Merlin's Hat is the safe Treasure in the Mystic Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


"Merlin Paradox was one of the greatest wizards in Eurtopia, as well as best friends with the nomad wizard and thief, Cornelius Luper. When Merlin found his friend dead in the woods and the corpse's son, Dëma, the wizard took the raccoon kit in as his apprentice and unofficial adopted son. He trained him along with his true son, Critine, and two new aprrentices named Benedict and Marik. Unfortunately, he was executed on the day after he and his apprentices made a heist. His hat was the center of his magic and so was locked away. It seems to grant people greater stealth and also allows Dëma to use his space and time magic for a much longer period of time."


The safe is in the castle. It is only reachable after "Tech Isn't Everything". The access code is "6-1-6-2-6" and the passwords are "Sorcery", "Wizard", and "Magic".

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