" Har, Har, Har, Ye think you could outsmart me?! Ye vessel be just as horrible as usual!"
— Lion upon being confronted by Sly

Lion S. Blandon

Lion S. Blandon is a pirate sea lion that appears in the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back In Action. He is the boss of Episode 2: Discovering Evil.


Lion S. Blandon grew up to be a hearty young man, he saw a movie about America and got very interested in the concepts. Eventually, he bought a ship to sail to Spain to see if the myths were true. Of course, he didn't see anything he read in his books. He got mad with all this and became a real pirate, robbing from other pirates and even stealing from Captain Lefwee. He met a mouse whom gave him a choice to go to Imperial Spain to find Sly Cooper's Spanish ancestor Christopher Cooper. He agreed to this and got sent in time to Imperial Spain 1493 a.d.


Capturing the ancestor

Lion was easily amazed by all the history of the place and started walking about the place with high hopes, he remembered his mission and hired guards to search for Christopher Cooper at all times, and chasing off any citizens in the town. His guards found him and was overpowered due to the technology available which Christopher was clueless. They throwed him into a prison cell with other inmates while Lion was going to discover America, overwriting history.

The arrival

The Cooper Gang arrived on the time period where many guards were patrolling the streets all day. They quickly hid in a boat Safehouse and got ready for missions. One of the missions was looking for a map of Lion's route map to America, they found it but it was in Lion's back pocket while he was talking on the phone with his leader.

The pirate operation

It was Lion's big day, he quickly got ready and brought some of his guards to his ship to sail. The gang used their Safehouse ship to sail across the ocean, after battling The Sea Serpent, they got near to Lion's boat which Lion noticed being followed. He threw bombs at the gang's boat which broke the mast, Bentley managed to grab a thrown bomb and hurled it back to Lion's ship which broke his mast too. Enraged, he grabbed a sword enhanced by power to kill Sly. Eventually, Lion lost against Sly and he smacked his power sword to the ocean, leaving Sly to give him a final whack with his cane and left collapsed in the ground.

New Leaf

Lion was sent in time to the present day and incarcerated for his actions. He spends his free time reading books.


Ramming Goats

These goats carry an old oil lamp and a pistol for shooting. They can attack with their big horns or their pistols for close range, they wear Spanish clothes with a pirate hat that's two holes for their horns, they are gray in color with black hooves.

Cocky Roosters

These birds don't carry anything but they are very feisty, they can attack close by pecking or lunging at you with their wings opened and feet. They look like normal rooster and wear a white shirt with green stripes, they also wear a white blue striped sailor band on their heads with a opening for their crest.

Matey Mice

These small rodents carry a little cutlass to attack any foe intruding Lion's territory. They wear sailor clothes and are white in color with a brown tail.


Lion S. Blandon acts almost like Lefwee except he's a little less harsher. He is very confident in his pirate acts and likes to brag about it with everybody. He also thinks ahead with his plans like commanding a giant Sea Serpent, or having cannons unlike Sly's ship.


Lion is a California Sea Lion that is dark brown in color with a light brown snout. He wears a white-red striped- shirt and a Spanish captain's hat. He has a small tail and has flippers for hands and feet and always carries his power sword, the power sword is actually a cutlass and looks normally like one except it is imbued in a blue aura.


Lion is an exceptional swordsman and pirate capable of intimidating his guards and even "The Murray". Giving his power sword he uses in his battle, he can shoot slices of energy and shock waves from that sword. It can also send waves of magical piranhas from it. He also commands a large Sea Serpent.

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