Juliet Rosemarie Finished

"Excelente! When this ACES Competition starts, me and sweetie-pie will become legends for winning the first ACES Tournament!"
— Juliet talking about their plans with some guards

Juliet Rosemarie is an anthropomorphic French Rose Flower. She along with Baron Van Brrr are the bosses of WW1 Germany in Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. She is voiced by Rajia Baroudi.


Originally just a regular rose, Juliet Rosemarie was the product of a genetics experiment gone at least somewhat wrong. The experiment was done by Dr. Alvin Aardvark, an expert geneticist and botanist, as a way to prove that plants can evolve into sentient forms of life. While the experiment was largely successful, there was one tiny flaw: the personality of the experiment in question. The result of the experiment, named Juliet Rosemarie, was extremely sensitive about her thorny stem and killed her creator for calling her a failure. Ever since then, she has been on the run from both law enforcement and various science institutes, awaiting the day that she could one day rise up and prove her superiority over animals.

Thief Meter

Juliet's thief meter is light green with small, pink petals falling down it. Juliet's head is in the middle and is constantly sparkling.


Juliet's personality can best be described as, or at least as Bentley puts it, "thorny". She also has a very tomboyish personality, although she is still extremely sensitive regarding her thorny exterior. She's also bossy and intimidating, able to command or even scare Brrr into doing things for her, saying she "doesn't want to get her leaves dirty". She seems to have a crush on Murray.


Juliet Rosemarie is an anthropomorphic Rose Flower. She has a red flowery hair while her real face is located at the bottom of it. Her hands are actually her leaves, while her thin stem is filled with thorns. She only wears a pinkish-red sports bra. Her flower pot is brown and is filled with soil for her. She also speaks with a French accent and sometimes uses French words for her dialogue.


Juliet is able to grow thorny plants from the ground in her battle and she can also shoot various seeds or use photosynthesis for a circular firey beam that she can circle around like El Jefe's thunder swords. She can also throw patches of nectar on the ground or command bees to attack.


  • Her name Rosemarie is obviously based on rose.
  • Being French, Juliet says Sly's name "Coopair" instead of Cooper like Cyrille Le Paradox.
  • Since her name's Juliet Rosemarie, she and Baron "Romeo" Van Brrr are probably based on Romeo & Juliet.
  • Defeating Juliet along with Baron awards the player the "Fainted or Wilted?" Trophy.

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