Ghostly Voyage

Nerd vs Nerd is the fourth mission in the Age of Pirates in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Face off against Bentley's dolphin robots using an RC Submarine.
  • Follow Black Beard to her base and sabotage her equipment.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins as Bentley. When he reaches the harbor, which is where the marker for this mission is located, a cutscene will begin.

  • Bentley: Alright team, I'm ready to launch my mechanical dolphins. They'll be able to detect any incoming pirates from within a few miles.
  • Henriette: Impressive, matey! You be quite a genius.
  • Murray: He sure is,
  • Bentley: What's wrong, Murray?
  • Murray: I...uh...Nothing. Nothing's wrong, I swear! "The Murray" is absolutely fine.
  • Bentley: Right...Okay then, let's get to work. (Murray blushes when he looks at Henriette. Meanwhile Penelope appears from behind the ruined lighthouse. She takes out her binocucom.)
  • Penelope: Roger, are you there?
  • RRR: Aye, Captain. But I be a bit confused. Why am I forced to wear this "thing"?
  • Penelope: Don't ask. Even I don't know why that is. But anyway, can you remind me how to control that submarine we built together?
  • RRR: Aye, Captain. You be needing to hold the R1 button and select it from the menu. Then, when you're near water, drop it in with the circle button. Then, we you be in the briny blue, hit the square button to fire strange arrows.
  • Penelope: Thanks, Roger. You really are a good paw--I mean, pirate.
  • RRR: Thanks, matey. I always be working for the best.
  • Penelope:, where was I? Oh, right. Time to deploy my RC Submarine!!

Once Penelope drops her submarine into the water, a counter will appear. The counter displays the amount of mechanical dolphins that Bentley has sent into the ocean. It reveals that there are a grand total of ten dolphin robots. Penelope will need to use four torpedoes to destroy each of the dolphins, which will get harder and harder to do with each dolphin robot destroyed. The dolphins become faster, they gain new attacks, and after the third dolphin is destroyed, they will activate shields that will be upgraded once the fifth dolphin is toast. The dolphins will repair themselves with time, so simply attacking some of the dolphins and saving them for later won't work. Once all of the dolphins have been defeated, a cutscene will play out.

  • Penelope: (Penelope's RC Submarine swims out of sight.) Take that, slowpoke. (Penelope summons her Black Beard mech and quickly retrieves her RC Submarine. Bentley notices Black Beard leaving.)
  • Bentley: Guys!! Black Beard!! Why didn't my dolphins detect anything yet? Could that disturbance they picked up earlier have anything to do with this? (Bentley tries to call back the dolphins, but to no avail.) On no!! My dolphin robots!! Something must've destroyed them!
  • Sly: It looks like Penelope had some help!
  • Henriette: I be a bit angry at Morgan for not staying behind like we asked! We be chasing that no-good rat by now!
  • Carmelita: Sorry, Bentley. (Carmelita tries to comfort Bentley to make him feel better.)
  • Murray: (Murray clenches his fist.) Penelope... (Murray cracks his knuckles in anger.)
  • Bentley: (Bentley notices a small tunnel underneath of the lighthouse.) Not to worry, guys. I think I might be able to follow her after all. (Murray tries following Bentley but is stopped by Henriette when she points out how the tunnel too small for him.)

Gameplay switches to Bentley. Bentley must follow Black Beard to a ship graveyard. With many grounded and ravaged ships, it is very easy to get lost without the compass. As Bentley is listening in on Black Beard's monologues, she travel to several to places that are dead ends. It seems that even she has a hard time finding her own base. Bentley will also need to destroy the many obstacles in his way, such as certain guards and debris from the wrecked ships. Once Black Beard reaches her base, a cutscene will begin.

  • Putrid Pelican 1: "The Mind" approaches. (Black Beard approaches her pelican guards.)
  • Putrid Pelican 2: The base has been kept tidy for you, Captain.
  • Black Beard: It had better be. Red Rum Roger better not have touched anything while I was away. Who knows where those feathers have been. (Black Beard enters her base.)
  • Bentley: Alright, time to use my sleep darts. Given what they're made of, maybe, I can even make these robot pelicans deactivate for awhile.

Bentley must use his sleep darts to temporarily deactivate the flashlight guards on duty. Bentley must then sneak past them and enter the base. Seeing as Black Beard uses an elevator to travel downward, Bentley must take an alternate path. This is because the elevator is closed off now. Bentley must activate the several devices within the base to progress, using his hacking skills in order to do so. The first mini-game is Spark Runner, which activates several platforms that Bentley may hop across, and an escalator to help Bentley get down to the lower levels. The second mini-game is Alter Ego. Once this is completed, a series of doors open. The first contains a Secret Bentley Mask. The second leads to where Bentley needs to go. The third and final door, however, leads to a treasure chest with many coins. Enter the second door and play the final mini-game, System Cracker. This open a door lead to a series of obstacles. Once Bentley manages to get past the obstacles, a cutscene plays out once he gets to an open window that peers into what appears to be Penelope's quarters.

  • Black Beard: That Bentley has caused more trouble for me than he should've. (Penelope gets out of the mech.)
  • Penelope: The inside of that mech is so cold. Why did I put a refrigerator in that thing again? No matter. Time to check my data analysis. I just need to send it and... Bingo! (Penelope's large computer in her quarters begins analyzing data that Penelope is downloading.)
  • ???: Most impressive, but this isn't the kind of data that is needed.
  • Penelope: What? But how?? I've done everything I needed to!
  • ???: Not quite. A different negative emotion is required.
  • Bentley: (Bentley ignores the computer, as he is too angry at Penelope to focus on anything else.) Penelope, when I get my hands on you, you're finished.
  • ???: Scratch that. The chip has the right emotion. (Bentley readies his dart gun by arming it with an explosive dart.) Now that I have the chip, we can proceed with phase-- (Bentley's explosive dart blows up the computer.)
  • Penelope: What?! (Penelope looks toward Bentley.) Bentley?! But how did you get in here?! Where are my guards?! (Penelope gets into her mech as Bentley is leaving the base.)
  • Black Beard: Guards!!! Get that turtle now!! He has infiltrated the base!! (Black Beard breaks through the wall separating Bentley from Black Beard.)
  • Bentley: OH NO!!!! Not good! Not good!! Definitely not good!!

Bentley must avoid Black Beard's attacks as he is retracing his steps. All Bentley needs to do is go back the way he came. Once Bentley defeats the two flashlight guards from outside of the base and gets far enough away from Black Beard, one last cutscene will play out.

  • Black Beard: Come back here, you little soup can!! (Black Beard notices that she is descending. Many pirates come to aid Penelope.) What? Don't tell me... I've run out of fuel!?!? (Black Beard can't detect Bentley anywhere.) Drat!! He escaped! That no-good can of snapper stew escaped!!

Job Complete

Treasured Tides

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