The Matey Mice are enemy guards encountered in the level Imperial Spain in the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action. They are one of the two rooftop guards,that Lion S. Blandon hired.


These rodents are white in color with red eyes, brown limbs and a light brown tail. They wear a blue sailor suit (kinda like Donald Duck's) and the same cap he wears (again Donald Duck's). They carry a cutlass in their right hands for attacking. They communicate with only by squeaking.


When close, they do a simple swipe of the cutlass, when near, they sidestep forward with the cutlass forward too, when far, they jump at you with the cutlass and land in the ground with the sword stuck in the ground which they immediately pull up.


  • These guards are somewhat similar in appearance to Donald Duck, they both wear the same clothes and have a white body.

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