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Kansas Cooper: The Outlaw

"Ugh, this whol' 'ding is stranger than a goat with six legs."

-one of Kansas's quotes

Kansas Cooper is the alternate version of Sly Cooper from the Western Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. He is the fourth alternate Sly the Prime Cooper Gang meet.



Even though his grey fur is tinted has a light brown tint, Kansas looks like any of Sly's alternate selves. The fur on his arms are more short and shaggy than his Prime, though. Only other differences areat this outlaw's eyes are a lighter brown and his left ear has a hole.

He wears a yellow tank under a leather brown vest made of several pieces for designs. Around his neck is a navy blue bandana. His khaki shorts stop before his knees. He wears special brown cowboy boots for Rail Sliding along with slver spurs. He has a thief mask on as well as a tan cowboy hat. He also has brown gloves with gripholds for holding onto objects.

He uses a revolver similar to Tennessee Kid Cooper, but the handle is plain wood.


Like his Prime, the cowboy Cooper has some flirtiness in him. He is very supportive and protective of his allies. It is also seen that has a better sense of humor than his other alternates and slight more energy like Tennessee, making viewers to consider him "the funny one" of the canon Cooper counterparts in TotM.


Kansas comes from a family of the most infamous outlaws, including the bravest, Tennessee Kid Cooper. His father, Colorado Cooper, taught him how to use weapons from a small pistol to a long revolver when he was six.

On the day he became nine, his father was going to give him the special Cooper revolver that's been passed down for the past seven generations. Unfortunately, that was when an enemy of the Coopers, Musty Clock, came to their town and challlenged Colorado to a showdown. The winner will have Kansas. Colorado loses and Musty Clock then kills Kansas' mother. Before the owl could lay a talon on the cub, he lunged forward to his fallen father's revolver and dashed off with it into the desert.

Shortly after, he was found by a traveling Indian tribe who take in orphans. It was in the tribe that he met two other orphans named Pennsylvania and Kentucky. The three became the best buckaroos in the tribe.

At adulthood, they chose to leave their caretakers and continue Kansas' legacy. Soon, they became amazing outlaws with high bounties for their arrest. In fact, their bounties were so up, especially Kansas', it attracted the full attention of the sheriff, Florida Whiptail. The sheriff would follow them around the whole western world and Kansas liked it like that because he liked her. Soon, they came across Musty Clock and with help from Florida, the buckaroos got the raccoon's revenge against the owl by detstroying him in a showdown. After that, Whiptail chose to retire for the thieving life and to get closer to Kansas. The gang of four then named themselves the "Dusty Cooparoos".


One day while in a stop in a town, a new sheriff comes along and overthrows the mayor. The sheriff brings up the taxes on every citizen, making them deep into poverty. The "mayor" uses this money to update the railroad system with technology that should not exist in the Old West. The Dusty Cooparoos grow even more suspiscious from this about the sheriff, especially how he highly advanced the trains.They decide to find out who this guy think he is and save the town.

Not In Kansas Anymore

While the Dusty Cooparoos are spying on the sheriff headquarters, the Cooper Gang shows up. When they first see them, they think it's some kind of trick and point their guns at their heads. The green clothed look-alike of Kansas named Rob O'Coop-Er explains what they're doing here in their universe. Trusting the strangers, the Dusty Cooparoos take them to their current hideout, an abandoned ranch at the edge of town. After introductions, the Cooper Gang agree to help out their western counterparts.

Way of the Ringed Ninja

Hazy in de 80's

Flip Cops and Flop Robbers

On 63 Street

Last Thief Standing



  • Yellow is a rare color in the Wild West. How Kansas obatined a yellow tank is a mystery, though it was most likely to have been stolen.
  • The Episode in which he appears, "Not In Kansas Anymore" is a pun on Kansas himself.

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