"I practiced rhythmic ribbon when I was I am a fierce dancer with my baton. I would be overjoyed to show you."
— Sunscreen starting her battle

Ms. Sunscreen

Ms. Sunscreen's artwork

Miss Sunscreen is an anthropomorphic Monitor Lizard. She along with L.A.R are the bosses of Bio-Ray Isle and the main antagonists of Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. She is voiced by Eliza Jane Schneider.


Once a wealthy aristocrat, Sunscreen was the richest woman on Arabia, even more so than the president. She spectated for the infamous Camel Races on Arabia and betted all her money on the winning team, Arabian Wranglers, whom always won every race. Unfortunately, the losing team, Rusty Bactrians, somehow won and Sunscreen lost ALL her money. Turning to a life of crime to gain money, she was the top thief on Arabia until she disappeared from the thieving community. Some say she was killed by a Scorpion and others say she was swallowed by a Killer Whale but in reality, she was planning L.A.R's plan along with him and recruiting all the members of his team.


L.A.R's Plan

After disappearing from the thieving community, she joined L.A.R's master plan and worked on building the Bio-Ray while the snake himself hired guards and mercenaries for the various time periods. She even ordered a mech from a new illegal company called "Black Market" that sells powerful mechs. She bought a mech called the "Black Mamba" from a mouse, the mech was powerful and defensive and could upgrade to a bigger mech when all else fails.

She was to study up on the "Thievius Raccoonus" (a cheap knockoff from the Cooper book that L.A.R memorized and wrote all moves there) on behalf of L.A.R's orders. She learned how to Spire Jump, Rail Slide, Rail Walk, Hook Climb, Pole Climb, Turn Invisible, Hook Jump, Crawl and Wall Sneak too. Making Sunscreen a formidable opponent against Sly with the Mamba suit and abilities, even using a "cane" which is her smoke stick.


L.A.R preferably sent Sunscreen out to survey the area or look for something, but he may accompany her too. She first appeared as a projection in WW1 Germany along with L.A.R when Murray defeated Baron Van Brrr and Daisy Roselia. Trying to convince the gang to give up on their mission. They then appeared both as another projection in Iron Age Scotland after defeating Ozzie Devlin and Terry Trumpety. They proceeded to insult their chances of beating them and ordered some guards to attack the time machine van which made them arrive on the Mayan Empire. When the gang reached the Mayan Empire and defeated Boris Constrictor and Sir Aaron, L.A.R and Sunscreen appeared again to mock them due to their van being destroyed and went away.

The gang finally repaired their van and headed to Bio-Ray Isle, unaware of their arrival, both reptiles carried on their operations without them knowing. She appeared sometimes on missions like when Murray entered the engine rooms, Bentley needed to analyze an item that Sunscreen had, and L.A.R and Sunscreen went to the toxic waste dump too. She finally appeared on the operation.

Operation: It Ends Here!

While L.A.R headed upwards to the peak of the mountain, Sunscreen and the Black Mamba tried to stop Sly from getting any further. First Sunscreen losing against Cooper, she summoned the Mamba to attack Sly, failing again. She ran away to the peak where L.A.R's Bio-Ray was located and her Black Mamba mech merged with the Ray, turning int a giant mechanical menace. After Sly defeated her mech and Bio-Ray, L.A.R took out his secret weapon, Clockwerk. They've been working on the owl ever since, he placed Clockwerk's soul in the frame and both reptiles started cackling at the birth of the owl. After a tough battle with the old owl, L.A.R got very mad he battled Sly along with Sunscreen. Losing and their Ray blowing up, L.A.R was thrown to the ocean and drowned while Sunscreen was not shot that hard, ending up in the Bio-Ray Isle's beach where a Interpol Helicopter arrested her.

New Leaf

After getting out of jail, Sunscreen started working on a job while earning lots of money, she has left her evil ways and now is a good friend of the Cooper Gang.

Thief Meter

Sunscreen's thief meter is light green. Sunscreen's face is in the middle and she's holding her smoke stick always on her mouth similar to El Jefe's which is smoking constantly.


Miss Sunscreen is a greedy, sadistic, egotistical and rude music snob. She always does things for money especially if it's large amounts and doesn't like lending money to others or even lose it. She likes to talk about herself and doesn't care for anyone's safety and can be very rude.


Miss Sunscreen is an anthropomorphic Monitor Lizard. She's light green in color with blue eyes, white hair, pink coat with white feathers, yellow bracelet on her left hand and a black retro beret with three feathers sticking up. She also always carries her smoke stick wherever she goes.


Sunscreen is somehow good with mechanics showing how she created parts of the Bio-Ray. She is fast and can ignite fire with just her smoke stick. She is also athletic like Sly, seeing how she can do almost all of the Cooper moves that Sly knows. She can be also quite intelligent, seeing how she remembered all the moves by just reading them.


  • Giving her fur coat and appearance, Sunscreen was probably a scrapped boss from TiT. She would have probably been the boss of Ancient Arabia.
    • She bears s resemblance to Cruella De Vil like Decibel.
  • Sunscreen is the most fought boss in the Sly Cooper series, with a total of 4 fights: first is the Cooper move one, second is the Black Mamba one, third is she and L.A.R piloting the Bio-Mamba and the last one is the real confrontation against her and L.A.R.
  • Defeating Sunscreen in the first battle awards the player the "Sunburn" trophy.
  • Defeating the Bio-Mamba awards the player the "Snake Exterminator" trophy.
  • Defeating Sunscreen along with L.A.R awards the player the "Is it the End?" trophy.

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