This is the battle against Ms. Sunscreen and Mr. Decibel in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever.


After annoying them both, the two will fight Sly Cooper simultaneously alongside some rooftop guards. Ms. Sunscreen can throw puddles of poison in the ground and when in low health, she can conjure purple energy to charge straight at you. To defeat her, hit her with your cane as many times but when she gets hit more than 3 times, she will release a purple shockwave that does incredible damage. Mr. Decibel on the other hand is very slow unlike Sunscreen whom is surprisingly fast. He has almost the same attacks as his sister, Miss Decibel, since he got a sousaphone on his trunk, he can throw rather off-key damaging notes at you or body slam you with his body strength. To defeat him, wait until he does his three-step ground pound and hit him while he's dizzy, direct him into the electric rods used to summon the UFO for him to take damage. Repeat this process and you will win.

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