London is the second (and last) level visited by the Cooper Gang in Sly Cooper: Inside a Mind. It's kind of a hub world where most of the optional jobs available can be activated.


The level is set in the urban parts of London (at dawn, a day after Carmelita's arrival to it) but it is possible to venture in the countryside as well. Most of the houses make a very good platform to observe the surroundings and it is possible to explore a good part of the city by gliding off the Big Ben, although the level is really vast and with a lot of treasures to collect.

  • Sunny 
  • Clear sky (with some white clouds)
  • British Museum
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • London Underground
  • Regent's Park
  • Scotland Yard
  • Ludwig's Villa 
  • Clue Bottles
  • Big Ben (also Safehouse)
  • Lots of traditional little houses
  • Guards


Flashlight guards: Hawks

Rooftop guards: Corgi dogs & Foxes


  • Ludwig's Cigarette Holder
  • Queen's Crown
  • Cyrus Cylinder
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Precious Top Hat
  • Jeweled Umbrella
  • Celtic Coin
  • Pearl Necklace (pickpocket)
  • Gold Pocketwatch (pickpocket)
  • Platinum Brooch (pickpocket)

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