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Morgan Fox

Commodore Morgan Fox is a minor character in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves that appears in the episode Coopers of the Caribbean. He is the ancestor of Carmelita Fox.


In charge of the British ship, the H.M.S. Triumph, Commodore Morgan Fox has been hunting for Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper for seven years. Occasionally, they had to fight greater foes, such as the egotistical Starboard Sebastian and the bloodthirsty Bloodbath Elizabeth, the latter of which founded a pirate town of a certain name. However, the two of them would always get right back to playing cops and robbers all over again as soon as the trouble was over.


Commodore Morgan Fox first appears during the mission "Ghostly Voyage", where he helps the Cooper Gang travel to an island in an attempt to intercept Black Beard. He appears again during the mission "Operation: Turbo Dynamic Piracy" to assist the Cooper Gang in their fight against Red Rum Roger and Black Beard. He later appears in the H.M.S. Triumph after the missions in Coopers of the Caribbean are finished. He'll talk to the gang about rumors regarding hidden treasure from faraway lands and give the Cooper Gang a gift if they can collect them all. This gift is a Secret Murray Mask, and in order for the Cooper Gang to get the mask, they must collect all of the treasures in each time period.

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