Metaloud Rock Town is the first level in the DLC pack "Honor Among Thieves" for Thieves Back in Action. The boss here is Death Adder the Frill-Necked Lizard.


  • Purple Houses
  • Purple Town
  • Adder's Concert
  • Adder's insignia painted to the town
  • Grassy Areas
  • Water
  • Fountain
  • Bridge
  • Streets
  • Streetlight
  • Poles
  • Pipes
  • Ropes
  • Big Stones
  • Clue Bottles
  • Secret Sly masks
  • Safehouse

Rock Town has been painted purple and Adder's logo was splattered around town. The town's landscape is almost similar to Prague only the place it's at daytime, the houses are painted purple and the music is not the same. A small lake is located in the middle of town that it's only connected by bridges, the bridge is guarded by flashlight guards, there is also a pipe a long the bridge to avoid the guards. True to the name Rock Town, the place has actual rocks in the area which can be jumped on, bigger ones are situated all round town.



The music for the place is an instrumental version of Adder's "Rock my Heart" song. The fight music is an extreme playing of an electric guitar with various drums adorning it.

Pickpocket Treasures

  • 500~Adder's Autograph
  • 300~Reptilian Scale
  • 100~Guitar Pick


  • Metaloud Rock Town is one of the many fictional locations of the Sly Cooper series.

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