"This Moat Monster is much better than the first model, much stronger, by 150%!"
— Penelope to D'Artagnan

The Moat Monster is a mechanical three-headed dragon invented by Penelope and D'Artagnan Le Paradox. It's an upgrade that fixes all glitches from the first model, and makes it stronger by 150%, according to Penelope.


Penelope needed much more strength, so she decided to work alongside D'Artagnan Le Paradox to upgrade the prototype Moat Monster from Medieval England, she even foreshadowed it by saying back in England "Hmph! It was just a prototype anyway!". She changed its design and color too.


While hearing about the Moat Monster 2.0 living underneath a gigantic factory made for the Monster, Carmelita headed inside to have a rematch with the beast. When she arrived, the monster noticed her and talked to her in a computerized voice saying "You are the fox that destroyed me back in Medieval England, you will prepare for an immediate loss." The monster then opened its large wings and fought the fox with various missiles & fire but despite the update, got destroyed by Carmelita and left it shut down inside the factory.


The battle takes place in a large rotating platform that spins around causing unbalanced moves. The Moat Monster stays in the back throwing exploding fireballs or throwing larger & quicker missiles at you. It can also send small baby mechanical dragons (also upgraded) that can shoot larger fire and ram you if far. To hit it, wait until it uses his fire attack & shoot a head when it is finished or the shot will get burnt. If you hit many times, it will become dizzy but be careful, it gets up in 2 seconds if you're not fast. When you reach it's head, press the R1 button many times to shoot the eyes. Repeat with the others and you will win. The music for the battle is a more dramatic remix of this


The Moat Monster 2.0 looks almost exactly like its prototype except he's dark gray in color with glowing red eyes and has more spikes going down their necks. Penelope's logo can be seen in the middle head.


It can shoot missiles, exploding fireballs, summon baby mech dragons 2.0 or shoot fire. It also capable of rotating the wings very fast to push you off.

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