" What can I say mate! I have the best casino in the world! You little turtle will never get to see clearly when I break your glasses!"
— Monty threatening Bentley

Monty is a greedy, casino-loving platypus from Eastern Australia in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. He is faced in Episode 6: Return to the Outback?


Having had a father that was addicted to casinos and money, Monty decided to follow in his father's footsteps. As a adult, he decided to go to the casino. But the casino was getting closed, Monty had a conversation with the leader of the construction and heard that casinos are now illegal in Queensland, Australia. Now very mad, he went crazy but then, a slithering figure asked him if he wanted money. Monty accepted and bought the casino. The figure gave Monty one request, being he looks for an ancient mineral to give to the figure. Monty bought the land and hired millions oh guards.

Deja Vu

Sly was so happy to go again to Australia, he brought the Guru along the gang. The gang arrived at nighttime, they were shocked to see the place looking like Las Vegas. The Guru was disappointed by the land and hoped the gang took care of the problem. On the way to the Safehouse, Sly noticed a kangaroo guard similar to ones he saw the first time he went to Australia, so he imagined the miners took over the place again.

Discovering the Boss

Sly went inside the casino through an air vent and ventured through the casino until he went inside the boss's room where Monty sits in a chair by a desk. He was talking to a crocodile guard about his plan to implant casinos in all Australia. Sly reconned the place and sent sent the photos to Bentley to study.

Casino Mission

In one of Sly's missions, he had to thrash the casino alongside Murray and defeat many guards in the casino. After the end of all that commotion, Monty stepped out of his room very mad, he threatened Sly and Murray to leave if they don't want injuries.

Invading his Space

Bentley found a secret passage for winning a casino machine and fell down a shaft into an underground cave where Monty and his rooftop guards resided. Monty was holding a rock in his flipper and gave it to one of his guards. The platypus was mad at Bentley for finding this secret passage while Bentley tried reasoning with him but Monty ignored every word Bentley said. Monty jumped up and rocks started falling and a battle ensued. After a long battle, Bentley defeated Monty and his guards and the cave started crumbling and fell. Bentley escaped unharmed while Monty and his guards were found later in the rubble and sent to prison.

New Leaf

Monty gained mugshots and sent to prison for illegal casinos in Queensland, Australia. After his parole, Monty went to live in Las Vegas and left his evil ways.


Saltwater Crocodiles

These crocodiles carry large boomerangs and a neon lamp for flashlight. They can bite you if you're close or swing the boomerangs too. They wear white tank tops and camouflage pants.

Green Kangaroos

These kangaroos worked as miners back then but now they work for Monty. They can crush you with jumps or throw smoke bombs. They also gain a new attack, when close, they kick with their feet. They wear cowboy hats, purple shirt and kneecaps. They also carry a bag to carry a Joey.

Stinky Skinks

These skinks have a poisonous tongue which they can use to attack from a distance. They carry stink bombs to explode any intruder with a deadly gas. They wear formal tuxedos and black shoes and are colored like normal blue-tongued skinks.


Monty is very greedy and is willing to do life-risking jobs just for money. He also gets mad when he doesn't recieve money.


Monty is a brown platypus with dark gray flippers. He wears a tuxedo with finished with a corsage too. He wears a brown fedora.


Like real platypi, Monty has the ability of transmit poison from his flippers. He is also abnormally, large and is very powerful.


  • Bentley's battle with Monty is almost identical to one he had against Jean Bison minus the sawmill traps.

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