Master of Disaster is a mission in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (What If Edition). The mission is in the Wild West and the boss of the mission is Amber.


  • Defeat the mysterious enemy...

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with "Tennessee Kid" Cooper. Once he reaches the marker just outside of the mine, a cutscene begins.

  • "Tennessee Kid": ("Tennessee Kid" hears a loud sound coming from town.) Well I'll be a son of a gun! That sounded louder than fireworks on the 4th of July!! I have to check this out!
  • Bentley: Be careful, Tennessee. That sound was definitely not from anything you're familiar with.
  • "Tennessee Kid": Don't you worry, Bentley! I'll have everything taken care of!

"Tennessee Kid" Cooper must simply Rail-Slide on the railroad track to reach the area near the bridge. As soon as he does, he'll be transported to an arena that feels like a fusion between the Wild West and Sly's Father's Time. A cutscene will begin once "Tennessee Kid" Cooper reaches the arena's center.

  • Amber: G'day, mate! ("Tennessee Kid" Cooper quickly turns around, cocking his gun in case the person behind him was hostile.)
  • "Tennessee Kid": Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. It's just What's that thing you have in your arms?
  • Amber: Nothing much, mate. Ever hear of a guitar? Well, mine is electric!
  • "Tennessee Kid": Really? Well, that sounds about as cool as a bucking bronco on Thursday!
  • Amber: Oh really? Check this out! (Amber plays her guitar, hurting "Tennessee's" ears.)
  • "Tennessee Kid": I don't like it anymore!! Okay, lady, I don't like that music, so can you stop playing it?! It's really hurting my ears!!
  • Amber: (Amber adjusts her guitar so that electricity begins to be emitted from it. "Tennessee Kid" backs away from her in case things got worse.) No. I'm not stopping, mate. And you'll be flying several yards away with this baby!! (Amber and "Tennessee Kid" get ready to fight.)

Crackshot Mode is key to defeating Amber in this battle. She'll hop to a floating platform and play her guitar, generating explosive musical notes that will greatly damage TK on impact. Attempting to fire at Amber will do no good; she'll just use her guitar to generate a sound wave that will push her away from the shot. However, using Crackshot Mode to blow up the musical note bombs while they're close to Amber will knock her out, allowing TK to rush in and attack Amber up close, whittling away her HP. This is tough to do, as Amber's bombs explode very quickly. Her bombs will start to have different effects as the fight goes on, including freezing TK in place or electrocuting him. When Amber's HP is down by half, she gets into a fit of rage and begins firing a beam of musical notes from her guitar. Considering the size of the arena is rather small, TK doesn't have much room to move.

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