" What kind of thing are you? You must be a mistake from my soup producing facility. Hahahaha!"
— Mz. Ruby insulting Murray

Mz. Ruby the Alligator
Mz. Ruby is a exclusive villain in the pack "The Original Five" in Thieves Back in Action. She is the boss of Cuba.


Having grown into a family of mystics, Ruby was seen as weird by other people and her only friends were the undead. After years of bitterness, Ruby started using her voodoo magic for crimes and was recruited for the Fiendish Five as mystic. She setup shop in Haiti and plotted to create an army of ghosts to take over Mexico. Sly then ended this plan by defeating her at Voodoo Simon Says and was incarcerated for toying with the undead. She escaped by using her powers to destroy the cell and escaped to Cuba's swamp.

Episode 3 TOF: Return of the Mystic

Cuba's Swamp

Ruby took notice of one of Cuba's swamps which provided better "gooey soup" for her plans and headed there and made her own base even with a crocodile skull temple like in Haiti. Her security forces were rehired and guarded the main hub and sub-levels of Cuba. She can be heard talking through the intercom in the hub.

RC Eavesdropping

Bentley used his RC Car along with Murray whom threw the car to the skull temple. After traversing the temple, Ruby was seen talking about her master plan with some rats. She was about to create an army of ghosts & zombies to take over not Mexico but the United States along with Canada and if they have more soup, they will take over the world. Bentley heard the scary plan and told all about it to the gang.

Beast Awakens!

After beating The Beast, Mz. Ruby talked with Sly through an intercom. She sensed Sly here and said he will never foil her plans again.

Voodoo Dance

Arriving in the temple, Murray saw Mz. Ruby far away telling him that she was expecting the raccoon. Not having the skills, Murray faced the mystic himself.


Like in Haiti, the first phase has Murray jump on the platforms to the rhythm crushing of the teeth. After traversing the deadly teeth, Murray had to wait until Mz. Ruby finished her tail slams and hit her when she was tired, if you get close to her while she is doing this, she will spin around fast, doing damage. She will teleport to a different arena and you will have to play the game "Voodoo Simon Says" this time, with a similar concept to Murray's Geisha Dance or Carmelita's Bellydancing. Repeat the patterns and you will reach Mz. Ruby, wait until she stops slamming her tail and hit her many times. Repeat the process 2 more times and you will win.


For toying with the undead again, Ruby was sent to a magic-proof cell where powers are not available to use, ensuring her stay.


Voodoo Mystics

They serve as flashlight guards and look like they looked back then.

Skeletal Turtles

They serve as rooftop guards.

Giant Mosquito

They serve as rooftop guards.

Clucking Roosters

Not technically guards but serve Mz. Ruby by being small creatures. Once they see you, they will run at you while also holding a bomb which will explode if they touch you.


Mz. Ruby is like all Fiendish Five members, cruel and sarcastic too. She also doesn't tolerate when her guards mess up or goof off as seen by her intercom announcements. She also very insulting, calling Murray a fat blob of soup that apparently was a ghost mishap.


Mz. Ruby is an anthropomorphic alligator that wears a pink shirt that doesn't fit her and a red band for her hair. She has red claws and wears yellow bracelets on her arms & legs. True to her name, she has a red ruby imbued in her belly button.


Being a mystic, Mz. Ruby has powers to create symbols that look like the 4 buttons of the PS3 controller, she also has somewhat telepathy, having seen Sly when he entered into the Beast's lair.


  • Mz. Ruby is the only female in the Fiendish Five.
  • This battle is VERY ironic, the reason being, is that the original battle was in The Sly Collection for PS3, with the music off-sync, but in this battle, the music's in perfect harmony.

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