" You will feel my wrath!!"
— The Minotaurs when following you

A Minotaur guard.

The minotaurs are Hyracles personal flashlight guards that appear in the level Ancient Greece.


The minotaurs are brown in color with a bull head and a muscular human-like body except with hooves on their feet. They have blue eyes and wear white Chlamy dresses. Their weapon of choice are throwing spears used for distance shooting and a Greek shield outfitted with a flashlight to see, they can also use their horns to attack when close too. They communicate by shouting if they hear something or see you, they also grunt or snort when attacking.


Like flashlight guards, they attack you when close or hit them more than 2 times. They use their horns, shields and spears to attack close or throw their spears when at a distance.


  • These creatures are based the mythical Minotaur, a half man, half bull that appeared in mazes.

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