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"Little Robin in the Cage" is the first mission in "Rob-bin' King" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Find the Medieval Universe's Sly.
  • Rescue the Medieval Sly.

How to Complete and Dialogue

The mission begins with Dëma. The marker is at the top of a high tower. Dëma will pull out his binocucom.

Dëma: A new universe, yet very similar to home... at least I feel less homesick.

Bentley: It's good to see you're feeling well again, Dëma, after that not-so-stomach-settling ride.

Dëma: Uuugh, did you have to bring that up? Just thinking about it is going to make my head burst.

Bentley: Uh, my bad. Well, to get your mind off of it, get to the mission. With the Cooper DNA track function in your binocucom, you will be able to find traces of  Cooper DNA on objects. With it, you can easily locate this universe's Cooper.

Dëma: Well, let's hope he doesn't take my appearance the wrong way.

Using the binocucom, follow the yellow path of footprints in the blue scene. The footprints lead to the exit of town. A cutscene will begin with the trees on his left shaking violently, even though there was just a breeze. Dëma stops dead in his tracks then hides behind the trees opposite of them. Jumping out of the trees was Sly, but he was in an archer's outfit, holding a bow, and he looked a little stressed.

Rob O'Coop-Er: The Robber

Before he could make a run for it, squirrels and horses in armor have him surrounded. A squirrel grabs his bow, but he wouldn't give it up. A horse grabs him by the waist and tries to pry him off. Soon arriving came a black bear and a skunk like Critne, both in heavier armor.

??? (bear): Yo, squires! Hurry up with that Coop's bow! The king ain't got all day!

Finally, the Squire Squirrel pries the bow from the raccoon.

Rob: No! Give it back!

The squire tosses the bow to the knights. The skunk catches it as the other squires struggle to tie him in rope.

??? (skunk): Ha ha! Success! Thou lose, O'Coop-Er!

Rob: (glares at the knights) Thou won't get away with this, Percyrille! Thy "knights" shall one day fall to true justice!

Percyrille: Yes, yes. Here comes thy big threats when thou can not do anything. Especially... (two horses run up with a cart with rocks) when thou will drown at the bottom of the gulch!

The horses toss the raccoon into the cart and it takes off down the road away from the village.

Percyrille: At last! O'Coop-Er shall be no more! Once word goes out, the rebellion's defeat is all but assured!

???: Them players have something comin' arrow speed at them! (both laugh evilly as they left, the squirrels and remaining horses following them)

Dëma: This... not good. (hears a horn behind him and sees the van with Sly on top)

Sly: Come on, D! We have to hurry if we're gonna catch that cart!

Dëma: (nods with confidence) On it! (gets on the van with Sly's help)

Sly: Go, Murray!

Murray: Buckle up, you two!

Gameplay switches to Murray or more specifically the van. The camera view is above the van. A gauge is on the bottom, showing the distance between the van (van icon) and the cart (cart icon). The van has to pass the cart for the mission to be a success. Use the left analog stick to move the van left, right, speed up or slow down to avoid trees, animal traps and little critter packs. Once the van icon is on the other end of the gauge before the cart icon, a cutscene will play with Murray stopping the van with a turn of friction before it it could fall into the gulch. Dëma slips off the top, but grabs onto the end of Sly's cane before he could plummet down to the water below. From below, the cart was nearing the gulch. The horses jump away and the cart keeps moving. Dëma, hanging for life over the gulch, sees it coming and uses magic to make a wall of air in front of it, making it stop once it slammed into the wall. Rob, still tied up, looks a little confused when he looked at the front and saw nothing there. Sly pulls his Mystic counterpart up before said counterpart dashes to Rob by jumping off and using his gravity magic to slow his fall. He lands next to the cart. Rob, of course, is a little shocked to see a wizard that looked just like him.

Rob: Who in the name of Zeus art thou, wizard?!

Dëma: Uh, I'm Dëma. Listen, I know this is all very confusing, but--

Rob: No, no. I understand. Nice little hocus pocus thou got on there. Hmph. Looks like the real thing.

Dëma: Uh, no. I'm not currently using any kind of magic. This is really what I look like.

Rob: Oh. Clone then?

Dëma: (slaps forehead) I'm thou! From a different universe! Something is wrong here and we need thy help!

Sly: Hey, D, I don't think yelling's actually helping the situation.

Rob: (stares at Sly in utter shock) ...

Sly: (notices Rob's stares) Uh... hi. I'm, uh... like Dëma here, but not from the same universe. What he just said is true and, well... (rubs the back of his neck)

Rob: If this is a trick of Hermes, someone wake me up.

Dëma: It's not, unfortunately. (whispers to Sly) Who's Zeus and Hermes?

Sly: Greek gods. I'll tell you later. (focuses on Rob, then the rope binding him) Oh, what were we thinking? You're still tied up. (undoes the knot of the rope, loosening it) The name's Sly. Sly Cooper. His is Luper.

Dëma: What be thy name, fellow Coop?

Rob: (gets out of cart) Call me Rob. Rob O'Coop-Er. Now, I don't get this whole "other dimension" thing so...

Dëma: Yeah, we'll explain that when we get somewhere where they are less likely to find us.

Rob: Well then, I know just the place.

Job Complete

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