Lost Mind is the name of a mission in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (What If Edition). It is in Ancient Arabia and Red Rum Roger is the boss in this mission.


  • Defeat the mysterious enemy...

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Salim Al-Kupar. Once his reaches the marker on top of the hideout, a cutscene begins.

  • Salim: (Salim looks out into the distance and sees a pirate ship heading his way.) By the beard of Ali Baba, what is that thing?!
  • Bentley: It looks like pirates have arrived. Great. Just what we needed. More threats to deal with. Hmm... Listen, do you think you can handle this?
  • Salim: Don't tell me. You want me to raid the ship?
  • Bentley: That's it exactly!!
  • Salim: No, no, I won't do it. It'll hurt my back.
  • Bentley: No excuses, Salim. You're out and about right now, so you need to get on that ship and stop those pirates.
  • Salim: Fine, I'll go. But then I eat afterward. (Mysterious barrels float above the water, which make a path toward the pirate ship.)

All Salim must do is jump on the barrels and reach the pirate ship. This teleports Salim to a hidden arena with a fusion of the arabian and pirate theme to it. A cutscene begins once Salim reaches the arena's center.

  • Salim: (Salim looks around. Eventually, he sees a short-tailed albatross wearing an orange tuxedo and a pirate hat on a platform looking down at him.) You know, that seems very dangerous being up so high.
  • RRR: AR!! You be an odd sort of fellow, aren't you, matey?! (Red Rum Roger flies down to the bottom of the arena.) You better prepare yourself, matey, or you're going to be shark food fast. (Red Rum Roger takes out his sword and he and Salim get ready to fight each other.)

Red Rum Roger will begin the fight on a high platform and fire his hand cannon at Salim. Salim must avoid the cannonballs use the poles close by to climb up to Roger. However, snakes will slither up the poles, so Salim will need to use his Cobra Climb move. Once Salim reaches Roger, he will attempt to blast Salim off of the platform. However, a quick hit with Salim's cane will damage Roger, sending him flying off of the platform, which Roger will blow up with his hand cannon. This strategy continues four times until all four platforms in the arena are destroyed. This forces Salim to fight Roger up close and personal. Salim must avoid Roger's hand cannon and sword attacks, and attack Roger when Salim is behind him. However, once Roger's HP is down by half, Roger will fly out of the arena, which is beginning to flood. Salim must quickly head to higher ground by climbing up ropes leading to the next arena. Roger's strategy now consists of using elemental attack consisting of ice and water. Salim must climb up a pole and onto a platform to jump off of, and once Salim jumps, he must immediately attack Roger before being blown up by Roger's hand cannon. The poles in the second arena will freeze after being used successfully, making them unusable for the remainder of the fight. Once Roger's HP is zero, a cutscene begins.

  • Salim: (Red Rum Roger falls down on his back, incapacitated. He vanishes shortly afterward, leaving behind a floating Crystal Sly Mask.) Hmm? What's this? (As soon as Salim touches it, the Crystal Sly Mask falls to the ground.) A crystal? (Salim picks up the priceless item.) What a beautiful gem. I think it will make for a nice footrest.
  • Bentley: Wait!! Don't do that, Salim! Take it to the hideout! We can put it on display in the rest of the treasure we found.
  • Salim: Okay, okay, okay. But then afterward, I eat.
  • Bentley: Deal.

Job Complete


  • The title of the mission references Penelope's codename in Age of Thieves, "The Mind".

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