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Le dude

"Radical, dude! You made it! I was totally looking forward to beating the stuffing out of you today."
— Le Dude, greeting the Cooper Gang once they reached him in the mine.

Le Dude, real name Lenard Dudely, is an anthropomorphic American goshawk that appears in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. He is the boss of Celtic Scotland.


Le Dude was once a professional skateboarder from Santa Monica, California, with many video games and movies dedicated to him. However, his fame got turned into infamy when he and a group of friends decided to rob a bank. When their ringleader abandoned him, he and his fellow robbers were sent to jail, and Le Dude's celebrity status was completely ruined. Ever since then, Le Dude has held a serious grudge against law enforcement, and has taken it upon himself to break as many laws as possible. That is, if they aren't too serious, like murder. He has since become a weapon smuggler in various countries, aiding criminal syndicates the world over in arming themselves for bank robberies and other such things.


Alliance with Penelope and Chronos

Upon Penelope's request, Chronos summoned Le Dude to aid in their time-traveling endeavors. What they weren't expecting was for Le Dude to be a blabbermouth. To get rid of him yet at the same time have Le Dude assist them, Penelope and Chronos sent Le Dude to Celtic Scotland without Le Dude ever choosing a destination. Prior to being sent back in time, Le Dude was informed that fellow mercenary Gustav Gale would be cooperating with Le Dude on weapons development, as Penelope was busy with data analysis and thus was too preoccupied to do anything at the moment.

Painting the Town Red

Le Dude's arrival in Celtic Scotland was met with much hostility, especially from Slaigh MacCooper and Agnes-Aggy MacFox, who knew full well that Le Dude was up to no good. For interfering with Le Dude's agenda, Slaigh and Agnes were overpowered and held captive in Le Dude's fortress. Afterward, Le Dude began to begin mining operations underneath of the loch, for the metals underneath of the loch were both highly durable and exactly what some of the weapons needed to be in order for the weapons to be as powerful as they were.

Encounters with the Cooper Gang

By the time Sly and the gang arrived in Celtic Scotland, Le Dude had already done lots of damage to the social structure of Celtic Scotland, creating mass anarchy all over while Le Dude's orders were being carried out. When Sly and Bentley rescued Slaigh, they catch a glimpse of Le Dude before they have to leave the fort. After Slaigh informs them of the situation, Sly and the gang quickly come up with a plan of action to deal with the threat personally.

Sly, Murray and Bentley encounter Le Dude on three separate occasions. The first is when Bentley uses his RC Car to follow Le Dude into the mining facility, only for the RC Car to be stolen by Le Dude's rooftop guards and destroyed. Murray had to fend off Le Dude and his men from infiltrating the mystical chamber, which would be needed to summon Nessie. Sly challenges Le Dude to a series skateboarding quicktime event to win a key unlocking a door to a hidden skate park in Le Dude's mining facility. Carmelita and Le Dude finally get to face off in the final mission in Celtic Scotland, as Carmelita must save the Cooper Gang from being burned to death in the mine's forge. Once Carmelita revealed that she was going to arrest Le Dude, Le Dude went berserk and, using the mystical runes he had stolen from the bottom of the loch, set himself on fire and attacked Carmelita with all of his might, knowing that she was a cop.

Defeat and Incarceration

Carmelita's fight with Le Dude would end horribly for Le Dude, having some burn marks all over his body. A time anomaly sent Le Dude back to the present, where he was arrested for his crimes.

During the end credits, it's revealed that Le Dude got an early parole and turned a new leaf, restarting his skateboarding career with the money he earned from his autobiography "The Gnarly and Radical Life of Le Dude".


Like the rest of the time-traveling mercenaries, Le Dude wears a tuxedo bearing Penelope's logo, which in this case is located on Le Dude's right knee. The tuxedo itself is dark green in color. Strapped to his back is a pack that contains his skateboard. Height-wise, he is just a little shorter than Sly Cooper, but with his greaser-like hairdo, Le Dude looks a little taller than he is. Le Dude also has blue eyes with a small scar underneath of his left one, most likely from a wipeout that got out of hand. He also has a scar on his beak in the shape on an X.


As pointed out by Chronos himself, Le Dude isn't very intelligent. In fact, Chronos specifically calls Le Dude an imbecile. Having no real modesty to speak of, Le Dude cares too deeply about his self-image, sometimes to the point of narcissism. Whenever he does something, he hopes that he'll find something exciting about it, lest he loses interest and gets bored. Constantly seeking entertainment, he goes out of his way to find the next big thrill. However, when he hears words like "police", "arrest" or "prison", he loses his temper due to his grudge against law enforcement as a whole. For this reason, he also specifically hates Carmelita the most out of every member of the Cooper Gang because of her status in Interpol. An anarchist at heart, he hates taking orders, but doesn't mind following them if the reward is great enough. He'll even issue out some orders himself. Given his tendency to miss the point and not understand complicated or big words, and given his own self absorption, he is technically the comic relief of the time-traveling mercenaries.


Le Dude was once famous for his skateboarding skills, which has, thankfully for him, not gotten rusty over the years. In battle, he tends to use this skateboard a lot. Also in battle, he has the ability to set himself on fire and fly around the arena he and Carmelita battle in. When in flight, he shows that he is more than capable of flying around incredibly fast, turning on a dime and making Carmelita's shots miss most of the time.


Diabolical Deer

These are Le Dude's personal flashlight guards.

Monstrous Martens

The Monstrous Martens are one of Le Dude's two kinds of rooftop guards.

Callous Crows

The Callous Crows are the second of Le Dude's rooftop guard types.



  • Chronos gave Le Dude the codename "The Grudge" due to his issues with law enforcement.
  • Le Dude's hometown, Santa Monica, is a reference to Santa Monica Studios, the makers of the God of War franchise.
  • Defeating Le Dude will earn the player the "Wipeout" Trophy.

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