Moby Dick Returns is the seventh mission in Episode 2: A Cold, Cold War in the game Thieves Be Forever.


  • Find Moby Dick
  • Combat Moby Dick


The mission marker is located just outside the Safehouse, the required character is Carmelita. Head to the marker and the mission will start.

  • Carmelita: Of all things I have to do, I have to fight a whale!
  • Bentley: Carmelita, this is no ordinary whale, its Moby Dick! The legendary white whale, Vostok somehow got ahold of him and ordered him to kill us when possible!
  • Carmelita: Do you think I will lose to a oversized fish?!
  • Bentley: ummm, Miss Fox? Moby is a...
  • Carmelita: So where is he located?
  • Bentley: He is probably located in that shipwreck near the water, be careful Carmelita! This thing is no ordinary whale!
  • Carmelita: If I can defeat a giant three-headed monster, I am sure I can defeat a fish!
  • Bentley: Carm.. Oh forget it! Just go there fast!

Head to the shipwreck near the water which is located in the far right of the map. Once you arrive, a cutscene will play.

  • Carmelita: Now, where is this whale...
  • Evil Eel: Hey! Its foxy cop lady! Lets take her!
  • Carmelita: Ughh! These guys just don't stop!

Defeat the 4 Evil Eels and the 4 Mutant Krill and a cutscene will play.

  • "A large thundering roar is heard"
  • Carmelita: Is that?
  • "Moby Dick rises up from the shipwreck and roars loudly"
  • Carmelita: So this is Moby Dick huh? I'm gonna take you back to the ocean!
  • "Moby roars again and battle starts"

Moby will be positioned on the far horizon of the water, he will be throwing fireballs at you. Every time, getting closer to the edge, pirate ships will be present that are holding Menacing Sharks that shoot harpoons at you, you can shoot the Sharks or just wait until Moby gets closer, which he will destroy them easily. Once Moby gets close to the edge, he will beach himself on the ice and throw fireballs and icy rays at you that freeze you if they hit, he will also turn around and swing his tail at the ice. To attack him, wait until he gets beached and when he slams his head, shoot it and he will fall, head to him and shoot him various times in the head. Repeat the process and Moby Dick will go back to the ocean, giving up.

  • Carmelita: Bentley, now do you think its a mammal!?
  • Bentley: All right! Its a fish! Nice work Carmelita, you showed that whale who's boss!
  • Carmelita: ahem!
  • Bentley: Fish...

Job Complete!

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