Jojo Cooper

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6'2 ft


Protect Julia and her child,Kill Alma Washington, Surpass Connor in thievery,Raise his own Cooper clan,Escape from prison,Destroy Rocket S-400,Pay his debt to the bat devil,Capture the man with the emerald mask, defeat the Cooper gang, have the Cooper wealth,Proving that the Cooper's ideal of thievery is a joke, Make an overpowered criminal world of survival so that there will be no more cops,Steal the thievius raccoonus, steal whatever he wants, get revenge on Conner by destroying his legacy anyway possible, steal the Sly Cooper series, become the greatest thief of all time, masterfully train Zoe Shadow in his ways(Succeeded)



type of villain

greedy villain, complete monster, thief, big bad, tragic villain

What if those criminals, are just like everyone else, taking what they need to survive, if you ask me, us Coopers don't even bother to give money to anyone who needs it, but yah know what, that's what I love about being a thief, having everything for yourself.

-Jojo Cooper

A cooper clan flesh and blood member, Jojo is considered to be one of Sly's most personal, dangerous and tragic villians he has ever encountered.

Remember this, the Jojo that I have created, his height is 6'2 feet tall, remember that!-Spyrocks

A thiefs greed


Richard, Connor and Jojo face off against Mcsweeny, Rick,Dr.Macom and Sam.

The war against Teodoro arc

Richard, Conner and Jojo were the only ones standing in Teodoros way to victory, stealing all of there money, and defeating criminals from all over the world, but Teodoro had great interest in Jojo of how a Cooper, likes the original criminal ways, not the Cooper way.

Chapter 0:success and fear

Jojo battles Dr.Macom,the Cloudy blob and Teodbot in a fight, and helps capture Teodoro.

Chapter 1:The rescue for Teodoro

Jojo and Julia have a conversation about Teodoro in his ways of what he does to captured enemies, resulting into cruel torture.

Once Teodoro makes his Japanese chant, Jojo uses the turrets the battle the Whale Clown, having the Radar shut down, and not being able to see the Whale, Jojo had to go find his brother.

Having suspicion on to where was Connor was, seemed like a trap to Jojo by the Teodoro's elites, leading to him on protecting the thievius raccoonus.

By going into a secret passage way to the book, he was a in a battle with Walkira's snakes, getting him poisoned but by him making a deal with them, they were out to go find a cure for him.

As he got the cure, Jojo meets Baphomet finding out that Clockwerk has a creator, and Baphomet is the student.

Chapter 2:Door's closed

Early adult hood

Jojo the brother of Sly's father/Connor Cooper, used to be a kind and loyal brother, hugely successful in his thievery but although he was loyal to them and followed there rules he still thought his ideals were right, however he later suffered from cancer losing more ability to use his skills, he wanted the pain to go away,his father and brother wanted him to stay at home but he disobeyed, sometimes sneaks out at night to live up to the cooper ancestors but goes through great consequences of doing it, one day Jojo stole a certain type of cup that looked like him at his prime from a underground certain factory that looked beautiful beyond his belief of which was also really strange sense factories look very basic but was guarded by a monster that you cannot see but the closer you are the more you feel its presence.

Jojo was for some reason became mesmerized by the scent and look of the cup ,when he grabbed the cup he was about to drank it until evil presence was with him.

He thought that this evil was going to kill him but instead the evil said in a strangely comfortable voice.

eat all of them, for some odd reason for Jojo to be in fear he was not,instead he was happy and he eat the statue.

Then the comfort that he has feeling was feeling from great to immeasurable goodness,but he could only have If he obeyed of what It told him to be, to follow the sinful rituals to be completely be consumed by his greed.

Because it felt good

A few days later Jojo was completely a sinful monster but his greatest sin was greed always taking his thief skills for granted.

Slys grandfather and Conner knew something wasn't right with him but there was nothing they could do that made him change back,however if there ever Is any good parts that came from this,when Conner was nearly killed by Clockwerk,Jojo beats him like as if he is some baby but clockwerk manages to escape,because of Sly's grandfather stopping Jojo due to his unforgiving anger, Slys grandfather did not want him to fall like Clockwerk,it would be okay for any Cooper to show no mercy to Clockwerk, because they know how to control there rage but for Jojos case,that was something Sly's grandfather could not allow, he would of used Sly's dad to kill Clockwerk without mercy but he was beat up badly In the fight with Clockwerk.

The father of the two brothers was thinking of letting Jojo and his brother share the book but he knew Jojo wouldnt take care of it and so he gave it to Slys dad.

Jojo felt so much anger inside more anger than anyone has ever seen,and hatred towards his grandfather and brother,even more hatred than Clockwerk!

Jojo left his family, making his own book stealing,claiming whats his and destroying justice,order and balance.

Patient interview

Kouta Katsuro

Kouta Katsuro: Good morning Jojo, how was last night?

Jojo: My last night eh, It is very...Um, well how should I put it, the cell is too damn small, can you tell those guys to get a bigger and better one, it's so tiny, that it almost squeezes me.

Kouta Katsuro: Sounds more like the greed of wanting more is taking over, that's the best cell of this building, you even tortured Thomas Carrie, saying if we didn't give you the best one, he would have all his toes, fingers, ears, and eyes eating slowly, just suck it up, and be happy we didn't send you the undercold, that is a cell that truly teaches criminals to be grateful.

Jojo: Like that would do anything, I've met a beast, that is the father of hatred himself, a complete sinful monster led into suffering, your actions of sending me there would have zero affect on me.

Kouta Katsuro: Well this is a good welcoming(sarcasm), this place has been around for over a hundred years, and we haven't had anyone whom has stooped as low as you in a long time, would you like to meet the one whom surpasses your unlawful ways?

Jojo: Meh, I'll think about it, lets just get through this boring question part, and get it over with.

Kouta Katsuro: Alright, starting with the first question, how have you been sleeping lately?

Jojo: *Yawn* , With nightmares, that would make you so disgusted that you would go on and on in an eternity of vomiting, It's that sickening.

Kouta Katsuro: I can actually see that, since what you do is sickening too.

Jojo: You don't know what that word really means Kouta, because there are some things in this world that are worst than diseases itself, slowly torturing us, until we are nothing, if you think I'm sickening than I guess you haven't meet it yet.

Kouta Katsuro: Leading to a link of what you have become?

Jojo: Part of it, but only part.

The ward escape

The criminal acts Jojo was doing in the ward, they had to bring an elite robot guard, called Rocket S-400, a highly skilled machine, that takes years to perfect, and cost a fortune to have.

After when he destroyed the robot, he suffering was great by not serving to the one who cured his cancer, making him corrupted by his evil ideals, being ten times worse than his cancer, making him weak and powerless but incredibly he survives his newly painful cancer for more than a decade.

36 years later Jojo returns from the ward and he is about to hunt down and destroy Sly's dad legacy by turn Sly Cooper into a insane maniac and tainting the book with his own evil ways on Slys wedding day.

The Criminal interrogations

Jojo wanted to know everything about Sly's adventures, especially his enemy's, many of his interrogations that he favored torturing was the Contessa breaking her own will,body and mind making her tell him everything about her.

With Nicodemus Fragile

With Muggshot

The 2nd was Jojo vs Muggshot, that he will use the Contessas devices to make his mind think that he has to get really lazy that he will not be a body builder anymore, Muggshot didn't want that at all, and so Jojo gave him a chance to escape, have Jojo's cane,and all of Muggshots stuff but he had to beat Jojo in a fight till they were knocked out, before the gasoline trail destroys all of his stuff. The fighting smarts for Muggshot was all about offense while Jojos was about Defense,Dodging,and annoyance, ripping off Muggshots mush-stash,making Muggshot trip down by Jojo's attacks on his legs. While Muggshot was down,Jojo used his arms to grab him by the throat,strangling him, but before he was about to kill him he said

Jojo: Life, all about being fair, Is a garbage old saying, life is not really fair much at all, and why you may ask, well look at how much you lost, by body building,you lost the proper movement of your legs, by building up your arms, you lost more than what you gained, would you like to hear my loss?

Muggshot nearly losing breath could not say a word at all to him but Jojo said

Jojo: Oh the devils trident with it, I'll tell you anyway, what I lost Is a loss that people do not admit for it to be, one of the greatest loses In history, but they cannot except that,for that they must keep there Image with the crowd, I on the other hand, I admit that what I lost, was my Innocents, and I lost so much good from that, but gained so much more too.

A few seconds after he told him about his lost Innocents,Muggshot was knocked out.

With Sir Releigh

Sir Releigh however was unknown, the only thing that is known to be of whats left him, Is his hat that Jojo wears now,but no one knows what Jojo did to Sir Releigh through that Interrogation.

The 4th was the Grizz,who Jojo made him live in a lie, by through so much damaging and messing with mind,the Grizz thinks he is loved by many but In reality he is not, Jojos reasons for doing that, Is like a god complex laughing at the Grizz in his fake world that he thinks is real.

With Mz.Ruby

The next one was the Mz.Ruby whom was easly scared Into the interrogation, giving away all her ideas to him.

With General Tsao

General Tsao however was cursed,by Jojo and Mz.Ruby by demons and the ghost of his ancestors haunting him day and night.

With Mcsweeny

Tapping the glass wall, Mcsweeny's face was in anger.

Mcsweeny looked at him with such hatred for him, but he, just kept smiling.

Jojo: Hello Mcsweeny, It's been a while, hasn't it, the amount of time that has been spent on that bat, has been....Quite the ride, he changed me, made me into.....Something new, and I'm not gonna lie, at first it was a major pain, but later as the experience was growing in my not so sane head, It was best fun to ever have, my relatives are differently missing out a lot of really good stuff to steal, so much good things to have for myself, but do you want to know the best one?

Mcsweeny: Eat skunk crap, you black sheep!

Jojo: Oh Tsk tsk tsk, still staying loyal to my dead brother, not a single microscopic piece of surprise is in my mind, Dr.M on the other hand, would of choose me over him, anytime.

Mcsweeny walk towards the glass wall staring at Jojo right in front of his face.

Jojo: Your just a waste of potential Mcsweeny, staying here all alone, because he's gone, that's just pathetic and deep down behind your fat waste, you know it to be true.

Mcsweeny: Jojo when are you gonna let this soul eating greed go, don't you see how consuming this is, how It can easily corrupt someone, and besides having what you want isn't what the Coopers were about in the first place, Is to take away from those whom take things for granted, you twisted that very thing what they were about and use the skills of thievius raccoonus for your own self, and if there's no stop to this, it will destroy you in the end.

Jojo: Do we donate the money we get from those criminals to charity, to the poor, to the one's who need it, there's a hole land full of wealth us Coopers have and for ten thousand years, not one, was given to those who need it, the rules can go to hell for I care.

Jojo was about to unlock the door but before that happened, he said

Jojo: I am going to destroy everything Connor ever loved, starting with you.

Mcsweeny: That's good, it's time to teach Connor's little brother a lesson*Pops Knuckles*

Sly Cooper the master thief

Story missions

Side missions


In his early days, Jojo wore a steam vest with black and stripes, his facial expressions looked more like Sly's in his late teen years, teeth looking normal.

As he in appears in Sly Cooper the master thief, Jojo is a tall 6'2 foot skinny raccoon, with the teeth of a real raccoon, he wears a large brown coat, with a tie, grey pants and a yellow hat.











Special: Impulsiveness-80



The skills of thievius raccoonus


None(For The Blacksheep of Thieves)


Moving doom machine(Maybe)

The Cooper van(stolen)



In his younger days, Jojo was very curious In the conflict comparison between the Coopers and there enemies, getting him very interested in other thieves.

On certain moments, he can be extremely aggressive, towards his enemies, for survival, and sometimes impulsive.

Eventually after when he drank the cup, his greed consumed him making amplifying his aggression and impulsiveness.


Jojo Cooper is the second version of Jojo from the 1999 3D platformer, Rocket robot on wheels.

It's been stated by Spyrocks that Jojo is supposed to be the Joker of the Sly Cooper series, due to him being a mascot for a circus, going completely crazy and having really creepy grins.

Jojos statement to Sly

Jojo:You know one thing I realized about you is that most of your enemy's you have faced one on one you answer back at them to show them how pointless there ideas are, but there is something about you Sly that you wouldn't even admit when I searched through Clockwerks memories, interrogating Bentley,Murrey and Carmelita, I realized right after you beat Clockwerks head off, you were so happy and let me tell you this if I just killed someone who murdered my parents I wouldn't feel good at all, unless If I was crazy which pretty I am.

Another insane thing you did,of that I wasn't sure to believe with my own eyes was that you kissed your own nemesis right after you killed your other nemesis,what you did there was boss but also perhaps most likely insane.

Now for question 2, what are you without Bentley and Murrey, would you be a anti-hero,silent,care no one else other than your self, and the romance between you and carmelita, how different would it be if Bentley and Murrey weren't there for you?

3rd question,what are you if you are not a thief, just a guy, Its a a big question that's out of space, even for me.

I honestly don't need you to answer back at me for who I am because I already know, I gave up the struggle through all the sins I had to not do and I gave in to it, I know there is something really wrong with me, I know I have a problem that I just can't control and maybe I do need help, maybe my plan is really pointless.

You see the truth is that I stopped believing in caring much anymore and im about to show you how desperate you are without your friends.

Carmelita for example I have a wedding prize just for her and the button is on the palm of my hand...3...2

Sly Cooper:(trying to say no through the duck tape on his mouth)

Jojo:Boom! fooled yah! Now I see of how desperate you are without your friends... You are dependent on them,pretty much on everything, and one more thing for me to tell you that stealing from other criminals thing,personally it shows that you are not that much different from other criminals because you do it like its a game when you don't know the dangers ahead of you, the lives you could risk,but what do I care,you Coopers steal to survive.

Jojo vs Cooper gang

On the wedding day for Sly and Carmelita was Jojo using his bazooka on them however It wasn't an explosive bomb, It was an Insanity bomb to make Sly and Carmelita go crazy, after that faded into black, Sly and Carmelita were having the biggest headache they have ever had in there lives.

Last name question to Sly Cooper

The ducktape on Slys was taken off by Jojo,for him to ask him this question.

Jojo:Okay Im only gonna play this game of hangman with you once, and the lovely yet stupid hangman shall be the fat one, Lets begin with only

these 5 words, 2nd letter being an o.

If you can get that perfectly I'll take the thievius Raccoonus and let you live your own naive life.

if you don't,the hippo dies.

Sly was trying to think things through but he just couldnt get It.

Jojo:You know psychopaths are patient, but clocks are not!

Sly:Is the third letter an o as well?

Jojo:Im sorry, oh wait im not, bye bye fat hippo!

Sly:Please don't,No!

Jojo:There It is again, don't worry you got that one,now hurry It up even more.

Sly:Come on,come on think! What could It be? Is there an R to It?

Jojo(In a slightly darker voice):Yes.

pausing for a moment, but starting think of something that he wasn't sure to believe.

Sly:Is there.......An E?

Jojo:Just one more letter.

Starting to wonder how many letters that start make up names by o,o,p,e,r , all he could only think of Is one, when Sly realized what It was, his face came to such a surprise,Jojo seeing his that on his face,started laughing while taking off his mask.

Jojo:Hahaahahahahahahaa! Connor didn't tell you did he, as cliche it maybe using a a mask, I couldn't resist surprising you, remember that statement I just gave you a few seconds ago,saying you Coopers steal to survive,well I guess I should rephrase that, saying that we Coopers steal to survive.

Tainting the Thievius Raccoonus

Jojo always wanted the book, very badly and planned his heist carefully to get it,by interrogating Bentley,thus gave Jojo the advantage to create Sinfusion Cooper, a evil mix of the Cooper clan,but Jojo wanted to make the Thievius Raccoonus his on way, changing the rules, turning into the ultimate information of how to make the perfect heist and crime.

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