London, England

London, England is a DLC level in the pack "The Original Five". The boss here is Sir Raleigh the frog.


The first thing you see is the Big Ben, which is really Sir Raleigh's base of operations. After some wandering around, you'll see The Tower, along with The Tower Bridge, Sly can enter The Tower, as it is an optional room. Another optional place is Hyde Park, a huge park that is PACKED with guards (in the second to last mission, you steal a submarine and dive in the parks' pond to destroy all 40 chests to steal the Treasure Key).
Raleigh's Base of Operations



The music has a mysterious vibe with rain sound effect falling and regal trumpets adorning along with violins. The fight music turns into a remix of A Stealthy Approach- Enemy Encounter.

Pickpocket Treasures

  • 500- Welsh Plunder
  • 300- Silver Gear
  • 100- Gold stopwatch

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