"If only those orangutan guards were serious at guarding"
— Decibel complaining about the guards

Mr. Decibel is a British Elephant that appears in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. He is partners with Ms. Sunscreen.
Mr. Decibel


Decibel back in London, worked as a mailman, delivering letters to everybody that needed one. After 2 years in the business, he got bored with it and attended a classical music theater to see his sister, Miss Decibel, he was older than her so she was still a little kid. After seeing the freak accident, he along with the crowd, got brainwashed by Miss Decibel into doing crimes, the Letter Department heard about his crimes and fired him. Mad, he started doing crime without brainwashing, he then traveled to Indonesia where he met a high society lizard called Ms. Sunscreen. The two then joined L.A.R's evil group.

Crime Ways

Joining the bad guys

After joining L.A.R's group, the both then started taking over Indonesia and hired guards to protect the field. The two then started their counterfeit money operation to buy weapons for the group and search for the Indonesian Jewel.

Hearing the arrival

After hearing the arrival of the Cooper Gang in Indonesia, he remembered they were the ones who sent his sister to jail. He went out of Sunscreen's mansion to search for them while Sly following without being seen from the rooftops. He gave up on the search and went to the mansion thinking it was a joke.

UFO delivery

Sly followed him along with Sunscreen to a nearby cave with a opening in the roof, he quickly hid behind a rock while a giant UFO lowered down some alien guards of L.A.R to reason with the two. The 4 baddies then went to the mansion to talk about their plan, Sly couldn't follow them to the mansion so he went back to the Safehouse.

Fighting the Two

After following them, the gang devised an operation to go inside the heavily guarded mansion. After traversing the whole mansion, Sly soon met Mr. Decibel and Ms. Sunscreen, the two talked about L.A.R's plan and that a "scrawny shrew will never foil our plans". Mr. Decibel then started a big wind from his trunk that blew Sly away but he hid behind a sousaphone, he kicked the sousaphone back to Decibel and ended with the same fate his sister had. Both enraged, they fought Sly simultaneously along with an infinite amount of rooftop guards. Eventually, the two were knocked unconscious while the UFO left the place.


Mr. Decibel has a similar personality to his sister Miss Decibel, he loves classical music and has a cruel personality, he is normally treated by Sunscreen bad due to his clumsy accidents. Unlike Hyracles, he can control his accidents. He is also intelligent due to his room filled with books of all sorts, Though, like his sister, he is naive, allowing Ms. Sunscreen to take full advantage of him.


Mr. Decibel is a British Elephant, he is gray in color and wears a blue with orange striped sweater. He has black hair and seems to wear glasses, he also carries his scroll bags always with him at all times.


Mr. Decibel is Sunscreen's right hand man, dealing with heavy objects or taking care of pests. In his battle, he seems to have some experience with sousaphones, he can also ground pound the ground hard enough to induce a purple shockwave. He is also very fast for a elephant and can even survive an electric shock.


  • Mr. Decibel was going to be a boss in Thieves in Time alongside his companion, Ms. Sunscreen but was scrapped and merged with Sunscreen to create Miss Decibel.
  • In the Ancient Arabia level in TiT, pictures of him can be seen in some places.

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