Treasured Tides

On Feathered Wings is the sixth mission in the Age of Pirates in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Defend Topaz Lagoon from Red Rum Roger.

How to Complete & Dialogue

The mission begins with Carmelita standing at the top of the lighthouse. She'll take out her repaired binocucom and a dialogue will start.

  • Carmelita: (Carmelita sees what appears to be a large flying ship heading her way.) Look how huge that is! And I thought Le Paradox's blimp was big.
  • Bentley: Forget about the size, Carmelita. Look who piloting it! (Carmelita's binocucom zooms in to see Red Rum Roger and several Sinister Seagulls piloting the machine. The vixen growls.)
  • Carmelita: It's that double-crossing bird-brain, and he's with MORE bird-brains. So you want me to shoot him and his little crew out of the sky?
  • Bentley: Precisely. Just watch out for any cannonballs, though. (On the flying ship, RR Roger notices Carmelita on the lighthouse.)
  • RRR: (Red Rum Roger looks outside of the ship and sees Carmelita.) Hey! There's one of those Cooper wenches! Blow 'er out of the water, you sea pups!
  • Sinister Seagull: Aye, First-mate Roger! (Red Rum Roger sighs because he's not a captain.)

The ship will begin to fire cannonballs. Avoid them as you shoot. Use the L2 button to lock onto the Seagulls or Roger. It will take three shots per Seagull and there will be a gauge for Roger. Once all of them are knocked out, a short dialogue will start.

  • Bentley: Nice work, Carmelita. But it's not going down like I hoped.
  • Carmelita: Is it possible they were flying on autopilot?
  • Bentley: Most likely, since they litereally ARE bird-brains and can't even bring down a sail. Looks like you'll have to destroy that machine's engines. My scan shows that there's eight of them and it will take a few shots to even blow up one.
  • Carmelita: I love it when something's hard to explode.

Now you must hit each engine six times before they go into flame. Once done, a cutscene occurs.

  • RRR: (wakes from unconsciousness) What in the name of Davy Jones is going on?! What? We're going down?! Gotta get this Jolly Roger down by the facility so de captain can patch it! (Unfortunately, Roger is going in too shallow and heading straight toward the facility. Roger starts screaming as the ship begins to descend in the wrong place.) Not there! Mayday! Mayday! (The machine explodes upon impact with the building on the island.)
  • Bentley: (laughs) He certainly isn't a sea dog! Sly can do way better. Great going, Carmelita. We should be safe from the skies from now on.
  • Henriette: (Henriette swims out of the water.) That wreck almost be a waste of me time. (Henriette looks at all of the scraps of metal.) Methinks I missed a lot. (Henriette sees a sword on the beach. Out of curiosity, she runs to it and picks it up. She tries fitting it into the scabbard she found in the sunken fleet. It fits like a glove.) This be it! This be the sword I was looking for! Wait 'til I show Murray!

Job Complete

Why is the Rum Gone?!


  • The title of this mission is a homage to the title of the pilot episode of Batman: The Animated Series, "On Leather Wings".
  • Credit for making this mission page goes to SoulKingdomCreator.

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