" Ay! Cooper! You're such a pain in the frijoles!"
— Juan when first encountering Sly.

Juan is a ego-maniacal chameleon from Mexico that Sly faces in Thieves Be Forever. He is the first boss Sly encounters in Episode 1: Ay! Raccoona!


As a little lizard, Juan loved watching "fiestas" from the outside of his house's porch. He always dreamed of going to one but there was a strict height requirement and age requirement to go to one. As a grown-up, Juan was finally old enough to go to a "fiesta", but he couldn't get in because of his height. This made Juan very angry, he started flashing colors and attacked all the people in the "fiesta". Juan went into hiding after this but came back out when an unusual voice told him to come out. This voice was L.A.R whom told Juan to take over Mexico and find him a special something for his Death Ray.

Juan happily accepted this and was given money by L.A.R to hire millions of guards and overthrow the Mexican government. After cleaning the streets, Juan ordered his guards to patrol all of Mexico, but also put many banners of himself telling to get ready for the "fiesta". It seemed he was throwing himself a party.


When the gang discovered the next member of Team Dark Ray was situated in Mexico, they put on disguises and went to Mexico. The place was filled with Salsa music and the only citizens found were Juan's guards. Sly knew that he was going to have a good time at this "fiesta".


As Sly was on the field, he received a call from Bentley to inform him that Juan was walking in the streets and headed somewhere. Sly followed Juan while he mumbled to himself in Spanish. While Sly was following Juan, he stopped for a moment to talk with his Doberman flashlight guards. Sly overheard the conversation by spire jumping in the fountain. Juan was telling the Doberman to guard the cave well or their will be "sangre" from you guards. Sly, knowing that Juan was walking into the cave, started following him into the cave.


As Sly was following Juan, Juan was getting the feeling he was watched so he camouflaged with the environment. Sly could follow him by looking at the map. Juan got to a TV monitor and sat on the chair and talked with a mysterious black figure. The figure was talking in a distorted voice, the figure told Juan if he already found the "mineral". Fortunately, Juan hasn't found it, yet. After the conversation was over, Juan strolled out of the cave and went into his lair.


After a couple of missions were finished, it was time for the operation, the operation being defeating Juan once and for all. After Sly got to his deep lair, he encountered Juan. Juan telling him about their plan and his plan to conquer Mexico. Sly insulted him saying he was a sorry excuse for a chameleon for just turning evil just because of height requirement in "fiestas". Juan, mad, started a battle with Sly. Eventually, Sly defeated Juan but the mineral was already shipped to the moon. Juan was sent to jail for his actions. When they left him out, he started appearing in many Mexican novels.


Vicious Doberman

These vicious dogs carry a flashlight to see and a party popper that holds rocks and everytime they pop it, a rock is shot out. They wear traditional Mexican wear and brown Mexican sombreros, they walk barefoot and are colored like normal Doberman Pinschers.

Yapping Chihuahuas

These dogs may be little but they carry maracas used for smacking any intruder around. They wear cowboy hats and traditional Mexican wear. They are brown in color with blue eyes.

Annoying Eagles

These golden eagles carry hard sticks which can be used to throw them from a distance or they can use their wings to attack. They wear a small sombrero and are colored like normal Golden Eagles.


Juan is a very obvious ego-maniac and can get mad easily to the point of wanting to kill his guards if they mess up. He often yells insults in Spanish at those he hates.


Juan is a green chameleon who wears party clothes and a samba hat. He was a curled tail like most chameleons have. He also has a mustache and spikes running down his body.


Juan being a chameleon, can camouflage with the environment, he also a long tongue he uses on the battle against him.


  • Juan bears a resemblance to Dimitri. Both are reptiles, both like party's, both mumble when you're following them and both had a party at their respective places.
  • He also bears a resemblance to Toothpick. Both created party's for themselves and both are ego-maniacs.

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