Cat and Mouse

Off with Her Head!! is the fifth mission in Victorian England in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Sly. The marker for this mission is located next to Bentley, the same place he was during the mission "Cat and Mouse". A cutscene will begin once Sly reaches the marker.

  • Bentley: (Bentley sighs.) I wonder what Penelope is doing...
  • Sly: Thinking about Penelope, huh? (Bentley is startled by Sly's sudden appearance.)
  • Bentley: You scared me, Sly. Anyway, I came out here to try and figure out how we're going to get rid of these Cheshire Cat Cameras. Like those voodoo totems, they're a major threat to the operation. I remember you taking a picture of that funhouse. Maybe the way to deactivate the cameras is in there. Tell you what Sly, we'll need you to find a way to open the door to the funhouse while I prepare Thaddeus for the mission. I have a hunch that we'll be needing him for this.
  • Sly: Well, alright, I'll head over to the funhouse now. Just be careful getting Thaddeus here. You never know when a guard might show up.

Sly needs to head over to the Walrus & Carpenter Funhouse and Ninja Spire Jump on the funhouse's fence. Ninja Spire Jump onto the gate and Rail-Walk on the rope leading to the funhouse. Once Sly gets on top of the funhouse, there is a switch that appears behind the sign on top of the funhouse entrance. Flip the switch and the door will open, beginning a cutscene.

  • Sly: (Sly looks toward the gate and sees Thaddeus running toward the funhouse entrance.) Are you sure you're up for this?
  • Thaddeus: Of course, dear boy. I've been training for years to truly test my mettle. (Thaddeus enters the funhouse.)

Once the loading screen is finished, a cutscene will begin.

  • Thaddeus: (Thaddeus hears a woman scream from within the funhouse.) Hmm? I recognize that scream. It looks like I have a certain lady to rescue. Again. I won't be needing anyone to help me here. I can tell where I need to go.

Thaddeus must traverse through a series of rooms that are reminiscent of the Hall of Mirrors. In each room, Thaddeus will have to see certain differences in the reflections in order to progress. There is a catch, however. The placement of the false mirror is random, with the exception of the entrance to the previous room. The first one is easy; the false mirror has a red hue. Once Thaddeus hits the mirror, it vanishes in a puff of smoke, letting Thaddeus move on to the next room. Should he hit the wrong mirror, however, then mustard gas will rise from a vent in the center of the room and kill him. The path will close behind him once he enters the next room. The second mirror has Thaddeus' cane being held in the wrong hand. Thaddeus must hit the false mirror to progress. The third mirror has Thaddeus moving in the opposite direction of the real thing. Obviously, hitting the false mirror is a good thing. The fourth false mirror will have Thaddeus' reflection breakdance when Thaddeus isn't looking at it. The next four rooms is where things get twisted. The differences are harder to spot now and are much more disturbing as they go on. Now bone-chilling music begins playing. The fifth false mirror will occasionally have Thaddeus' reflection looking only at the player even if Thaddeus is turned away from the mirror, and it will never blink. The sixth mirror involved Thaddeus' cane looking different, resembling more of a sickle than a cane. The seventh room reverses things a bit, making the false mirror the normal one and the rest of them different, each with Thaddeus' reflections looking lifeless and twitching constantly. The eighth room does something similar, except that there are swarms of wasps reflected in each mirror but the false one. When Thaddeus reaches the ninth room, a cutscene begins.

  • Thaddeus: (Thaddeus runs into the ninth room, completely unsure of what happened in the previous rooms.) What the bloody heck was that?! Good lord, it was like an asylum in there! By jove, I think I need to hurry up now. (Thaddeus' other reflections escape from their mirrors and run around Thaddeus. This disturbs Thaddeus, who at this point wants an explanation for how all of this is happening. Thaddeus then hears cackling and blinks, making his reflections disappear. In their place is a transparent version of Ven St. Claire, who seemingly tries to sting Thaddeus, but just passes through him. The false mirror disappears on its own and Thaddeus enters another room, one much different than the others.)
  • Thaddeus: Blimey! I don't think I'll ever sleep after that! (Thaddeus starts walking forward while looking both ways. He whispers to himself) Hmmm, what's that? Is that a... lady? Queen? Hmpf. I'd better introduce myself. (Thaddeus makes his voice gets louder) Hello m'lady!
  • Queen of Hearts: (Turns around) "In a robotic voice" What?! It's that blasted raccoon!
  • Holmes Fox: HELP!! Thaddeus! Is that you!?
  • Thaddeus: Emma?! I should have known! That bloody wasp must've done this! Leave her alone! M'lady! (Takes a better look) wait what? Is that queen a mech?!
  • Queen of Hearts: Blasted raccoon! You will pay! Guards! In position! (Turns to Emma and right hand transforms into a saw)
  • Holmes Fox: Thaddeus! HELP!
  • Thaddeus: Don't worry Emma! I'll find a way to save you! (Looks around the room, finds a hook on the Queen's back) Hahahaha! Alway's putting them where it's visible!

You only have 1:00 to free Emma Holmes Fox, head to the back of the room and climb the pole, you will reach a wooden walkway through the ceiling that leads to a room filled with hooks, and red card knights. Use the Spinning Dove Technique to traverse the area fast since the Card Knights slam down their swords fast. Once you finish that, you will end up in a small room that connects to the Queen room, walk through the wooden walkway in the left and that will lead directly above the Queen of Hearts, fall down the opening and press the circle button. You will latch to the Queen and quickly use the Spinning Dove Technique, this will rip the key that controls it and the mech will shut down, along with opening the restrainers restraining Emma.

  • Thaddeus: Emma! Are you okay?!
  • Emma: Thaddeus! I didn't expect you to help me. That was very kind of you.
  • Thaddeus: I'm sorry Emma, but we'll have to get out of here! This place is just too creepy for this gentleman.
  • Emma: Do you know where we're headed?
  • Thaddeus: Sly's Safehouse.
  • Emma: Sly?
  • Thaddeus: Sly Cooper! He's my future relative.
  • Emma: With all the rubbish that's happening here, I believe you. Anyway, I was sent by the Willington Bros. to find out who chased them away from their mansion, but I got caught. I took some blueprints to the park when that wasp wasn't looking. Maybe you can take me to Sly and I can give them to him.
  • Thaddeus: Sounds like a plan, luv. Tally-ho! (Emma escapes with Thaddeus.)

Job Complete

Bugging a Bug


  • Credit for helping with the mission goes to MoleFreak23.

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