The Boy King of Thieves

Mummy's Boy is the fourth mission in Ancient Egypt in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. Sly gains use of the Mummy Costume in this mission.


  • Use the Mummy Costume for the first time.
  • Find the hidden switch.
  • Open the way to Qwerty's palace.

How to Complete & Dialogue

The player takes control of Sly. The marker is just outside of the safehouse. Once Sly reaches the marker, this bit of dialogue will begin:

  • Bentley: Sly, I have a favor to ask of you. I need you to try on this costume for me.
  • Sly: Let me guess. A mummy costume?
  • Bentley: Yes, act--How did you know?
  • Sly: I nabbed some mummy wrappings as Slytunkhamen and I were headed back to the hideout. That sun is unbearable.
  • Bentley: I see. Anyway, you don't mind trying it on, do you? While you were away, I took the liberty of taking a pharaoh's crook to complete the costume with. You'll look the part just fine.
  • Sly: (Sly puts on his Mummy Costume for the first time) Wow. Surprisingly comfortable. Now what?
  • Bentley: I've been told by Slytunkhamen Look, Sly, I think he'll need to explain this one to you.
  • Slytunkhamen: I've been told about the legendary "Way of the Mummy". It was once told to us that mummies could transport themselves to places unknown through the use of sarcophagi. Your hippo friend took two of these sarcophagi for you to practice with. If it's okay with you, I would like to tell you one important thing, though. By pressing the button that resembles one of our pyramids, you should be able to wrap up guards. It'll help you get away if you're caught by one, but it'll only work if only one guard spots you. I tried this myself as a boy, so I know what I'm talking about.
  • Sly: Thanks.
  • Slytunkhamen: No problem, descendant.

As Sly, try wrapping up a Spiteful Scorpion who is guarding one of the sarcophagi. Defeat the scorpion and use the sarcophagi and it'll take Sly to a hidden location somewhere within.........something. A cutscene will start once the loading screen is over with.

  • Sly: Uh, Bentley, where am I?
  • Bentley: Interesting. It seems that this sarcophagus lead you into one of the pyramids. If you find anything interesting, wait for me to analyze it, okay? I'll handle it.
  • Qwerty: (activates hidden intercoms) Attention, guards! Qwerty, your almighty pharaoh, speaks! As you know, this pyramid houses the switch needed to open the doors to my palace garden. None of you should ever leave that switch unprotected. Should that raccoon get to it somehow, I can guarantee that one of you is going to pay. Now, pay attention to the platforms, they tend to sink into the quicksand rather quickly.
  • Sly: Bentley, I think things just got a whole lot easier for us. Qwerty practically told us what's inside this place.
  • Bentley: Careful, Sly. He's studying us, remember? He's probably planned it like this.
  • Sly: Great. Now what?
  • Bentley: Well, I analyzed the pyramid and this pyramid really does have a hidden switch inside it. Remember to use the Mummy Costume to get you where you need to go.
  • Sly: Got it.

Sly must progress through a series of small rooms. The first room, being the second largest of the rooms, is full of platforms that are constantly sinking into the quicksand underneath of them. Sly must quickly jump toward solid ground before he sinks into the quicksand and head left toward the hidden sarcophagus. It will lead him to a room with a Secret Sly Mask. Head back to the other room and turn right toward a series of platforms that float just above quicksand. Staying on them long enough will make them fall, so it is strongly advised that Sly Cooper move quickly or he'll sink into the quicksand. At the end of the hallway is a sarcophagus that leads to the smallest room in the pyramid. It is a rectangular room with plenty of laser security. Run through or jump over the gate and head into the sarcophagus. It will take you to the largest room in the pyramid: a room infested with Spiteful Scorpions and Jaded Jackals. Defeat or sneak past the guards and climb up a rope heading to the next sarcophagus. This leads to the semi-final room in the pyramid, this one being filled with flashlight guards. Wrap up the Dangerous Donkey closest to Sly upon his arrival in the room, and take out the guards one by one until one final sarcophagus becomes available for use. This take you directly to a room with a big red switch inside of it. Run on top of it to activate it. Doing so causes the sarcophagus Sly used to get inside the chamber to explode and causes a cage to fall on the sarcophagus that could take Sly out of the pyramid. A cutscene begins shortly afterward.

  • Sly: Bentley, it was a trap! I'm stranded in here! Did anything happen outside?
  • Bentley: Yeah, Sly! I can see a gate opening up in the back of the palace! Don't worry, Sly, I'll find a way to get you out of that pyramid! I promise!

After a loading screen is done, gameplay switches to Bentley. A cutscene starts immediately afterward.

  • Bentley: Sly, I've located a security device that I can hack into that's connected to that cage! Don't worry, I'm coming!
  • Sly: Thanks, buddy. There isn't much air in this chamber, so be quick about it.

Bentley has three minutes to reach a stable that has the security device inside of it. After explaining how to play as him, Bentley will need to use sleep darts on some crocodiles that are close to the Nile River. Quickly head toward the river and use the boats to travel downstream and eventually to the other side close to an oasis, where the stable is. Once there, a brief cutscene begins.

  • Bentley: Alright, security device, it's time to meet your maker!

After the cutscene and subsequent loading screen end, Bentley must play the mini-game Alter Ego to save Sly. Once completed, gameplay will switch to Sly again as he quickly jumps out of the way of the cage walls in the pyramid. The weight of the cage bars is so great that the switch remains pressed. Sly quickly uses the sarcophagus the cage was blocking off to leave the pyramid. Once Sly reaches the hideout, one final cutscene plays out.

  • Sly: Yes! I made it!
  • Murray: (looks at Sly from the safehouse window with joy) AWESOME!! Carmelita, he's alright!
  • Carmelita: You got lucky that time, ringtail. You would've died if Bentley wasn't here to save you.
  • Sly: (Sly nods to Carmelita before Bentley finally reaches the safehouse. Sly looks at Bentley, who is completely exhausted) Thanks, Bentley. Uh, Bentley, you don't look so good.
  • Bentley: I need some water. This place is like an oven.
  • Murray: Don't worry, chum, we have plenty of that in the safehouse.
  • Slytunkhamen: But hippo, didn't you almost drink the last bottle?
  • Murray: .........Uh-oh. Sorry, Bentley.
  • Bentley: It's okay, Murray. Is there any water left? (Murray drops the water bottle onto Bentley's lap. Bentley picks it up and drinks it) Thanks, Murray. I needed that.
  • Sly: Let's get back inside the safehouse. We need to prepare to breach Qwerty's palace.

Job Complete

Family Ties

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