" Yo! It's the BIG BOSS here! Y'all should keep doing what you're doing! I'm talking to you specially Dalmatian!! So! You boys keep guarding or whatever it is you guys do and I'll try and read this picture book! Muggshot out!"
— Muggshot through an intercom

Muggshot the Bulldog
Muggshot is an exclusive villain from in the DLC pack "The Original Five". He is the boss of the level Las Vegas.


Born the runt of the litter, Muggshot was constantly bullied by bigger dogs. He eventually saw a movie called "The Dogfather" (a play on the real movie "The Godfather") and it was here he saw what a gangster was. He then started lifting weights all his childhood until he gained large muscles, he then attacked those whom bullied him and a new enforcer was born, he was recruited by the Fiendish Five as the Enforcer & Gunman. He was stationed on Mesa City and created a large casino there, he was defeated by Sly Cooper and incarcerated but by unknown means, he escaped and took part in a flight tournament in Kinderdijk, Holland called "Aces Tournament". He was arrested again by Carmelita but escaped again to Las Vegas due to the various casinos there.

Episode 2 TOF: Nighttime Viper Eyes

Taking over Las Vegas

Muggshot was able to chase all citizens of Las Vegas out and only his gangsters & gamblers patrolled the streets. Muggshot also stayed in Caesar's Palace hotel and could be noted since it had a large fire hydrant on top.

Entering the Palace

Sly entered the hotel and saw Muggshot talking with to his guards, saying that a prowler has been spotted and should increase security. He then went to the casino machines to play them.

Murray's First Following

Muggshot was about to go inside one of his casinos with Murray following from behind and watch out for his guards. Muggshot entered the hotel to play one of his casinos and Murray had to cause a commotion in the hub to make Muggshot leave.

The Beast Vs the "Hag"

After getting the key to open the elevator, Carmelita decided to battle him again and went up to the Penthouse. Here Muggshot was sitting on his original throne and shouted at Carmelita for being "that cop hag that arrested me 2 times!" Carmelita tried to reason with him but Muggshot couldn't "understand the words are coming from your pie hole". He battled Carmelita again with a similar arena that he battled Sly in Mesa City.


As said before, the arena is similar to the one that Sly fought in Mesa City. He can attack by shooting his guns or if two close, he will kick with his feet. There are also flashlight guards around the arena that if they see you, they will shoot or attack you if close. To attack him, wait until he is in the middle of 4 crystals and shoot them to make them brighter, burning Muggshot and dazing him. Attack him with your shock pistol many times and he will get up and going up to a chandelier. There are no crystals here or guards so you'll have to shoot him while also avoiding his gun shots. After shooting him enough times, he will jump up to the rooftop of the Caesar's Palace and battle you while a security helicopter is navigating with its searchlight. There are also rooftop guards present to attack you, Muggshot will climb on the helicopter and shoot you with his guns. Shoot the helicopter many times and it will fall down, defeating Muggshot.


Muggshot was arrested again and sent to a solitary confinement cell in jail to ensure he never escapes.


Vinnie the Pinscher

These are the same flashlight guards that Muggshot had back in Mesa City.

Inkspot Jackson

They are same Dalmatians that Muggshot had back then.

Gorgeous Lou

These are the same Pitbulls that Muggshot had back then.


Like the Cobras in Ancient Arabia, these dogs are strapped to a pole and attack by biting you, attack them one time and they will faint for a bit but come back to keep attacking.


As a thug, Muggshot is cruel, ruthless, brutal, vicious and arrogant. Despite being strong, he is dimwitted and sometimes possessing intellectual punctuations to his vocabulary.


Muggshot is a massive bulldog with lilac fur, massive arms and small, degenerated legs. Since he has giant arms and small legs, he walks like a gorilla with his knuckles. He has black mono-brow and a thick mustache. He wears a white tank top with brown-light brown- striped pants and two blue spiky collars on his arms.


Being massive and strong, Muggshot can easily punch a steel wall and not get hurt by it. He is also an expert using guns. He also somehow, learned how to pilot a plane as seen in Flight of Fancy in Honor Among Thieves.


  • Muggshot has appeared or referenced in all games of the Sly Cooper series along with Clockwerk. Panda King would have been one but he wasn't mentioned or even referenced in Thieves in Time.

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