The Mech Pigeons are enemy guards encountered in almost every level and especially in the level France, Paris in the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action. They are one of two rooftop guards hired by Penelope.


These cyborg birds are the Passenger Pidgeon kind, now extinct. They have brown feathers with a gray head and also have mechanical wings and a robotic piece for their right eyes which are red in color. They have orange bellies and can charge electricity through their wings. They communicate with robotic chirps & annoying kecks.


When close, they swipe their wings quickly, when near, they shoot a electrical shockwave, when far, they ram you while covered in electricity.


  • Credit to ScorpionTail for species idea.
  • These guards were going to be Cyborg Mice but were scrapped due to looking identical to Le Paradox's guards.

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