The Mooing Cows are enemy guards encountered in the level Pre-Colombian Puerto Rico in the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action. They serve as Don Karlos's flashlight guards.


These bovines appear to be of the Holstein breed, they are actually bulls. They are black & white in color with black hooves and a small tail, they have medium sized horns on their heads and have a chain on their noses like cartoon bulls. They wear Puerto Rican pavas and a light brown "nagua" on their hips (a nagua is some kind of clothing that Puerto Rican Indians wore back then to cover their private parts). They carry a torch to see and throwing daggers to throw and a bag on their bags to keep them. They communicate with mooing, doing a howl like the Steers of the Wild West or talking English.


When close, they swing their torches horizontally or headbutt you with their heads. When far, they throw a dagger at you that breaks as soon as it hits you, a wall, the ground or a fellow guard. Like all flashlight guards, they attack you after you've hit them more than 2 times.

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