" I will end all Coopers! I will become the greatest villain the world has ever known!"
— L.A.R shouting in his battle

L.A.R ( Larry Arthur Rich)is an anaconda and the main antagonist and final boss of the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. He is faced on Episode 10: It Ends Here!


L.A.R loved watching movies when he was young, he was very interested in the role of villain and admired their cunning and evil plans. L.A.R as an adult, made his first crime and loved the emotion and escaping from the law. He became Europe's Second Most Wanted Criminal (first being Sly and his gang) and devised evil plans all round the world, until his most evil plan, blowing up the Earth to create his own one.

Creepy Stalker

His most evil plan started as far as when Sly stole the files in the Police Headquarters. He followed the gang through their whole adventures, appearing in Krack-Karov Volcano watching Sly's fight against Clockwerk, also appearing when Sly defeated Clock-La. Even appeared in Kaine Island stalking the gang and heard about Sly's "amnesia" and almost suspended his plan until Sly's up come as a thief, he was there when Le Paradox's Blimp fell down and uttered his final steps in the plan.

Team Dark Ray

To develop a Death Ray, he needed many things for it to work properly so he rounded up a team to go collect the minerals he needed. After hearing that Sly was rescued from Ancient Egypt, he began preparing his fortress to be "raccoon-free" and hired guards to help him. He sent his guards to the various locations to collect the things in UFOs. Sly was the only one who noticed them everytime, he gave Bentley a possibility that the last member was situated on the Moon.

L.A.R's Metropolis

Bentley outfitted the van with a rocket wings to fly up high into space. After they did that, they went quickly on the moon where they noticed a glass dome covered city poking out of the craters. They landed on the moon and their Safehouse was the van. This city was L.A.R's Metropolis which he created to honor himself for creating a death ray. The city was red with tall buildings and alien guards patrolling the streets. A security blimp flew around the city with searchlights that if someone gets caught, sounds an alarm to alert guards to your position.

L.A.R's Toxic Dump

A mission involving Bentley to study the toxics in the moon led him to the Toxic Dump. L.A.R was located there talking with a flashlight guard about their own empire and left the area laughing maniacally. Bentley contacted Sly about this and then proceeded to get a sample of the toxic.

It Ends Here

After many missions, it was time to destroy the Death Ray. The gang walked to the main building in L.A.R's Metropolis, where they started getting ready for their biggest battle yet. After the maze was complete, L.A.R's Death Ray room was seen where he appeared, he started to tell him, he was the one that told Clockwerk where Sly's Father lived, he was the one that drove Neyla to the bad side, he was the one who made Dr. M crazy with his "friendship" thoughts, he was the one that told Penelope that Sly was a bad influence and he was the one that told Le Paradox that he could get revenge on the Coopers by stealing their canes. The source of all Sly's problems was standing there, laughing and mocking his "so-called friends". Sly got very mad and started the battle against L.A.R and his Death Ray. After a long battle, Sly defeated the true villain and his Death Ray exploded, sending L.A.R deep into space, never to be seen again.


4-Eyed Aliens

These flashlight guards carry a ray gun and wear a visor on one of their eyes. They are the strongest flashlight guards you'll ever meet. They are orange in color with a beige belly with black stripes on their backs wearing nothing but boots. The hardest flashlight guards to defeat having a whopping 14 hits to defeat.

Brainiac Aliens

These creepy looking aliens use their massive brains to shoot energy blasts and energy slices. When close, they may slice with their razor hands. They are pink in color with a serpentine body, instead of a mouth, they have beaks. They also wear protective headgear. They are the hardest rooftop guards to defeat, having 6 hits to defeat instead of 3 or 4.

Ray Gun Greys

These humanoid aliens carry energy guns that shoot electric blasts or pink blasts. They can also change their ammo from aqua gun, electric gun, fire gun, ice gun or poisonous gas gun making them the only guards that have more than 2 or 4 attacks. They are gray in color with black eyes without iris, they wear black boots and a bag to hold their gun. They are the hardest secondary guards to defeat having 6 hits to defeat along with the brainiac aliens and the Canada Geese in Sly 2.


L.A.R's personality is like the 4 main antagonists of the past Sly games combined, having the hatred of Clockwerk, having the sneakiness of Neyla, being very intelligent like Dr. M and being strategic and manipulative like Le Paradox. He is also merciless having been capable of destroying the Earth just to build his own empire.


L.A.R is a green anaconda that wears a sleeveless lab coat and has hair that looks like Doctor Brown from Back To The Future. He has a scar under his eye.


L.A.R has very good intelligence, having created a Death Ray. He is also a good swordsman despite using his tail in the second phase of his battle.


  • L.A.R's flashlight guards resemble the 4-eyed Tyrrahnoids from the game Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.
  • According to the fact of L.A.R stalking the Cooper Gang when they started the police file mission in Paris, L.A.R may be somewhat very old.
  • L.A.R along with Arpeggio, are the only main antagonists that's level has a walkable hub.
  • L.A.R may have met Sly Cooper's Father before.
  • L.A.R's initials maybe a reference to the real life planet Mars, a planet where alien speculations are heard.

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