blush in slight surprise before smiling)

Job Complete

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