"One, two, three... *explosion sound* A nice death, with no remains. Qué piensas de eso, jefe?"
— José, showing Ludwig his explosives.

José Aguilar






El Gato; Bracero (by Carmelita); Fast Trigger (Codename)


His collection of guns; explosives; claws



Current Status:


Voice Actor:

Keith Silverstein

 José "El Gato" Aguilar is a Mexican Cat and weapon expert of the CNWO (Comrades of the New World Order). He's also the second boss in Sly Cooper: Inside a Mind.


Since when he was a young kitten, José had to fight to live in the poor countryside of Jalisco, Mexico: abandoned by his family, he lived as a thief stealing food and money whenever he could. However, this behavior made him get in trouble more than once with the local police, that would mercilessly shoot him and his friends on sight but, thanks to his feline agility, he could often get away without too many wounds on himself. 

As a teenager, he entered in a criminal street gang who gave him food and a place where to rest in exchange of his service as sniper. Having good reflexes and eye (due to his past as thief), he didn't take too much time to become an expert and get more affinity with a wider range of weapons as well. Along with his friends, he extended his range of actions even in the Southern parts of America as well, robbing and looting everything he could get.

In his adulthood, he had to escape (along with the gang) in Europe due to the entire America knowing them and trying to throw them in jail, probably sentencing them for life. They choosed Spain as first stop and place where to hide for a while, but they didn't imagine the Interpol would have already warned the competent authorities there: on the case, José found Carmelita's parents and, furious about them throwing his companions to jail, ambushed them.

Years later, a still inexperienced Carmelita, along with the local police, finally found his hiding place. As they found where he was hiding, a shooting started: in the great confusion of the event, the fox pulled the trigger of her gun, pointing right at the cat's shoulder... But her arms were shaking of emotion, missing the original target and the projectile getting José's eye instead. After some minutes, he was captured and sent straight to jail after being recovered at hospital, where he vowed revenge on her.

After years and years of jail, he managed to ender Ludwig's gang. The hybrid, corrupting the police, made the criminal get out of prison and gave him a new arsenal of weapons he could use to help him. 


José is serious, collected and hardly loses control of his emotions. He is shown as being merciless and sadistic, enjoying playing as "cat and mouse" with his targets. He has a deep hate for any sort of police and especially for Carmelita, whom he never forgot even after all of these years in prison, and often calls her with offensive remarks in his language (Carmelita, by herself, does the same calling him a "bracero", a Spanish term for Mexican field worker). Infront of a law enforcement, he often can't control his emotions, becoming more of a killer than anything else. 

With his companions, he's very patient, but pretends a lot from them. He follows Ludwig's orders as a soldier and recruits new members as well to help him with his cause. He often adds spanish to his sentences.


José is a yellow cat with orange markings on his shoulders, tail and back. He has a black goatee and a muscular body type (less than his boss, tho). He wears a black singlet along with gloves, watch and a belt of the same colour, and he has brown military throusers.

He never gets off his modified revolver and the bullet holder, same for the eye-patch on his right eye.


  • His facial traits seems to be based on the "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" characterEzekiel Sanders .
    • They also share the same nickname, "El Gato".
  • As he meet Carmelita when she was still at the beginning of her career, he is one of the oldest character to appear in the fanfic/game, being around 50 years old or more.
    • It is revealed that he is the responsible of Carmelita's parents death and the reason of why she got in the Interpol. 
  • He prefers to nap better than shooting and killing people, enjoying long "siestas", often after a good meal (like many cats).
  • Even when he doesn't throw Spanish in his phrases, his Mexican accent is very strong. 

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