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The Medieval Universe is the hub level of "Rob-bin' King" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. Its hub area is the land of Parilot, a mix between the fictional Camelot and modern day Paris.


Little Robin in the Cage
The Opera Assault
Flying Arrows
Under the Hood
Rob-eo and Car'liet
Great Flames of Helios!
Tech in the Village
Bozos with Boos and Booze
Operation: All Hail the Thieves!



  • Commodore's Crown
  • Ruby Arrow


  • Rob O'Coop-Er - alternate of Sly Cooper
  • Pence - alternate of Bentley
  • Lil' Mar - alternate of Murray
  • Lady Carmivere - alternate of Carmelita Fox
  • Octjohn - alternate of Don Ovtavio
  • Sir Percyrille - alternate of Cyrille le Paradox
  • Sir Torth - alternate of Toothpick
  • Sir Jeflet - alternate of El Jefe
  • Sir Arpeth - alternate of Arpeggio
  • Sir Grizzain - alternate of The Grizz
  • Morgala - alternate of Neyla



The setting kingdom, Parilot, is based off of the tales of Robin Hood, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and the belief of the Greek gods.


Hefty Horses: Serve as flashlight guards. These horses are black in color with a gray mane and tail. They wear knight plating for armor and it's shown to be loud in-game. Their weapon of choice is a bow and arrows along with a lantern to see.

Squire Squirrels: These squirrels are light brown with a lighter underside. They wear red suits with brown pants along with white gloves and the usual bushy tail. They carry a spear to attack.

Wild Weasels: These weasels are dark brown with a light brown underside. They dress in fool costumes and carry a squeaky mallet to attack you.



  • The main villains of Sly 2 and the male villains in TiT make a return in this episode with all males the Knights of the Round Table and the one female, Neyla, being a witch.

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