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The Offensive Octopus are enemy guards encountered in the level Pirate Age Caribbean in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. They serve as flashlight guards.


These octopus are far from identical to the HP Squidcrafts. They are pinkish-brown in color and have a normal Octopus body. They have 4 tentacles and carry a flashlight and on the other hand, they carry a cutlass. They only wear a blue pirate's hat adorned with a red feather along with brown boots. They walk on 2 legs and have 4 arms to attack with.


When close, they swing their cutlasses or swing their 4 tentacles down. When far, they shoot a ball of ink at you. Like all flashlight guards, they attack quickly if hit more than 2 times.


Drawn by Diamonddragon88

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