" I am unbeatable Cooper Gang!! I will never give up on my goal to kill everybody!!"
— Jose declaring more revenge on his last battle

Jose Quimby is a southern-accented mosquito faced in Episodes DLC 1: Size Matters & Episode DLC 2: Bentley, I Shrunk the Raccoon! He is not affiliated with "The Mouse".


As a small larva, his mother & father were killed by the "big people", seeing as he was still small, he decided to take revenge on the "big people" especially exterminators. He constructed a shrink ray that can grow or shrink any creature or object, he grew himself and became a fierce oversized bug with normal bug powers enhanced.


Taking revenge

Upon growing, he took over a large swamp in the South and hired many guards to protect his area. As he heard Sly & the gang were coming, he decided to wait for them in his castle.

Battling the Gang

After the gangs missions were complete, they entered his castle and found him sitting on a business chair. He somehow knows about the Gangs numerous adventures and shrunk Dimitri & himself and fought on a high chandelier on his castle's main room. The battle ended and Jose flew out the window, he was then seen again on the ending cutscene and shrinks the Cooper Van and himself to bug size.

Episode DLC 2: Bentley, I Shrunk the Raccoon

While the van and the gang shrunk to bug size, they ended on the ground and hid on a open can in the ground. Jose this time demanded revenge on them & the "big people".

2nd Battle

While the gang did their jobs in the field, Jose stayed on his toy castle awaiting the Gang. After the whole missions were completed, they entered Jose's toy castle and stormed it until they found the inner sanctum which was Jose's base. He mocked the gang for "losing" against him in their first battle and demanded a second battle this time it's personal. He fought Dimitri in the open field while he grew with his shrink ray and stomped around like Carmelarga. Dimitri had to climb up his clothes with his silver cane and hit his head many times, after beating his bug guards and him, he shrunk to original size and demanded even more revenge and flew away.


While the gang grew back and destroyed his shrink ray, they noticed a small mosquito annoying them until Murray killed him with a punch of his knuckles, ending his reign and revenge on "animal kind".


These are Jose's first guards on Episode DLC-1: Size Matters

Oversized Newts

These newts were grown with Jose's shrink ray, they carry a shotgun with a flashlight attachment.

Battering Turtles

These shelled reptiles carry a log to attack you fiercely.

Leaping Frogs

These frogs can leap at you if far or use their tongue.

Guards 2

These are Jose's guards when you're shrunk in Episode DLC 2: Bentley, I Shrunk the Raccoon!

Tough Beetles

These bugs carry a slingshot and carry a firefly on their left hand.

Persistent Ants

These fire ants carry a critter extermination machine for a weapon.

Weird Flies

These houseflies carry a shrunken flyswatter to attack.


Jose has a kingly attitude and also goes crazy if his plans fail and demands revenge on those that hurt him or his family no matter how tough the enemy is.


Jose is a Common Mosquito with a lanky body with lanky bug arms and legs. He also has a proboscis like normal Mosquito and wear a brown vest with a white shirt. He also has clear wings.


Jose can fly unlike many Sly villains and also suck blood like normal mosquito. He is also intelligent having created a shrink ray for revenge and is also very durable on his first battle with Dimitri & second. Despite the durability, he was squashed by Murray when he was original size.


  • Jose is the only villain in Thieves Back in Action to die.
  • Jose is also the only villain in the whole Sly Cooper series to be shown dying in-game instead of a cutscene.

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