Operation: Loch Ness Robbers

Oceanography Photography is the first mission in the episode Coopers of the Caribbean in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.

Coopers of the Caribbean Intro

  • Sly: "Our arrival in the Age of Pirates was something that met many of our expectations. Just looking at the place told us that Penelope had a lot of influence here, what with her logo on every flag in town and all. We searched high and low for my pirate ancestor, Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper, but found nothing. Henriette was not only the best pirate in the Seven Seas, but also the most famous female Cooper in Cooper Clan history. Quite an accomplishment, if you ask me. And as it turned out, we were greeted by a strange albatross named "Red Rum Roger" who told us all about what happened to her. According to him, a mysterious phantom pirate calling himself "Black Beard" invaded Topaz Lagoon and bought off Henriette's crew, leaving Roger, her first mate, the only loyal shipmate One-Eye had left. Roger elaborated on the details, and much to our surprise, he described what he called "Armored Pelicans". While it wouldn't seem too suspicious to us at first, the dark realization of what Black Beard actually was began to sink in. Black Beard, a.k.a. Edward Teach, was a real pirate. I guess that's what she was counting on. But she's just insulting our intelligence now. Come on, Penelope. Is that really the best name you could think of?"


  • Take recon photos
  • Follow Red Rum Roger to key points and photograph them.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay will start with Sly. As soon as he gets out of the safehouse, he must head toward the harbor, where a marker is located. Once he reaches it, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly takes out his Binocucom.) Bentley, you there?
  • Bentley: Loud and clear, Sly. Have you seen Red Rum Roger anywhere, by any chance?
  • Sly: No, I haven't. Didn't he say he'd scout the area?
  • Bentley: Yeah, but it looks like you'll have to do that for him. I sent Carmelita to go and search for Roger while you take recon photos. Good luck, buddy. With all of these pirates around, you'll need it.

Sly must get on top of one of the ships in port to get the best view of the island, specifically the ship that says "The Green Monkey" on its side, which is currently the largest ship in the area.

1. The Faraway Island

  • Sly: That island looks pretty interesting. And what's up with the smoke? Is the island volcanic?
  • Bentley: Interesting. judging from the way the smoke is coming out, it appears that there may be a production facility over there. Who knows. Maybe it's something else.

2. The Rum Shipments

  • Bentley: Needless to say, the pirates have plenty of supplies.
  • Sly: Yeah. I wonder what would happen if we take some away.
  • Bentley: Let's try and formulate a plan before we actually do anything like that.

3. Ship Graveyard

  • Bentley: Hmm... That ship graveyard looks like it would be the perfect hideout for criminals.
  • Sly: So we can assume that Penelope might be hiding out there?
  • Bentley: Maybe, but we still can't be sure. She might be over by that island in the distance for all we know.

4. The Sunken Fleet

  • Sly: Could Penelope have caused any of this?
  • Bentley: Not from the looks of it, Sly. Look at them. The ships are completely covered in all sorts of stuff. There's no way they could've sank recently. That doesn't mean we won't be able to find anything useful if we looted them, though.

5. The Emerald Eclipse

  • Bentley: That's the Emerald Eclipse! It's supposed to be Henriette's famous ship!
  • Sly: Yeah, but it looks like Penelope added several improvements to it.
  • Bentley: I could do far better adjustments to anything better than this.

Upon photographing the Emerald Eclipse, Black Beard will appear shortly afterward.

  • Bentley: Going for the ghostly pirate look, are you, Penelope? No matter. Sly, take a picture of her new suit. Hopefully, we can analyze it in case there are flaws we can exploit.

6. Black Beard

  • Bentley: Interesting. It appears that that suit can generate steam or mist, which will prevent some knowing if we can pickpocket the mech.
  • Sly: Not bad, Penelope. Not bad at all. But we're still going to put you in your place.

Once Black Beard has been photographed, Red Rum Roger will appear with Carmelita near a ruined lighthouse to the north.

  • Sly: Looks like Carmelita found Roger.
  • Bentley: Good! Maybe he has new information about Henriette!

7. Red Rum Roger

  • Sly: Nice swords.
  • Bentley: Why did you photograph him?
  • Sly: What? Can't somebody admire old weaponry craftsmanship?
  • Bentley: I guess so. Now that I think about it, maybe it would be best if he lent you one of his swords. Maybe you could start swashbuckling!
  • Sly: Very funny, Bentley.

Sly must approach Roger and Carmelita, who are in a heated conversation at the moment. Sly must very carefully navigate through a cliff edge leading to a ladder. This ladder will let Sly get right to the lighthouse entrance. Once this happens, a cutscene will start.

  • RRR: You should've been more careful, landlubber. That would've been a nasty fall. (RRR notices Sly.) Wonderful! We have information, matey.
  • Sly: Good. What's up?
  • Carmelita: I think it would be best if I headed back to the hideout. My Shock Pistol has been acting up lately. (Carmelita heads back to the hideout, leaving Red Rum Roger and Sly to themselves.)
  • RRR: Look, mate, I need you to do me a favor. Follow me to these key points. This is going to be real helpful, matey. I can guarantee that. But be careful, though. Renegade pirates are everywhere.
  • Sly: Good to know.

Sly must follow Red Rum Roger by using the paraglider to reach the gallows. This is the first place that must be photographed.

  • RRR: Many pirates are hung there. You don't want to end up in there under any circumstances, especially seeing how Black Beard runs it now.

Then, Sly must hop onto some buildings just east of the gallows. He'll be able to see the shore on the other side of the island, which is the second point of interest.

  • RRR: Black Beard patrols this part of the island often.
  • Sly: But is doesn't look like anything is there!
  • RRR: Oh, there is, mate. You just gotta look harder. It be all in the sand.
  • Sly: I don't see how that could be, but I guess I'll take your word for it.

Finally, Sly must run toward the harbor. From here, Sly must photograph one of the dozens of ships in port.

  • Sly: What wrong with these ship?
  • RRR: They be drawing in more and more pirates each day, matey. Be careful.
  • Sly: Gotcha.

Photographing all of these places and things will begin the final cutscene of this mission.

  • RRR: Be very careful, matey. This be a treacherous place.
  • Sly: Yeah yeah yeah, I got it, Roger. Oh, I have a question to ask.
  • RRR: (Roger looks a little startled) What's wrong, landlubber?
  • Sly: Are you sure that the things in these photos are important?
  • RRR: ARR!!! They be the most important of the lot! Now you better get to the hideaway, mate, or the enemy pirates will come for us.
  • Sly: (Sly looks at Roger in a suspicious manner as Roger is walking away, but then assumes he's just being paranoid.) Nah. He's on our side. I'm sure it. (Sly catches up to Roger.)

Job Complete

Freedom and Betrayal

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