" If youse guards really want the grub, work harder and never goof off, heard dat!"
— John talking to his guards by he Main Street sign

John is a big mafia boss pigeon from New York in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. He is faced in Episode 3: The Big Apple.


As a little chick, John lived in a nest high up in a skyscraper in New York. His family moved away and left him, leaving John alone in the streets. He eventually met a big mafia leader that teached John the ways of crimes. After years of learning, the mafia boss grew old and gave the position to John who became mad with power and started committing millions of crimes in NY and became the most wanted criminal in America. L.A.R hired him and gave him thousands of money in exchange for a New York Mineral found deep in the subway. John got the request and drove everyone out of NY.

New York arrival

Upon arriving in NY, the gang saw NY as a ghost town with guards patrolling the streets. The gang saw in the Main Street billboards announcements of a pigeon giving instructions to his guards and talking about his plan to take over New York. Bentley assigned Murray a mission to destroy the control boxes to deactivate them.

Following the Gangster

The pigeon exited his organization building while Sly followed him behind. The pigeon walked and sometimes talked to his guards about not slacking off. The boss then took a stroll in Central Park where he sat in a bench with a flashlight guard. Sly had to climb up a street light to eavesdrop on the conversation. They talked about the plan and helping L.A.R with his operation and asked if he knew were L.A.R was. Since the guard had no idea, John exited the park and entered his building.

The battle atop the Empire

The gang learned from a beaten up guard that John was waiting for something to appear in the sky to deliver it the New York Gem. The gang headed to the top of the Empire State Building, thunderclouds, rain and lighting filled the sky, The gang reached the top where John stan there expecting the gang to appear. Mocking the gang and insulting them because of their criminal records, he took off to the sky flying while Sly stayed in the State Building fighting him off. The big boss was eventually defeated and fell from the Empire State Building while the gang celebrated the victory, when Bentley and Murray entered the elevator, Sly noticed an UFO like the one he saw in the Artic.

New Leaf

John apparently, survived the fall and got caught by the cops. He received a life sentence for his various crimes. He was ironically happy there since he found a new friend in his cell called Muggshot.


Rabid Pitbulls

These vicious, smoking dogs carry pistols with flashlights built into them. They attack close range by throwing punches or smacking you with their guns. They wear gangster suits with black hats and are seen smoking cigars.

Hobo Rats

These sewer rats carry broken pipes to smack you with. The rats are brown in color and wear ragged clothes and a ripped hat.

Cigar Cockroaches

Oversized cockroaches that carry a fiery cigar that can create burning flames on the ground or shoot fire. They also attack with their arms if close. They are brown in color with poor clothes.


John obviously likes money, he is also somewhat of a ego-maniac, placing his photo on all Main Street and the billboards. He is also very jealous of the Cooper Gang because of their criminal record.


John resembles real life pigeons except he's much bigger. He wears a suit resembling big mafia bosses. His tail feathers are also somewhat ripped.


John can produce whirlwinds from a single flap of his wings, other than that, John doesn't have any special powers.

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