" Being different doesn't stop you, being different is being fun to other people..."
— Lóng saying a quote

Lóng Fu is a ruthless, intelligent Chinese Dragon that appears in the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action. He is the boss of Imperial China. He is voiced by Jackie Chan.
What he may look like.


As a little lizard, Lóng was constantly bullied due to his small stature and shyness. One day, he was walking home from school and got ganged up by a Chinese Gang that bet him up severely. From that day he swore revenge on all who opposed him and took up meditation high up in the Kunlun Mountains. After 5 years, he grew up to be a fire-breathing, giant dragon that had no mercy in beating up people, his first targets were the Chinese Gang and those whom bullied him in school. He was recruited by "The Mouse" to steal Sly's Chinese Ancestor's cane.

Paris Museum

While Sly was passing through a window in the museum in Paris, he could see Lóng Fu's shadow towering over his fellow teammates whom were Wallace Gray, Lion S. Blandon, Don Karlos, Iris and the teams mysterious leader. He could be heard saying "I wish to go now".


When Lóng arrived in Imperial China, he chased all the people in the village and hired warrior guards to protect his stronghold and look for Sly's Chinese ancestor, Wang Li Cooper. They eventually found him Nd imprisoned him inside a arena where animals can maul the inmates.

Mauling Arena

Lóng could be seen when Murray and Sly entered the building. He was talking to his rooftop guards and headed back into his stronghold, without seeing Sly & Murray.

Following the dragon

When Lóng exited his stronghold, he started walking to his own facility that created fire burners for him to swallow to enhance his fire breathing abilities. Sly found a computer inside and let Bentley hack it.

Operation: Smoke Out!

Sly entered the big stronghold protected by flamethrowers, lasers and spotlights. Bentley hacked the computer there to disable the security and grant access to the inner parts. When Sly entered the inner parts, Lóng was waiting for them while meditating, Sly demanded that Lóng shut down his operation but Lóng ignored saying Chinese proverbs which only some Sly understood that is until Sly insulted his past, that's where Lóng snapped and grabbed Sly and flew to a high mountain. Despite his dragon status and fire abilities enhanced by the fire burners, Lóng lost against Sly, while a team of mouse guards grabbed Wang Li's cane and headed in time somewhere.

New Leaf

Lóng was sent to jail and created a meditation class. On his parole, he opened a Chinese food restaurant that was very successful.


Sly fought Lóng in a high mountain, Lóng could shoot fireballs that burned in the when they touch it, he can also draw a circle of fire to send it like a shockwave. To damage him, when he flys to the front, wait until he drops down to where you are and avoid the attack, he will fall dizzy on the ground if avoided. Attack him many times as possible in this state, he will start calling his rooftop guards to attack you and use different attacks. Repeat the process and you will win.


Crossbow Pandas

These pandas bring a whole new meaning to the term "cuddly" they carry a crossbow and a old Chinese lantern to see. They can attack with their lanterns or crossbows when close. They are black & white in color and wear Chinese warrior armor on their body, on their heads they wear Korean hats.

Black-Faced Spoonbills

A black-faced Spoonbill

These birds attack with karate like moves like a chop with their beaks and for distance, they throw a wooden block upwards and break it with their feet, throwing the sides at you. They are white in color with a black beak and wear only Korean hats.

Karate Red Pandas

These guys carry a bamboo shoot that is used like a karate stick. They use martial arts moves with their sticks. They wear Chinese armor and a Korean hat.


Lóng Fu has a open-minded personality, ending his sentences with Chinese proverbs and being calm and collected even in a crisis. Despite that when insulted from his former self, he goes berserk and will defeat the one who insulted him no matter what. He is also somewhat ruthless.


Lóng Fu can breathe fire and also levitate like a Chinese Dragon. He is also very skilled with a Chinese stick able to use it very quick almost like a blur.


Lóng Fu is a Chinese Dragon that wears glasses and small modern Chinese clothes with pants. On his waist he wears a black belt symbolizing he is very good in karate. He is multicolored in color.

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