Kiss of the Frog is the fourth mission in the level 18th Dynasty Egypt in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns.


  • Enter the animatronic Frog Prince's mouth
  • Traverse the area to find Slytunkhamen's cane
  • Avoid the Animatronic Giant that Hood sends at you and escape unharmed

How to Complete and Dialogue

The mission starts once Bentley reaches the beacon on top of Grandma's House, Bentley will take his binocucom out and contact Dimitri.

  • Bentley: Dimitri, I'll be needing your help.
  • Dimitri: What kind of help, bro?
  • Bentley: Slytunkhamen's cane is deep inside of that robotic frog, and--
  • Dimitri: Frog? No way, bro! It'll ruin the sleaky goodness of Dimitri!
  • Bentley: Huh?
  • Dimitri: It'll ruin my suit, bro! No one messes with Dimitri's suit!
  • Bentley: I said "robotic frog".
  • Dimitri: I don't care, bro! My suit is my life! It makes Dimitri awesome! This is harassment! Polizia!!! (Bentley turns off his binocucom in frustration.)

Once this dialogue is out, head to the Frog Prince and jump inside. The loading screen will appear, once it's out, you'll be inside the Frog's mouth. It's wet and gooey inside with large amounts of water. Hover through the lily pads in the water, a structure will impede your way, just shoot it with an explosive dart or bomb to make the bridge fall down. Head throug the bridge and two Foul Foxes are guarding the area. Bomb them or throw them in the water to defeat them and hack the computer nearby to make some traps deactivated. The hacking minigame will be a System Cracker, once finished, the traps will deactivate and you can continue. A Careless Camel guard is located in front guarding the path, he can be easily beaten by using a sleep dart to avoid him or attack him when he's asleep. Once that's out of the way, head to the right and a cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Well, well, look who we have here! (Bentley hides behind a rock)
  • Hood: (Hood is inside a different room talking with two flashlight guards, he is protected by a glass wall) You two! You better not let anyone suspicious in here! You hear me?!
  • Camels: We near you sir!
  • Hood: Good! Well, I'll just be near you two so nothing happens Capice?
  • Camels: Capice?!
  • Hood: Yes, now, fall out! (The three head to the room in the left and gameplay returns to Bentley)
  • Bentley: Gotta be careful, wouldn't want to get caught.

Head through the hallway and you'll end up in a room, use the explosive bomb on the door to blow it up and enter, you'll be in the same hallway that Hood and the guards were. Head through the same door the three went and you'll end up in an open space room with only three guards: Two camels and Hood. Do not defeat the camels (you can put them to sleep but if you defeat them, Hood will notice) or alert Hood. Here are Hood's quotes if you are seen.

  • Hood: Happily. Ever. AFTER!
  • Hood: Less trouble for me Turtle!
  • Hood: A nice ending if I do say so myself!
  • Hood: Got ya! Finally!
  • Hood: Who's the brain here?! Hahahaha!

Avoid the three by using the environment to your advantage. Once you avoid them, enter hover through the lily pads and use a bomb to crumble two dams that will impede your way, once you reach the dead-end with Slytunkhamen's cane, this cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Aha! This must be his cane! (Bentley tries to grab it but a dagger is thrown almost next to Bentley's hand which spooks Bentley, Bentley turns around and the camera pans to Hood Wool and the two flashlight guards)
  • Hood: Well, well, look who we have here boys! It's the "brain" of the gang!
  • Bentley: What?! How did you notice I was here?!
  • Hood: Easy, I'm the brains here!
  • Bentley: Look woman, I don't want any troub...
  • Camels: (both start giggling to which Hood glares at them and they shut up)
  • Hood: You have forced my hand! Or else you exit out without problems like a smart turtle or steal the cane like a dumb turtle, your choice.
  • Bentley: Do you think I'll listen to you?! (Bentley smashes the glass container and grabs the cane) Who's the brain now?!
  • Hood: Okay! Just get ready for a stomping! (Hood takes out a small device with a red button and presses it, the screen starts to shake and the level is crumbling. The wall opens itself and an animatronic Giant is shown, it awakens. Hood is laughing when this happens) Who plans ahead!? Haha! ME!! REMEMBER THAT!! (Hood runs away with the guards)
  • Bentley: (Bentley turns around to the giant and starts talking) I don't suppose you're a gentle giant no?
  • Giant: Fe Fi Fo Fum! I detect an intruder drinking rum! Although it looks glum, at least I'm not my mum!
  • Bentley: What? (Bentley quickly grabs the cane and notices a door opening on the right, he quickly goes inside and the Giant runs after him)

Gameplay changes to a chase part, avoid the Giant who will try to grab you or smash it's hand and even stomp you. There are guards loitered around the path, don't attack them as they are already gonna be defeated by the Giant, jump through lily pads and avoid the environment. Once you reach the end of the passage, there's a switch nearby, press it to make the trapdoor open and make the Giant fall down.

  • Giant: I am tall, not that small! I can surely survive a faaaaaalllllll!! (Falls through the trapdoor and a huge earthquake occurs)
  • Bentley: Haha! That'll show that goose! Now, how do I get out of here... (Bentley notices the geyser) Aha! (Bentley stands on the geyser and sends him up the frog, once the loading screen is out, the frog spits Bentley out and Dimitri calls him)
  • Dimitri: You okay bro?! Did that frog mess your suit?!
  • Bentley: No! But I got Slytunkhamen's cane!
  • Dimitri: Ahh! Great! Wait'll he sees this! He'll flip out!
  • Bentley: Yeah, sure...

Job Complete

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